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Oooooh kiddies, it's me again! Drake Clawfang here about to begin my walkthrough for Final Fantasy IX. Wait a sec...6, 7, 8, 10, and now 9? C-C-COMBO! Add on 4 and 5 if you count my job FAQ. Anyway, prepare to abandon the technological sci-fi worlds of FFVII and FVIII, we're diving into Nostalgia Land for a return to a simpler time.

Gameplay Tips[]

Abilities in FF9 are tied to equipment pieces. Equipping an equipment piece with an ability tied to it will enable the character to use that ability instantly. As you fight and earn AP you'll master that ability and the character can use it innately without needing the equipment piece.

Steal constantly, your main hero is a thief and not only will stealing get you free stuff as always, but bosses usually have one or two rare items that can't be acquired until later. Stealing also powers up the Thievery skill, which does 9,999 damage if you steal enough items.

When viewing enemies, items or equipment pieces, press Select to view additional information on that subject. FF9 for some reason made the info tab a pop-up, I played through this game for the first time oblivious to this. Don't make my mistakes kiddies.

Boss Template[]

I use a Boss Template for my walkthroughs. The template gives the boss' HP, MP, and which of its attacks are dangerous. Steal is the item the boss has to steal, Morph is what item the boss turns into (for purposes of this walkthrough disregard this field), and Drop is what the boss drops at the end of the fight. Note that as enemies have multiple items to be stolen in this game. Weakness is what the boss is weak to, and resistance is what is a bad idea to attack it with. I also rate bosses on a scale of 1 to 5 for difficulty;

Rating What it means
1/5 If you lose, you're a disgrace to the RPG genre
2/5 You shouldn't have too much trouble if you're careful
3/5 This boss poses a bit of a threat, but you should win
4/5 You'll probably die at least once fighting this boss
5/5 Kick your heels behind your head and kiss your ass goodbye


  1. Introduction, Play and Escape
  2. Evil Forest and Ice Cavern
  3. Dali, Cargo Ship and Lindblum
  4. Festival of the Hunt, Chocobo Hot and Cold, and Burmecia
  5. Treno, Gargan Roo and Cleyra
  6. Cleyra Attack, Alexandria, Pinnacle Rocks and Fossil Roo
  7. Conde Petie, Black Mage Village, Madain Sari and Iifa Tree
  8. Madain Sari Revisited, End of Disc 2, Alexandria and Treno
  9. Blue Narciss, Chocobo Hot and Cold, Desert Palace and Oeilvert
  10. Desert Palace, Mount Gulug, Misc. Extras and Daguerreo
  11. Chocobo Hot and Cold, Ipsen's Castle and Earth Shrine
  12. Terra and Pandemonium, Subquests, Mognet and Quale
  13. Level grinding and Ozma
  14. Memoria and Final Battles