Part 30, on with the Subterrane.

The Eidolon MonarchsEdit

Here the monsters are the strongest met yet. If Rydia is not in your party, backtrack all the way to the save point with Rubicante and get her, we need her soon. Use Palom's Warp to speed it up (if you aren't using Rydia then you should have Palom). Go south-west to a White Tiger Mask, it gives a nice +5 Strength, then all the way north to a Light Curtain. Go up the nearby stairs, then go north and left to a Fuma Shuriken. Enter the building for a Dry Ether, then go upstairs, save and heal if needed, and go outside. Speak to the robed man to begin the brawl.

Leviathan / Asura
FF4PSP Leviathan Battle FF4PSP Asura Battle
HP MP Dangerous Attack
N/A Tidal Wave
Steal Morph Drops
N/A N/A Nothing
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning Nothing 2/5

I list them together but you fight them separately. Leviathan will regularly use Tidal Wave for around 1000 damage to the party, and in-between uses Blizzaga. Slow him as always, buff with Shell and heal and let loose with Thundaga and Bands. I had Luca, Ceodore and Ursula using Delta Evolution for 9000 damage or so while Rydia's Thundaga did the same amount. With that damage output Leviathan;s 72k HP will fall fairly quick. If you rescued Asura before coming here (you can do them in either order) she appears during the fight to heal you. Don't hold back, we want to kill Leviathan. When he dies, if Rydia is in the party he comes to his senses and calls her his daughter, then returns to her as a summon. Tidal Wave is very strong, it's Rydia's best attack now. Leviathan also leaves the Mystic Whip, the strongest Whip in the game that Rydia should not use because she prefers a Rod for higher Intelligence (Bigsterz's comment: not true since it gives +10 Intelligence as well). Leave the building and go right down some stairs to a small room with three staircases. Climb the right one and go right. Enter the building, take the Cottage, and save upstairs before going outside and speaking to the queen.

Asura's schtick is that she counters every attack with an attack, and they hurt. Buff everyone with Protect several times. You'll have time even with only one person who knows Protect, as Asura doesn't attack you unless you attack her. She likes to buff and heal herself, you can cast Shell on her to reflect it onto you since our main offensive spellcaster will be Rydia. Because her only offense is her counters, you'll want to make sure your hits count, and take all the time you need to heal and buff if Asura is too strong. If you freed Leviathan first he appears to attack her during the fight. He also makes a nice normal summon for offense. As with Leviathan we actually want to kill Asura, and if Rydia is with us when we do, she returns to Rydia. Asura's effect is random - she'll cast Protect, Curaga or Raise on the party randomly. Very unreliable but effective when you get lucky enough to have her do what you want her to. We also get the Minerva Bustier, it boosts Strength, Speed and Stamina by 10 but lowers Spirit and Intelligence. Not so good for Rydia or Rosa, awesome for Ursula or Luca.

Outside go right, down and left, check the wall for a hidden passage to a Gold and Silver Hourglass. Go down the stairs we passed and go immediately right for a Lunar Curtain. Now backtrack to that small room with the three staircases and take the center stairs. If you came up here before it was blocked by dark flames, we have to beat Asura and Leviathan to open the path so we may as well get them for Rydia, right?

Darkness WaitsEdit

Up here is a save and an interdimensional elevator. You MUST have Cecil, Ceodore, Rosa and Golbez in your party now. Actually you only need Golbez and Cecil, but something terrible will happen without Rosa and Ceodore. I recommend Kain as the fifth member. Get them in the party, save and go up. There's a figure in dark armor here, and some of the party recognizes him. It's Cecil, as a Dark Knight. We enter battle now, and one of three things happens. If you came here without Cecil and Golbez, then the Dark Knight uses Darkness to instantly sap your party to 1 HP, then kills them off one by one. If we have them we have to fight the Dark Knight, just turn on Auto-Battle and wait for the Dark Knight to use Darkness. Now Cecil will protect your fallen party, and the Dark Knight will move to use Black Fang on him. Golbez intercepts it and takes the hit. Cecil awakens and we fight the Dark Knight sans Golbez. After the battle Cecil will be back to normal, but Golbez will perish and be lost forever.

Now, with Ceodore and Rosa here too, the battle goes as with Golbez and Cecil, Golbez taking the hit for Cecil. Then we enter battle with just Golbez against the knight, and Rosa enters, healing Golbez. After a few rounds of slugging it out we see a scene where the game again tries to pretend Ceodore undergoes character development, and with a handy vision of Biggs and Wedge he's on his feet, and we enter battle with the Dark Knight and a full party, though Cecil is KO'd. After yet more rounds of fighting the Dark Knight will use Black Fang on Ceodore, and Cecil will revive and block it. Now with Cecil restored and Golbez alive, go all out to kill the Dark Knight. Effect Form with Cecil, Rosa and Kain (White Magic from both + Blessing) will give them Haste, then use Trinity Crusade (Cecil's Attack + Rosa's White Magic + Kain's Jump) for heavy damage while Ceodore and Golbez attack or use their magic as needed. We may as well get creative - Holy Cross (Cecil and Ceodore's Attack + Rosa's White Magic) and Advanced Blade (Cecil and Ceodore's Attack + Golbez's Black Magic) are good too.

Eventually Cecil will declare that the darkness will always be part of him and it was wrong to shut it away, thereby spitting on his quest to overcome his darkness in the original game and defeating the Dark Knight. And somehow he finds a way to thank Ceodore for some reason even though all Ceodore did was almost die and thus Cecil had to snap out of his trance to save him. With that, the holy sword Excalibur appears, take it and the path forward will open. Cecil, Ceodore and Kain can all equip it, not only is it the strongest sword we've acquired yet but it gives +10 Strength. Go back, change your party around as you live, and save and heal. This leg of the dungeon has ended, but the next one is about to begin. Go north and the Mysterious Girl will appear. After the usual taunts she vanishes and a warp tile appears in her place, leading to the Depths.

The Trading GameEdit

First, warp back up to the Lunar Whale, then step back on the teleporter and descend to a location marked "???". Go north to meet a tail collector, now we can collect on all those tails we've been hoarding. If you've been listening to me you'll have a Black Tail, Gold Tail, Green Tail and Rainbow Tail, in addition to any you managed to snag during the individual tales. Trade them in and go up the stairs behind him. The Namingway will trade you Adamant equipment for pieces of Adamantite. The Armor costs 3, the Shield and Helm cost 2, and the Gloves cost 1. Seeing as how we flat cannot get anymore Adamantite, we need to choose wisely. The Adamant set is unique in that anyone except Calca and Brina can equip it, even mages can equip the Adamant Armor like your fighters. For this reason, I'm actually inclined to say the Adamant Shield is the most valuable item - your mages like armor that boosts their stats but they can't equip shields, or anything in their off hand except bows, so the Adamant Shield works nicely for them. Trade in as you see fit, I took Armor, Gloves, and three Shields. There's no purpose to getting all four pieces. In addition to having the best defensive stats in the game, all the Adamant pieces resist some type of elemental damage, certain status ailments, and all of them boost all stats by 5.

Now, of course you want to trade for more tail stuff, right? The tails can be gotten ad infinitum, so here's a handy tale telling you where, when and what to hunt, what tail they drop and what it trades for. I recommend tracking down the Green Dragons first and getting five Rare Band V2, that way hunting other tails is easier. We can do all this now if you like. Note in each of these locations you'll encounter the enemies listed with other enemies, but they won't drop the tails, only during the moon phase stated do they appear alone and drop tails.

Enemy Location Moon Phase Tail Trade Effect
Gray Coeurl Moon surface Waning Moon Gray Trail Rear Ring Attacks do full damage from back row.
Ebony Dragon B4 Caves New Moon Ebony Tail Taunt Ring Draws enemy attacks to the wearer
Flan Princess B5, Southwest Room Full Moon Pink Tail Pink Armor Resists all statuses, +7 Speed, 99% Evade and 30% Magic Evade
Shadow Dragon B5, Southeast Room Waxing Moon Black Tail Twin Stars Halves MP Costs
Behemoth B7, Middle Room New Moon Purple Tail Treasure Hunter v2 Increases drop rate of items
White Dragon B8 Caves Waxing Moon White Tail Rapid Ring v2 Greatly reduces charge time of actions. +3 Speed
Green Dragon B9 Caves Waning Moon Green Tail Rare Band v2 Increases drop rate of rare items
Red Dragon B10, East Room New Moon Red Tail Level Band v2 Raises earned Exp from battle by 50%
Thunder Dragon B11 Room Full Moon Blue Tail Blue Armor Defenses are mere points weaker than Adamant Armor. +5 Strength and Stamina
Gold Dragon B12, North Hall Full Moon Gold Tail Gil Band v2 Raises earned gil from battle by 50%

Now go downstairs from the Namingway trader and check the left wall above the bed behind the tail collector to find a hidden passage to the Developer's Office. You might remember there are three particular rare items besides Soma Drops and Silver Apples I've been telling you to hang onto, and now it's time to cash in on the third. Speak to the purple soldier at the entrance to receive a Lustful Lali-Ho. Now go to the back hall and inspect the pot, you'll be invited to use an item on it. Use a Lustful Lali-Ho to fight Game Designer, he'll drop one of two items - another Lustful Lali-Ho, or a Discovery Book, which raises Max MP by 50. AWESOME. We can repeat this as long as you have another Lustful Lali-Ho, I had four. There's lots of other stuff to do here, nothing important but neat little fun things.

And now with our party outrageously overpowered with the game's best equipment, let's continue into the Depths.

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