Part 28 - welcome to the moon!

The Final FiveEdit

Now we need to decide on our party. It is possible to change your party throughout the final dungeon, but this is a bad idea since enemies get stronger the deeper we go and changing to lower-level party members would be counter-productive. So, who do we take?

First, the Eblan Four, Harley, and Calca and Brina are out. They suck hard and suck proud.

Cecil and Leonora are out. They're strong normally, but Leonora isn't too tough until she gets to level 80 or so, while Cecil is currently crippled with low stats, no exp gain and no Bands for purposes of plot.

We need a White Mage for sure. We have two, Porom and Rosa. Porom's Spirit (White Magic power) and MP are higher than Rosa's, but Rosa has superior offense with bows and Aim.

We also need a Black Mage. Rydia has lower Intelligence (Black Magic power) than Palom, but has summons which can pierce Reflect and can use Sylph to heal. Golbez has weaker Intelligence and MP than both of them, but has the advantages of superior HP and defense, as well as being a good attacker too.

And then, three attackers. Kain, Edge and Ceodore are all-around awesome. Luca, Cid and Yang have high HP and Strength, but low MP and Speed. Ursula isn't as effective as Yang offensively but has much higher Speed. Edward is okay, Bardsong and Salve have their uses, but I wouldn't use him.

The first time I played through the game I used a party of Kain, Rydia, Edge, Rosa and Golbez, eventually swapping Edge for Cecil when he came to his senses. It worked great. For this playthrough, just to switch up my experience a bit, I'll be using Ceodore, Palom, Luca, Porom and Ursula. You're free to use whoever you like, of course, but these are my groupings.

Before you set out swap-in the party members you don't plan to use and de-equip them so the ones you are using have all the options. Check the Armor and Weapon pages here if you need a reminder of stat boosts and such. This is also the time to use your Soma Drops and Silver Apples to boost the HP and MP of your party members. Statistically speaking your current members may not need them the most of all characters, but when the time comes to worry about them we'll be able to farm the items from other enemies.

Here's my party set-up. Note that while other headgear for the fighters gives better stat boosts or defense, the Ribbon, Officer's Hat and Mystic Veil provide more magic defense.


Diamond Shield
Officer's Hat
Diamond Armor
Giant's Gloves


Faerie Rod
Luminous Robe
Rare Band


Aegis Shield
Diamond Helm
Diamond Armor
Giant's Gloves


Rune Staff
Mystic Veil
Luminous Robe
Rapid Ring


Metal Knuckles
Metal Knuckles
Black Belt Gi
Giant's Gloves

Now, let's head out. Buy some items from Namingway if needed. If you want to save there's a point on the lower level of the Lunar Whale, along with healing beds. Since you can choose your party now there's a lot of new Bands, it's easier to read that article than it is to list them all here.

Deja Vu (Again)Edit

Welcome to the True Moon. Unlike the other moon we aren't on the overworld now, so we can't save or use Cottages. Though the area is pretty large there's actually nothing to do here except enter the path to the moon's core. Head left to find the cave to the Subterrane. That article has a list of monsters if you'd like to familiarize yourself with the opposition.

First thing you'll notice is that this looks like the Lunar Subterrane. The second thing is that it's a mirror image. Head right through the wall and around to a Decoy, then back to the entrance and left through the wall to a teleport pad. Follow this path to a chest between two pillars with a Genji Shield. There's also a Cottage on the way. Go back to the entrance and south now, there's a scene where we recognize some broken shards by the doorway. Go through the door and right through a hidden passage, grabbing some Genji Armor along the way. At the end is a hidden path to an X-Potion on the right, and then we move on to the next floor. As we enter we see a Crystal and a scene occurs. The Crystal shatters and we face a boss.

FF4PSP Baigan
HP MP Dangerous Attack
20,000 N/A None
Steal Morph Drops
N/A N/A Nothing
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Nothing Nothing 1/5

Fans of the original game will recognize Baigan immediately. Apparently the Crystals have revived him, and no, that Crystal that just shattered was none one of the eight of our world. Why and how was Baigan revived by the Crystal, and why was it left in our path? Good questions - the plot of the game as we know it though ended when we boarded the Lunar Whale to the moon and so no answers are ever provided.

Baigan's arms will use Constrict to paralyze us and Bloodfeast to inflict Sap. If we strike him Baigan with magic he'll cast Reflect on himself. First have your White Mage cast Slow on him, then go to work on the main body with normal attacks and Bands, ignore the arms and toss Remedies at anyone they paralyze. Rydia can penetrate Reflect with her Eidolons, so call Sylph if she's here. Don't worry about killing the arms, Baigan will just regenerate them. His HP isn't too impressive so he won't take long to kill. With my party as given above, Makeshift Cannon knocked off 10000 HP right off the bat, so definitely an easy boss. When Baigan falls the arms will automatically use Self-Destruct.

After the battle we automatically rest and see a scene where Ursula and Ceodore talk. Ursula remarks that Ceodore has changed, and the Ceodore she used to know always acted like he carried a burden, being the son of Cecil and he didn't. Not that I ever saw. Ceodore then mentions he had to learn to have pride in his family from Kain, and Biggs and Wedge. Yeah, those glorified NPCs we saw for about ten minutes, all of which Biggs spent yelling at Ceodore. After that dull scene where the game tries to pretend Ceodore actually had any semblance of character development, we learn the Twin Rush Band for Ceodore and Ursula. In the morning we can use that teleport tile to change our party or return to the surface if we need it. Go down to find the door to the next area, before we go check the left wall below for a passage to a Dry Ether, and another passage from there to an Ether and a Remedy. In this next area go left, take the White Fang from the far side of the ledge and descend the ramp. To the right is a room with a Lustrous Sword. It has slightly weaker power than the Defender, but gives +3 Strength and Spirit. I say stick with the Defender. Go to the left and down to the next area. Go up to an X-Potion, then right to a Red Fang and the exit. Grab the Blue Fang and inspect the next Crystal.

Meet the Magus Sisters - Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy. Sandy (the tall one) will cast support spells like Haste, Curaga and Confuse, Mindy (the fat one) will attack, and Cindy (short one) will bounce level-three spells off of Mindy, who has Reflect courtesy of Sandy. If Cindy or Sandy dies, Mindy will revive them. I had a very simple way to kill them - attack Mindy a few times until she takes around 4000 damage, then Makeshift Cannon to do 10,000 damage to all of them, instantly killing all three sisters in one fell swoop. Approach the save and rest for free - we see a scene with the Eblan Four and Edge, and as always they're a total waste of time. Save in the morning.

Drilling DeeperEdit

Head down into the next area, down the bridge, right past the door to a Silver Hourglass, then inside. Follow the path to a large room, grabbing the Genji Gloves along the way, go down out the door to an X-Potion, then back in and up through the door. Out on a lower ledge go left for an Ether, right into a small room with another Ether, and up through the door. Another Crystal awaits here, go right to a Unicorn horn and inspect the Crystal.

Our opponents this time are Dr. Lugae and Barnabas. The not-so-good doctor likes status attacks like Sleep and Poison, while Barnabas just pummels us with strong attacks, two each turn. They also Target party members - Lugae's target is healed, Barnabas's is hit with Blaster or Beam. Slow the two of them, Haste yourself and get to work. If you have Ceodore in the party buff yourself with Protect, your normal White Mage should stick to healing. Barnabas's attacks really hurt to take him out first, once he's gone Lugae is easily slain. Barnabas has 22,000 HP, Lugae has 25,000. Rest afterwards for a scene with Palom and Porom, Porom is worried she should have stayed behind to help protect Mysidia and the Elder, but Palom helps put her at ease. They also discuss Palom's quest for sagehood and he admits that Leonora is much better suited for that sort of title. Their bonds reformed, the two learn a new Twincast Band. It's very strong but takes a long, long time to charge up.

Duck in the room to the left for a Hi-Potion and descend the ramp. Take the two chests in view for a Gaia Drum and Fuma Shuriken, then go down the right bridge. The chest has a Final Outfit for Calca and Brina, then go right over an invisible path. Go down the ramp to a Flame Whip, it's not that good for anyone, and continue on the path. You'll go through a couple teleports, find a Genji Helm and a save point, and eventually see a chest between two pillars. On the original Red Moon the ultimate sword Ragnarok once lay here. Now we find a Blood Lance. It sucks, it has slightly higher power than the Obelisk but gives -10 to all stats, crippling the user. Head all the way back to the Final Outfit chest. Go down the left ramp and enter the door. You'll see a Crystal, speak to it to fight two enemies that are such a waste of time I won't mention or link them. Just wait a bit, don't do anything, they say some words and vanish. Rest at the save for a scene with Rydia and Luca, we discuss the Eidolons and Luca's crush on Palom, which she's gotten over. Go up the right side for a White Robe, it gives +10 Spirit and should go to your White Mage immediately, then go up the left side to the next area.

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