Prima Vista Edit

When you start go north and search on the right and left for 47 Gil and Potion x1. Do not forget to adjust your preferred setting in the main menu. Light the candle at the middle table. You will get the chance to choose a name for your character. The name for all characters in this walk-through will be as default. After a small conversation a half man beast will emerge out from the door.

 1  180  0  0
Steal: Potion, Wrist, Mage Masher
Your first battle. This is an easy fight. What you should actually concentrate on is to steal what the boss holds. The Mage Masher is a weapon for Zidane. Do not revive anyone who dies during the battle because you will be wasting items when the battle is not a real one. The boss is not strong. Four to five physical attacks should end the battle quickly.
Ffix n boss Masked-Man

FFIX Boss Masked Man

After the battle your health will be restored. You will find yourself in the next room with Baku and others. During the conversation when given the option to choose between “Queen and Princess” select princess Garnet to continue with the story.

Optional [start]
Secret scene with Ruby
When you receive the option of choosing between whom to kidnap choose the queen. Baku will make a comment about that and you have to keep choosing this option for 64 times. After you have chosen the wrong choice for 64 times Ruby will enter the room. This is a kind of secret scene. You decide whether or not it’s worth to view it. You also don’t get anything from this scene. She will only comment about your stubbornness and that you should now choose the right option to proceed with the story!
Ffix n optional Secret-Ruby

FFIX Optional Ruby Scene

Optional [end]

After a small scene you will find yourself controlling a new character on the street. You are currently in Alexandria; refer to the map below to explore the town. You cannot go to the castle and you cannot exit to the world map. Just make sure you get all treasures in town. The shops also are not open at this point.


Ffix n maps Alexandria-1

FFIX Map Alexandria

Treasure: Alexandria
1 Sahagin Card 2 Lizard Man Card 3 Zombie Man Card
4 Potion 5 9 Gil 6 Fang Card
7 Potion 8 Potion 9 Potion
10 33 Gil 11 Goblin Card 12 Potion
13 Flan Card 14 27 Gil 15 38 Gil
16 Phoenix Pinion 17 Ether 18 Remedy
19 Eye Drops 20 3 Gil 21 Potion
22 Tent

Optional [start]
Hippaul's cards
You can find this guy at the [Square] near treasure chest no. 16. Speak to him to learn that his cards are hidden somewhere. From here make your way to the [Steeple]. Climb the ladder inside and ring the bell at the top. A small packet should fall giving you Ironite Card, Goblin Card and Fang Card.

Jump Robe
Ffix n optional Jump-Rope-100

FFIX Optional Jump Rope 100

Ffix n optional Jump-Rope-300

FFIX Optional Jump Rope 300

This side quest is possibly the most annoying one in the game. It will take high patience to complete it. You can find three girls jumping rope at the [Square] near the Inn. Speak with the one jumping and she will allow you to jump. The process is easy press the action button as soon as your character lands on the ground or you can pay close attention to the ! Sign to press the button. It's not difficult when you start off. Below 20 the jump rate is really slow. >20 the rate increases. After you hit 50 the rate increases slightly fast. At 100 you will be on the highest rate. When you reach 200, the jump command will get tricky, fast and really fast. 300 jumps are where the jump rate stabilizes that is it won’t change rhythm after that.

The reward items you receive are as follow:

  • 20 times   10 Gil
  • 50 times   Cactuar Card
  • 100 times   Genji Card
  • 200 times   Alexandria Card
  • 300 times   Tiger Racket Card
  • 1000 times   King of jump rope
The rewards you get for this mini-game are not really worth your efforts. You might spend days trying to reach 1000 times but in the end you will only receive some cards not even Gil or equipment. The rewards are also one time only and nothing matters after 1000 jumps. That is past 1000 jumps there's no rewards. If you are having difficulties jumping and synchronizing with the rhythm then you shouldn't bother. This side quest is also available on disk 3 so you can save it for later.
Ffix n optional Jump-Rope-1000

FFIX Optional Jump Rope 1000

Tom's Cats
The kid is at [By the Steeple] near the boat. Speak with him and he’ll say his cat is lost. The cat is at the [Main Street] near treasure chest no. 4. Approach the cat and try to catch it. Tom will appear saying thanks for your help. Return to where you met him before to claim a Bomb Card.
Optional [end]

Your objective is to reach the town [Square] and show your ticket at the ticket booth. Yes, your ticket is a fake one but you will receive Goblin Card, Fang Card and Skeleton Card. Go to the [Alley] to find Rat Kid. When he asks you if you want to be his slave, agree. When on guard answer all clear to move on. From this point a suspicious man will roam the [Alley]; if you let him get close to you he will steal some Gil and run away. But if you speak to him you can learn how to play cards from him. Get back to the [Steeple] and climb the ladder to meet Moogle. Save your game from Kupo and agree to deliver his letter to Monty. Climb the ladder to reach the [Rooftop].

Rooftop Edit

Ffix n maps Rooftop-2

FFIX Map Rooftop

Treasure: Rooftop
1 29 Gil 2 63 Gil 3 92 Gil

This area doesn't have many treasures items and there’s not much to explore around. Give your character a name when given the chance or you can use the default one. Refer to the map and take the exit at the end to trigger a scene.

Alexandria Castle Edit

Boss: King Leo
 1  188  0  0
Steal: None
This battle will occur as soon as the scene ends. If you have yet to notice this battle is a fake one. You are supposed to show some performance in this battle. Use the SFX to animate the fight a little otherwise attack King Leo physically to end the battle. Again; do not use items in this battle to revive a dead ally. You can ignore Banero and Zanero the fight ends when King Leo is out of picture.
Ffix n boss-King-Leo

FFIX Boss King Leo

As soon as the battle ends, Zidane and Blank will have a clash of swords. Another performance is expected from you. Press the action buttons needed as quickly as you can without messing up to earn a decent amount of Gil as a reward.

Optional [start]
  • 49 nobles Ether
  • 79 nobles Elixir
  • 99 nobles Silk Shirt
  • 100 nobles Moonstone     

    To receive the best reward you have to press all the buttons quickly without messing up a single one. If you manage to impress 100 nobles and the Queen you will receive 10, 000 Gil and a Moonstone. You can try as many times as you want. You will receive the Moonstone when you will have control of another new character.
Ffix n swordfight

FFIX Swordfight

Optional [end]

After the small scene when you can control Zidane do not head right or left as this will always cause the patrol guards to show up. Instead head upstairs to unfold another small scene with Hooded Girl. When you have control over Steiner go visit the queen. She’ll reward you an item and that item quality is based on the swordfight performance you gave earlier. Check the room ([Guardhouse]) Zidane and Blank were previously in to obtain a Phoenix Down. Save using the Moggle. You can either find all the Knights and receive an Elixir as a reward or simply go to the [West Tower] to continue with the story. Speak with the two guards; Blutzen and Kohel inside the save room. Then head to the [Hallway] where you’ll see Dojebon running around. Wait at the middle stairs then quickly go up and block his path. This way you can speak with him. There’s a weird character in the [Kitchen]! Take the right path at the [Hallway] to reach the [Guest Room]. Speak with Mullenkedheim. Go downstairs and take a left to reach the [Library]. Talk to Laudo here and answer with “you can’t leave”. Leave and re-enter the [Library] to find Laudo again among one of the bookshelf. Leave the castle and find Haagen sitting at the stairs in the [Courtyard]. Speak to him then take the left path to reach the [West Tower]. Speak to Weimer at the entrance and head inside. The last Knight is around the middle stairs inside the [West Tower]. Speak with him twice to collect an Elixir. Head upstairs to exit the tower for another scene. When you have control over Zidane head through the door and speak with Ruby inside. Follow the princess downstairs and Cinna will let you evacuate you from here using an escape hatch. When you land down use the engine wheel to turn it left then right to drop two treasure chests form above: Phoenix Down and Phoenix Pinion. Before you head through the door equip Zidane with the Mage Masher if you have yet to.

Boss: Steiner
Steal: Leather Hat, Silk Shirt
Steal: -
Steal: -
Steal what Steiner holds if you want. Else a few regular physical attacks should end the battle as the boss HP is low. During your second encounter against him and his two knights; focus on Steiner only for a quick win.
Ffix n boss-Steiner-1

FFIX Boss Steiner

Your third battle with him will end after you have hit him a few times. You can use Vivi’s black magic and Garnet’s cure to support you in the second and third battle. You can also spread both the black and white magic using the R1 button. Their effectiveness is reducing that way though.

After a few scenes and conversations among Baku and companies you will have control over Zidane in a new environment. Press select to view the active time event. Then search nearby for a Phoenix Down. You are required to search for the princess. Before you leave the [Crash Site] re-check your equipment and set your abilities.

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