Right part 6, Sylph Cave!

The Sylphs Edit

The Sylph Cave is an optional area, but it will provide you with more stuff (we like stuff don't we? Yes we do) and let you level grind a bit more before the Sealed Cave. Head to the right for a Potion and Spider Silk, then go down to the lower floor. Go down again, on this floor head right to find a save point. Go up and into the wall on the right to find a passage to the third chest that you saw earlier, it has 500 gil. Back to the entrance and go right, take the Dagger at the end of the path and go down the left stairs. Take the Phoenix Down and follow the path. Go up the stairs, take the Hi-Potion and Silver Armlet, then go back down and go up the path further to another set of stairs. First go right through the wall for a Kokkol Ore, then take the stairs. Down here it's a linear path to a house. Check the pot outside for Kokkol Ore and head in. The Sylphs too have been petrified. Take the Mage's Robe and the Healing Rod from the chests, new equipment for Rydia. The Healing Rod has a useful ability - when Rydia is equipped with it, press up in the menu in battle and you can use the Healing Rod like an item to cast Heal on the party. Besides Brina's Dance it's the only healing ability you have at the moment so remember it. This also does not consume MP or the weapon. Go upstairs and step on the tile to warp out of the dungeon, it's faster this way.

Heal up with a Tent if you like, then go back inside. Down to the second floor again, this time circle around left or right and up to stairs we haven't take before. Take the Echo Herbs and Phoenix Down, then go through the right wall and get the Clown Clothes from the third chest. The Clown Clothes don't raise Strength and Stamina like the Warrior Clothes, or Intelligence and Spirit like the Angel Clothes. Instead, it raises Speed by 20. That's a significant boost, but worth the weaker damage output? I'll let you decide. Go back and walk right through the notch in the wall, walking past the stairs on the way through this passage. Go up the stairs and follow the passage, taking an Ether and Tent, then step on the darkened tile. It's actually a pitfall to the lower floor. Immediately we'll find a Hi-Potion, Bronze Hourglass and 800 gil. Go up and through the left wall to a teleporter. In this final area is a Horned Helm, an Ether, Hi-Potion and Mythril Knife.

Well, we're done with the Sylph Cave. You could now go get a second Dancing Dagger, as we have the required three Kokkol Ore. However, there's two more Kokkol Ore in the Sealed Cave which would allow us to get Luca's Tomahawk. It's mildly weaker than the Mythril Hammer but is one-handed so Luca can use it with a Shield. I'll leave it up to you but I opt for the Tomahawk. The Dancing Dagger is strong, but a second one would go to Rydia or Brina who aren't attackers, and by the time we import to the final tale where other party members could use the dagger we'll be getting better equipment for those party members.

Head back to Tomra, heal up, stock up on supplies, make sure your equipment is topped up, and if you're not at Level 15 or better for all party members then level grind until you are. We're off to the Sealed Cave.

Break The Seal Edit

Luca uses her necklace to open the entrance. Go down the robe and enter the room, there are two chests here with Echo Herbs and an Ether. Outside grab the Potion below the door and head left. Climb up the rope and enter the door. There are two chests here with a Tent and a Potion. The left door leads to an empty room, but the right door denies you entry. Inspect it to begin battle.

The Trap Doors are the main reason the Sealed Cave is one of the most hated levels in the series. They use a turn to target a party member, then use Ninth Dimension to kill them instantly. Then they repeat it. Unless you plan to level grind for 99 Phoenix Downs there's only one way to deal with them - Stop. Have Rydia cast stop, then go all out on them with Luca and Calca's attacks. Don't have Rydia use her magic though, conserve her limited MP for other battles. In the cave beyond the door you'll find Mage's Clothes. They boost Intelligence, but Brina's Angel Clothes boost Spirit which is what her Dances rely on for power, and Calca is an attacker, so it's useless. Go down to the next floor, climb the rope to a ledge with a Gold Needle, then go back and right across the bridge for a Phoenix Down.

Up here is a row of doors. The first door is an empty room, the second is a Trap Door. In the chamber beyond it is a Battle Axe, it has lower power than the Mythril Hammer but lets Luca equip a shield. Sacrifice a bit of offense for better defense? You make the call. The third room has a Bomb Fragment, Zeus's Wrath and Bomb Crank. Fourth room has a Hi-Potion. The fifth door is another Trap Door, it guards a Save Point. Save and heal up if needed. The final door has a Bronze Hourglass and a Potion. Head down this left passage to find the door to the next area. Take the Ether and follow the hall to the next area. The two chests have a Cottage and a Phoenix Down here. In the small room behind the door, inspect the bones to find a Kokkol Ore. Then leave and go down to the next floor. Go down over the bridge and right, ignoring the rope. The door here is fine, but the door inside the room behind the door is a Trap Door. Behind it is a hidden passage, following it right and down to find a chest with Horned Armor for Luca. Head back out, grabbing the Hi-Potion outside the door, and climb down the rope. Go right to find a room full of crates. The two chests have a Dry Ether and Gold Needle. Before you go inspect the craters in the lower-right, one of them has the final piece of Kokkol Ore.

Demon Wall
FF4PSP Demon Wall
HP MP Dangerous Attack
8,000 N/A None
Steal Morph Drops
N/A N/A Nothing
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Nothing Nothing 1/5

Go out and left down the stairs to find a save point, definitely save and heal now. You should be at Level 20 or so for this. The path through the next two floors is linear, cross the long bridge on the lowest floor to find the Crystal Room. Take the Crystal and leave. Unfortunately we sprung the Crystal's defensive trap.

First off, use a Spider Silk to slow the wall down. You'll be relying on Bands here, you don't have a lot of MP for Luca and her dolls but you should have enough if you're at Level 20 as I said. Have Rydia and Luca use Lightning Brain Buster (Attack + Black Magic) while the dolls use Calca and Brina (Jive + Dance). Lightning Brain Buster combined with Calca and Brina will do around 1000-1500 damage. Go! Calcabrina and a level two spell from Rydia will do the same amount of damage, but this consumes more MP from Luca's limited supply (10 MP per GCB versus 7 per LBB). Thus we use the more economical route. Demon Wall will use Stone Gaze occasionally, toss out a Gold Needle and keep fighting. Demon Wall should run out of HP before your party runs out of MP. If they do, have Calca and Luca attack while Rydia uses her magic, or toss an Ether at Luca and continue to spam LBB.

With Demon Wall dead we need to walk back to the entrance of the cave now. Before leaving though, once you get to the second area just before the entrance, de-equip the dolls. At the entrance Rydia will have a flashback to when Kain betrayed the party at this spot. In the present the Mysterious Girl enters and insults us a bit. Calca and Brina are damaged and collapse, and then Rydia is struck down. Oh, it's personal now! Luca goes down quick too, and the Mysterious Girl sweeps out with the Crystal.

So yeah, the dolls are officially trashed, and we have to get to the overworld to make sure their Crystals are safe.

Break Through The Surface! Edit

Now, once we go to the surface we can't come back, so first tell Luca you aren't ready to get into the air. If you pussied out and didn't go to the Sylph Cave before, do it now. You don't need to stock up on items though, nothing too pressing occurs between now and our next town visit. Fly to the Smithy and trade in your four Kokkol Ore for a Tomahawk, give it to Luca with an Iron Shield. The Tomahawk does full damage from the back row, so move Luca back there with Rydia. When you're ready board the Falcon and tell Luca you're ready to go. Luca has the idea to fly south until they approach Baron from the north, they won't expect an attack from that direction. I'm not sure how it matters but apparently it does. Along the way we see Palom with a girl and Luca gets angry. Suddenly Calca and Brina reactivate. The girl's attack has scrambled their circuits and they attack us!

Now we have to fight the dolls. Luca forbids Rydia to harm them so all our Summoner can do is defend. For some reason she can't even use items, which sucks because the dolls are far more effective as enemies than as allies. Calca regularly uses strong group-hitting attacks while Brina heals the two of them. Fortunately it doesn't take long to destroy them, just attack until they fall. Afterwards it turns out taking the long way to Baron was a waste of time, the Red Wings intercept and shoot us down. We crash near Agart, and set off to find parts to repair the craft. Unfortunately we'll be going on without Calca and Brina now, so rely on Potions and Rydia's Healing Rod for healing.

In town, pick up a Rune Armlet for Rydia. The Sage's Miter has superior defensive stats and boosts Spirit, but not Intelligence. I said on a prior version of this walkthrough that the higher Spirit boosted the healing from the Healing Rod, but it seems this is not true, silly me, so just pass up the new armor, its slightly higher defenses isn't worth the Intelligence loss to me. Luca's equipment is fine as is, the Horned Helmet and Armor are superior to the Steel Helm and Chainmail. Note Namingway's presence but ignore him, just stock up on items and leave down. We're heading for the Agart Mine. Before you head in, rest in the Inn until the New Moon. There's a reason, you'll see later. For the time being though it'll give Luca's Big Throw a nice boost. You may also want to level grind a bit, you don't have to but being around Level 25 would be nice.

Mine Crafting Edit

The path in this first area is linear, grab the Hi-Potion, Remedy and Arctic Wind as you see their chests. The second path is also linear, the pot you'll fine will fully heal you, remember this place. Below the pot is an X-Potion, go past the stairs to the right for a Cottage then on to the next floor. This floor is trickier. Go all the way south for a Phoenix Down, then back up and to the right. Go all the way down and right to find Plate Mail, it has higher defense for Luca but a lower bonus to Strength and Evasion. Up to you. Head back and take the northern path to find a Decoy. Go right down the remaining path to a junction. To the north is a save point, if you're still on the New Moon rest to get to the Waxing Moon, then go south to the final floor. Down here go right and up for a pair of Mythril Gloves, then check the lower path for a pot with a Dry Ether. Take the left path north, there's a Remedy in plain sight, then go right and up and enter the door.

You're now in a room full of rocks. Here, on the Waxing Moon only, you'll fight pairs of Quarto Puppets. They can take a fair bit of damage but aren't too dangerous otherwise. There's a boss coming up so you may wanna save your MP, but if you don't mind chucking an Ether at Luca then use Lightning Brain Buster to take them out. The puppets drop Mythril Nuts and Mythril Bolts, you want one of each, you're liable to get more but you need at least one. When you have the items take the lower-right path out of the room and take the right path at the fork to a pot with a Mythril Spring. Then go back and take the upper-right path to a save point. Use it as you feel the need. Up north take the left path for a Circlet, equip it to Rydia for a significant Intelligence boost, then open the final chest.

The Agartoise is weak to ice, but leave Rydia out of this. Skip her turn while Luca attacks, let Rydia stew without taking an action. Every other turn the Agartoise turns red to signal it has charged up with fire. QUICKLY cast Blizzard with Rydia or else the Agartoise will use Blaze, which can do enough damage to kill Rydia and possibly Luca if she isn't sufficiently leveled. If he's charged up and is damaged by anything other than ice he uses Flamethrower, which is much weaker than Blaze, but he'll retain his charge. In a pinch Luca can use an Arctic Wind on him too. Fortunately the turtle is slow so you'll have time to revive Rydia before he charges again. As long as you stay on top of Blaze, this battle is a snap. His pattern of "attack, charge up, attack, charge up" is easy to counter with proper management of characters.

To speed things up, once he throws out his physical, wait a couple seconds and then have Rydia use Blizzara - the turtle should charge up while she's charging the spell, and just have Luca wait for Rydia to finish before attacking. This is faster because, well duh, Blizzara does more damage. The reason you can use Blizzara like this is because its longer cast time means, if you wait for the turtle to charge up, it will likely go off before Blizzara does, we need the quicker Blizzard. With the turtle dead we get Agartite. Now we leave, use Rydia's Warp a few times for a shortcut.

Now, board the airship to end the tale. Luca will realize she doesn't have enough parts for the repairs and will scrap the dolls to get what she needs. However, if you got the Mythril Bolt, Nut and Spring, she'll be able to spare them and Calca and Brina will live to fight on in the final chapters. If you didn't get the items, they're gone. As I said they're the worst party members anyway, but let's save them since we can. As we're ready to escape, Titan attacks us! We see a scene of him creating an earthquake to destroy Agart. Attack a few times and the battle will begin a second time with Titan moved further away on the screen. Eventually he'll turn and fight us. This is a serious fight this time, Titan will attack and periodically use Earthquake. Use Lightning BB until Luca is out of MP, then cast normal spells with Rydia while Luca attacks. Eventually Titan will use an Earthquake that takes us down to exactly 1 HP. Then a "Man in Black" arrives to scare him off, and Neuralizes us so we forget about the whole thing. Wait, different MIB. This one tells us we need to go to the Tower of Babil, and the chapter ends.

Next time, Rydia's Challenge Dungeon!

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