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Hi there, Hamfruitcake_09 here presenting you with another Final Fantasy IX walkthrough to add this wiki's collection. This will contain spoilers as I tend to get carried away and describe nearly everything that's happening storyline wise - unless it's incredibly tedious and dull.


It's always been a favourite of mine being the first final fantasy that I ever went through and completed everything within. I intend to help anyone who needs my assistance in also achieving this. And yes this will include the card game, choco hot and cold and all the mini games.

As a game I feel it is looked over in the series as nothing special as the plot does get a bit silly in various places but in all it has a heartwarming humorous cast; it has a lead character you can't help but root for and a princess who actually has a personality. The characters also all have their own classes which they strictly abide by and all somewhat humorously personify them, battles can go which ever way you want depending on who you have on your side.

Overall Final Fantasy IX is a reminiscence back to the old fantasies of castles and crystals and for that reason it is truly great and a joy to play because it takes everything good about it's predecessors and makes them fun and colourful and enjoyable; that's why this game should be played by any and every final fantasy fan.


  • If it's your first time playing I will be here to help you but please listen to Mogster the Moogle whenever he appears just to give you a more in depth view as to what's going on. I'll expect you to know what I'm talking about when I tell you to synthesise and such.
  • Always steal. Stealing in this game is incredibly important and as you have Zidane on your team practically 90% of the time, or another theif, it's imperative you get on with it. It will help with a later ability, boost your itinerary and of course when against bosses you will obtain valuable equipment much earlier than you would if you were to wait for the shops to provide it.
  • Look out for ! and ? throughout the game. The ! will most likely be items which can be handy in your pillaging and the ? will most commonly be signs or posters that can give you information about where you are and what is happening in the area. I will try to point as many of these as I can, but I assure you that it's not an essential part of the game, it's just all about the treasure so follow my instructions if you want the best.
  • Only play cards with the people I point out. If you're going to complete this sidequest you'll notice there are a lot of people who will be willing to play cards with you. Don't bother, most of them until the end of eternity will only have goblins and skeletons and are not worth it. I'm just saving you some time here. To see all the cards you could win then have a look at my Extras Page to see a table with everything on.
  • The only characters I don't recommend using would be Amarant and Freya. I've never quite seen the point of them or their abilities so I don't use them unless I have to. It's up to you but I'll provide a strategy involving the rest of the characters when I can.


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