Part 32, deeper into the bowels of the moon.

Return to DarknessEdit

On the 10th floor now, there's two enemies over the next floors to watch out for - Deathmasks and Catoblepases. I haven't covered enemies really because in my experience most of them are dying in a single round and don't pose much threat to me, and since you're playing the game the way I'm telling you to you should be able to say the same, kiddies. These two are different. Deathmask will open by casting Reflect on your entire party and himself, then bounces Flare spells off himself on to you, and Curaja spells off you on to him. This may throw you for a loop, and this strategy was pretty nasty in the original FF4, but now he's outdated. Band skills will pierce his defenses and do heavy damage, so use them while mages bounce more spells around. The Catoblepas dies easily, once you get past his first turn, because he opens the battle with Glare, inflicting Confuse on the entire party. Use Ribbons and Adamant Shields, both resist Confuse, to protect your more important party members, then attack or use Esuna/Remedies to restore the ones that got hit to remove Confusion. Everything else, again, not worth covering since they all die easily.

Go to the right, down and around to a room with a Remedy and Phoenix Down. Go back to the entrance and all the way south down a long and a short staircase, then right to a doorway to a small area with an X-Potion. Go back to the bottom of the long stairs and go right. There's three doorways here, the center one leads to a room with Black Garb. It's for the ninjas and has the top defensive stats of all clothing-type armor, but the only stat boost it gives is +3 Speed. Back outside following the path right, down and left to the 11th floor. The path here is pretty linear, follow the zig-zaging road right, down some stairs, left, down more stairs, then up a longer flight of stairs left to a platform with a Silver Hourglass and a Cottage. Go back and take a right path down yet another flight of stairs, just to the right at the bottom is a chest with Crystal Mail. Follow the path left to B12. Go south into a teleporter for a Ribbon, then back and right through the wall. Follow the path, snagging a Dry Ether along the way, to a doorway forward. Before we take it, to the left is a long, winding passage to an X-Potion. Through the teleporter go straight up to a save point and a dimensional elevator thingy. There's a scene when we rest of Cecil and Kain, in my mind Cecil admits Kain is far cooler than him and was much more of a hero in this game than he was, and Kain, being awesome, is humble about it. We learn no Band for this. Now it's time for, you guessed it, a quartet of bosses! Guess which ones they are, come on guess, you kiddies have figured out the pattern haven't you? Head down and left to our first foe.

Cerberus is a pretty simple boss. He cheats, taking three actions every turn, and he'll either cast an "aga" spell on us or use a physical blow. Slow him quickly of course. As with some of the last bosses the Waxing Moon lowers Black Magic strength and cripples Cerberus. He has no counterattacks and with Slow and a Waxing Moon (or a few rounds of Shell) he's a laughable foe, basically a glorified normal enemy really. The only difference is he takes a few more whacks than the others to die. Cerberus leaves us Thor's Hammer, it isn't as tough as the Gigant Axe but is still very strong, and gives the same+10 Strength boost the axe does. Head back, heal and go to the right now. There's a Crystal here, but before you approach it enter a normal battle and kill a party member, one you can afford to fight without. Then approach the Crystal.

Ahriman fights much like the Plague Horror of the original game. He casts Doom on the entire party, then casts Haste on us to speed up our countdown to annihilation. If you listened to me you entered battle with someone dead, so just wail on him until the countdown is almost up (Slow helps as always), then revive the dead party member. They won't be Doomed and will be able to revive the rest of the party. The Ahriman then begins over by Dooming you all over again. He doesn't actually use any damaging attacks so don't bother healing, just use Raise and Phoenix Downs to keep party members alive. Even if everyone is hit with Doom, Haste will ensure someone drops before the others, revive them before the others die and you're still good. He yields the Masamune, the second-strongest katana in the game. It gives +3 Speed, but even better, when used as an item it casts Haste. This basically means Edge (or whoever is using it but it should be Edge) can cast Haste instantly for no MP cost, and as with all items that cast spells he can do this multiple times and can target anyone including himself. Awesome.

To the upper-left is a Crystal with the Twinhead Dragon. It fights simiarly to Cerberus, using physical blows and "aga" spells, but only twice a round. The major difference is the dragon likes to counter attacks with Constrict, paralyzing a party member. Aside from that he's no tougher than Cerberus. Constrict means you should make your hits count, Flare and strong Band Skills are the ticket. The Dragon yields the Holy Lance, the most powerful spear in the game. Sadly it doesn't give any stat boosts. The last Crystal is in the upper-right.

Echidna is probably the toughest of the Darkness bosses, but that isn't saying a lot. She uses Quake, Flare and Death spells. Float will take the edge off slightly by negating Quake, but there's nothing to do with Flare and Death but endure them. She seemed to like using Quake most when I fought her though, so ultimately I had little difficulty keeping up with her damage output and she fell easily. The Echidna drops two chests with the Perseus Bow and Perseus Arrows, the best bow and arrow in the game. The Bow also gives +10 Spirit, making it the perfect weapon for Rosa.

The OmegaEdit

Teleport to the next area when the four Darkness Guardians are dead, the teleporter is naturally up the long stairs near the save point. Go to the left and down until we can't go down anymore, then go right to a Remedy. Go back up to a staircase we descended and head right, all the way right, then up and left to an X-Potion. Go back a bit and head down, you'll find the doorway to the next area around there. Here on B14, you'll see an robotic enemy wandering around. DO NOT APPROACH THE ROBOT, stand well back, treat it like a land mine. Right off the bat go left for a Dry Ether, then follow the path to a fork. Take the left path room a room with Lunar Mail, a strong armor for Golbez, Cecil or Ceodore. Go back and take the south path to another fork, the directly south path leads to that robot, so take the left-down path. At the next fork the left path leads to a White Fang, the right path leads to the next area, an area of archways. These coverings will obscure the path at places so you'll have to feel your way around. The left path leads to a Remedy and an X-Potion, the right path leads to a Crystal and an elevator. Use it to get back to B1, stock up on items, heal and save. We're gonna go fight that robot. I advise being over Level 60 for this, I was. If you aren't then continue on in the next section, you can tackle him later.

Omega psp
HP MP Dangerous Attack
165,000 N/A Many
Steal Morph Drops
N/A N/A Hero's Shield
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning Everything else 5/5

Omega is commonly used to denote an end, and the infamous Omega will be your end if you don't take this fight seriously. Omega's main trick is "Omeguard" which cuts all damage he takes to 1. You could throw a Mega Flare at him and he'll shrug it off. Fortunately, after a few attacks Omeguard will be broken and he can be damaged normally, at least until he uses it again. He also casts Reflect on himself to counter magic, so Black Mages will have to use the super-slow Meteor spell on him to pierce Reflect. Fortunately he only uses Reflect as a counter, so when it isn't up Flare away. Omega's signature move is Surge Cannon, inflicting Sap on the party and doing damage equal to half their max HP. Thus we want to keep everyone above that margin. He also likes Electromagnetic Radiation, inflicting a Stop-like status that cannot be healed. Kill the party member he hits with it and revive them rather than wait for it to wear off. Arm cuts a party member's HP in half and Confuses them, hope you have immunity. Omega's arsenal is rounded out with Thermal Rays, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Black Hole, and Maelstrom. Oh, and occasionally he'll take two turns in a row, joy.

First off use a Spider Silk on him to inflict slow, then wear down Omeguard with normal attacks. Once it falls go all-out with Bands and Meteor spells to do as much damage as you can before he raises Omeguard again. Haste your White Mage but don't bother with anyone else since Black Hole will ruin our effort. Feel free to use X-Potions, Dry Ethers and Elixirs if needed, we can buy more. In fact that's an order, if you really need healing then use your items liberally. Keep your White Mage on stand-by for Curaja while the rest of the party attacks. Keep an eye on her MP too and toss an Elixir or Dry Ether on her if she's running low. Ultimately there's no real trick to Omega, he just hits really hard, as long as you can keep on top of his damage you'll prevail. Omega drops the Hero's Shield, it isn't quite as strong as our Adamant Shields but still very powerful, and besides the Adamant Shields are in short supply. The Hero's Shield shares the Adamant Shield's benefits of +5 to all stats, but can't be equipped by everyone. Head back through and save and heal up now.

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