Welcome to Part 26! As mentioned I believe these subquests can be done in any order, this is just the order I do them in.

Kaipo - Yang, Ursula and SylphEdit

Enter Kaipo to find the Sylphs have overrun the village. You can speak to them to fight them but you get nothing worthwhile for it, and if you kill them all the Sylphs are lost as summons, so just avoid them. Head to the upper-right house to see Yang and Ursula asleep. Also you can inspect Tellah's grave for a scene. Fly to Fabul and enter the castle. The Sylphs are here too, enter the castle and head to the throne room. Yang's wife gives us a Frying Pan and a Ladle to wake up Yang and Ursula with. Check the pot when you're done for an X-Potion, then enter the treasure room on the right for a Phoenix Down, Cottage and Decoy. Also check the towers, the left one has Hermes Sandals, a Cross, Phoenix Down and Bronze Hourglass, while the right tower has Bacchus's Wine and a Hi-Potion, as well as a Small Tail in the flowers.

Fly back to Kaipo and use the Frying Pan on Yang to smack him to his senses. With Yang awake we turn and the ever-chivalrous Edge asks Rydia to whack Ursula with the Ladle. Rydia and Edge are used to this, having done it in the last game, but Luca is just weirded out. Golbez stands there and watches silently, but I like to imagine a raised eyebrow. With Yang and Ursula awake the Sylphs somehow come to their senses, and with a few warm words to Yang they vanish, Rydia learning the Sylph summon. It's pretty good for now, doing damage to a single target and healing the party, with no White Mage any healing is good. Yang and Ursula join us but can't be used as party members, having, ya know, just woken up from a coma or whatever. They'll rest aboard the Falcon for the next little while. We get a scene now of the Baron gang, and Rosa feels the need to remind us how useless she is for the plot by just gasping as the Mysterious Girl levitates the Crystals out of her hands. Kain steps forward as Cecil says the Crystals are "back" in their hands.

Damcyan - HarleyEdit

This is a good time to discuss the Bands this party has. Golbez is on his lonesome, while Edge and Rydia have Broken Heart, Banding together their Attack commands, but it only activates if Rydia is equipped with a bow. Luca can Band Big Throw with Edge's Ninjutsu and Rydia's Black Magic for Flare Tornado, it only costs 15 MP and charges pretty quick. On groups of enemies it'll clear them out efficiently, on a single target it's pretty much an instant kill. Due to Luca's poor MP though don't abuse it. Later in the tale we'll learn another Band for Rydia and Edge, but not yet.

Fly to Damcyan and we find its overrun by Antlions driven crazy by the moon. You can fight or avoid them, they die pretty fast and don't give much for rewards. Head up to the throne room to meet with Harley and the Damcyan citizens taking refuge from the Antlions, and after a scene where we discuss Edward's fate (keeping in mind this gang doesn't know where he is), Harley invites herself to come along. Sure, we'll need someone to keep the Falcon tidy while the good characters are out fighting shit. Now we can loot the castle. The right tower area has a Decoy and a Bomb Core (the passage to the second is below the stairs), while Harley's bookcase in the left tower has a Small Tail. On the way out take a right just outside the castle to a treasure room with three X-Potions, a Phoenix Down, Emergency Exit, Diamond Shield, two Ethers, Blue Fang, Red Fang, White Fang and a Hi-Potion.

Troia - Palom, Leonora and ShivaEdit

The grass down the water stream has an Ether, Dry Ether, X-Potion and Decoy. There's also a Small Tail in the alley behind the equipment shops. The merchants are still operating but have nothing worth buying. Head to the castle and we'll find it frozen over. There's a small optional scene if you check out the Crystal Room. Luca looks around and wonders where Palom could be, and she and Rydia remember they saw him on the Black Chocobo when they were heading to Baron earlier. Luca also remembers Cid telling her about the Lodestone Cavern. If you remember what happened to Palom and Leonora and are capable of basic math you've probably figured out what happened to the castle. Board the Falcon and fly to the island with the cave, a patch of grass for us to land on having cleared since the original game.

Head to the right inside the cave to a Recovery Rod. It only gives +8 Intelligence to the Faerie Rod's +10. I actually recommend giving it to Rydia over the latter, as the loss of 2 Intelligence is worth the Rod's recovery effect, healing the party for around 400 HP. Again, we have no White Mage so this is pretty good. If you're using Golbez as a mage, give him the rod Rydia isn't using since both give a bigger boost to Intelligence than the Enhancement Sword. Then head down and around to the stairs down, the chest next to them has a Unicorn Horn. Down here head up to the fork and head left for a Coeurl Whisker, then go further north and right, there's a Cottage and Hermes Sandals. Go left to the stairs down. The door here has a Save Point, use it if needed. Go south, the room has a Silver Hourglass, Diamond Helm and Dry Ether. Go left and up to the door forward. Snag the Cottage and go to the left. On this next floor you may remember when Palom and Leonora came here they had to divert to avoid an illusion. Somehow it has been dispelled and we can cross to the end, but there's more booty to be had! Go left over the first part of the bridge and over the invisible path to the stairs.

FF4PSP Shiva Battle
HP MP Dangerous Attack
24,800 N/A None
Steal Morph Drops
N/A N/A Nothing
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire Ice 1/5

Go left to a Light Curtain, then take the right to some stairs. Take the Remedy above them and check the upper-right for an invisible path to an Elixir. Head upstairs and right to a familiar door. Walk around it to a chest with Diamond Gloves, and check a skeleton on the right for a Small Tail. Save inside the room, check the craters for a Small Tale, then head inside the big door. Palom and Leonora are frozen to the ground, and Luca freaks out over her designated love interest being seemingly dead. Rydia remarks that the ice isn't just any normal ice - it's Diamond Dust. And so it is Shiva attacks.

Something important to know is this fight is you cannot kill Shiva. I don't mean you physically can't, but don't, if you do she's dead and we lose her forever. Smack Shiva with a Flare Tornado, it should do around 9999 damage. Then cast Firaga with Golbez for a few more thousand. At this point Rydia should say Shiva is about to wake up. Call off the assault, don't attack her anymore and wait. Eventually Shiva will come to her senses and the battle with end. Rydia regains the Shiva summon (take a wild guess what type of damage it does), and Palom and Leonora thaw out. We take to them back to Troia Castle which has also been freed to rest. Palom and Leonora, naturally, invite themselves along and join Yang and Ursula in the difficult task of filling up the beds on the Falcon. Which reminds me, if you haven't checked for yourself already the under deck area of the Falcon has a bed we can rest in for free. Before we leave, in Troia Castle check the left wall as you go out through the gate to pass into the moat of the castle, at the far end is a hidden Small Tail.

We flash to a scene in Baron now where Cecil asks if Kain truly intends to fight him. My money is on Kain. Cecil also questions Ceodore siding with Kain over him, and we fade out to a scene of the two moons. We now enter battle, Kain vs Cecil, but of course we can't win even though in an actual fight Kain would kill Cecil so hard his ghost would be mortally wounded. Attack a bit and Cecil will swing his sword once to knock Kain to his knees.

Agart and Mysidia - Porom, Ramuh and TitanEdit

Fly to Agart and land. Monsters appear in the village, none particularly dangerous. In the back in the grass is a Gaia Drum, head up the upper-right stairs and around to get to it, seeing a familiar face on the ground. Approach her and the Mysterious Girl will sic Titan on us. We can't beat him, after a couple turns he'll use Gaia's Wrath, ending the battle and dumping us in a convenient cave. We can access this place without fighting Titan, but he nicely dumps us at the end of the cave so we can go through it once instead of in and then back out. The party reflects we need a way to avoid Titan's power over the earth, then we move on.

Head down and right to the stairs up. Go right and down to a small room with an Ogrekiller, we already have one but another is very welcome. Go back up and now left and down, then right to a Diamond Armlet. Go back and further down to see a rope, go past it to the left and up to a Decoy. Climb to the rope, we'll come out at the Agart well. Leave town now, we can't fight Titan without help.

Fly west to Mysidia and head up to the Elder's home. Rydia and Golbez sense something, and we enter a battle with Ramuh. He'll use a lot of Lightning attacks but with some form of Diamond equipment on everyone and a Gold Hairpin on Rydia his worst isn't that bad. Flare Tornado while Golbez attacks and eventually Rydia will call to him. Hold off now and wait for him to wake up and join you. Just remember to do it one action at a time to avoid killing him. When he backs off enter the house to see Porom, with the party here she lowers the barrier protecting the building and collapses, exhausted. The party takes her aboard the airship and she tells us about Kain's supposed betrayal. Speaking of Kain, back in Baron he's been struck down, or so we're expected to believe. Ceodore steps in to protect the collapsed Kain, and when Cecil asks if he'd fight his own father Ceodore falters.

Fly back to Agart and confront the Mysterious Girl again. We'll have a rematch with Titan, wait for him to use Gaia's Wrath and Porom comes to the rescue to cast Float on us. For some reason she doesn't officially join the party, but now with Float we can take Titan down without fear of a quake. Titan's worst in this battle is Crush, an instant death attack, but its more a nuisance than a threat. As per usual by now we want to smack him until he wakes up. Unlike Shiva though once he comes to his senses the battle will instantly end. I think if you do enough damage you may kill him before he wakes up, but I'm not sure. Just to be safe, after the initial Flare Tornado stick to physical attacks one at a time, using the Recovery Rod to heal. Titan returns to Rydia and thus four of the six Eidolons are back.

Before leaving Agart search the globe in the telescope home in the lower-left part of town for a Small Tail.

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