Welcome to Part 25! The time has come to begin the final chapter of the game, The Crystals!

Be PreparedEdit

Now, when we begin the final tale you'll be asked if you wish to import save data. You'll be able to import your data from all the previous tales except Ceodore's, as we've already carried that data over into Kain's Tale. When we import data, all items, equipment and levels for the characters in that tale will be carried over. However, stuff equipped on characters that don't carry over will be lost forver and not imported. Thus, it is important you open your saved data, de-equip the following characters and save again:

  • (Dark) Kain, White Mage and Black Mage in Porom's Tale
  • The Guards in Edward's Tale
  • Fusoya in Lunarian's Tale

Many areas in the final tale are cut off, including all the Challenge Dungeons and all the treasures they hold. If you haven't done them yet I strongly encourage you to go to the table of contents and look over them. The Challenge Dungeons reward Exp, rare items and strong equipment, and this will be of big help. You'll especially want to snag as many Adamantites as you can, each Challenge Dungeon has one and Kain's has one in a chest. Adamantite can be traded for the best equipment in the game, but cannot be acquired outside the Challenge Dungeon. Lustful Lali-Ho magazines, while not as numerous, should also be collected and saved, they too can be "traded" for items. The one thing you don't need to worry about is the colored Tails, all the enemies that drop them can be refought in the final dungeon and I'll mention their locations.

Also, if you want Calca and Brina but didn't repair them, load up Rydia's Tale and play through to the end with the Mythril Nut, Spring and Bolts so the game saves that you repaired them. It isn't enough to just get the items and then save, you need to go through the tale's ending again.

When you're ready, select the Final Tale, import your saved data files, and let's go.

Cloudy With A Chance of ApocalypseEdit

We begin with a lengthy cutscene. Although we know from the Lunarian chapter that the Man in Black is Golbez, he's still called the Man in Black here for now. I'll be referring to him as Golbez, I'm sure you'll manage. Meteors begin to rain down on the planet from the moon, and we get brief shots of Damcyan, Fabul and Eblan, and then the moon begins to descend towards the planet. The Falcon surfaces and heads for Baron, Edge grilling Golbez for info but Golbez isn't talking. When the meteors come down Golbez snaps and pushes Luca from the wheel to take command. We get a short, pointless scene of Baron that only serves to remind us that Cecil and the Mysterious Girl are confronting Kain and company. The title card appears and fades as the Falcon lands at Baron. Enter Baron and we find a force field around it the same color as the glow of the Tower of Babil. With no way inside the party departs. Our goal for this tale is to fly around the world finding our other party members and saving Rydia's Eidolons. Much of the tasks, I'm to understand, can be done in any order, so I'll use section headers to divide them up so you can choose what to do when. Ultimately I don't think it matters, there's only two tasks that must be done in a specific order. Board the Falcon and take to the air.

Our team for the first part of the tale is Rydia, Luca, Golbez and Edge. Not bad, could use a White Mage but it's nice. Now we can equip them with the loot gathered from the tales. Put the Rare Band on anyone you like, I chose Rydia. She also has a Polymorph Rod (The Wizard's Rod from Palom's Tale is superior but I had it equipped on him so it isn't in my inventory), a Gold Hairpin and a Luminous Robe. Edge has a Kotetsu and Ashura for weapons, and a Black Cowls, Black Belt Gi and Giant's Gloves for armor. Give him a Power Sash if you got one, and a Green Beret if you want stronger attack for lower Speed and Spirit. Golbez can be attacker or mage, given that he's probably at a higher level than Rydia. If she's at Level 40 though don't worry, she'll soon learn the "aga" spells in a couple levels so Golbez won't have to be your crutch. If you want Spellcaster Golbez give him the Enhancement Sword, Aegis Shield, Circlet, Luminous Robe (his own Ebony Robe will do if you don't have one) and a Rune Armlet. For Warrior Golbez, the Defender, Aegis Shield, Diamond Helm, Diamond Armor, and Giant's Gloves. Luca can have an Ogrekiller Axe with a Diamond Shield, Diamond Helmet and Armor if you have them, and Giant's Gloves. If you left your Diamond equipment on someone in Kain's posse, give Luca a Horned Helmet and Horned Armor.

Enter the town of Baron...I'm not going to tell you where the treasures are, we've been here four or five times before, you can figure it out right? Right. Here's a checklist - a Small Tail, a Small Tale that is useless, a Dry Ether, a Phoenix Down, a Silver Hourglass, a Cottage, a Hi-Potion, two X-Potions, and a partridge in a pear tree. All the soldiers in town are Zombie Infantry, Golbez's Quake will take out large groups of them while pairs or trios can be handled with normal attacks. It's a waste of time to fight them, they don't give much gil or exp and I think they respawn. All the doors in town are locked but Namingway is here to sell us stuff, buy some new equipment if you need it, though if you've done the challenge dungeons like I told you to you're fine. You can also inspect the doors at Rosa's mother's house and Cid's house to get inside for small scenes with their families.

International LootingEdit

Before we begin our tasks, there's a lot of little stuff to do first, hidden items that can be gotten now without much effort. Fly to the right of Baron to see a single tree at the tip of land, walk up to it to find a clearing with some grass, poke around for a chest with a Small Tail. Yes, more tail collecting. Note there are two types - Small Tails we want, Small Tales are simply HP recovery items. Don't confuse them. Land near the forest just northwest of Baron to see a small yellow patch in the trees, check the area there to find a second Small Tail. Fly north to Mist and then east to the Kaipo desert, you'll see a triangle formation of meteor craters. Land on a path of grass to the right and walk over here, inspecting the rock for a Small Tail. Fly to the east of where you landed to a claw-like land formation, then south to a patch of desert. Save before entering. Inspect the upper right rock for a Small Tail, and open the chest to fight a Great Malboro. It's a nasty customer, but if you got every to Level 40 in their tales and equipped them as I said, your attacks can hack it to bits in a couple of rounds. It drops a Black Belt Gi.

Fly to Damcyan north of Kaipo and check to the west to see a larger impact crater, enter it and check the skeleton for a Small Tail. Fly south from here until you see the tip of the Kaipo desert, then head to the left to an island with a forest. Inside a hidden chest is the Chocobo summon for Rydia. Fly directly east from Damcyan to Fabul, south-east of it is a small forest clearing with yet another Small Tail hidden in a bush. Fly north-west to a clearing in the trees with a Faerie Rods. It gives +10 Intelligence, the highest boost of any item in the game. If you don't equip it to Rydia the second you find it, congratulations, you're a moron. Head through the trees to the right of the chest and inspect a bush for a Small Tail before leaving. Fly directly south from Fabul is Mythril village, check the grasses in the village for a Remedy, Heavenly Wrath and a Cottage, while a well has a Small Tale. Further south is another large impact crater. It has a Luminous Robe. A bit further south we come to Mt. Ordeals, and south of that, another crater, on the east side of the island it appears on is a cave. Check the crates for a Small Tale, and in the back snag an Elixir. Check the right wall under the archway to find a passage to a crate with, you guessed it, a Small Tail. Far to the west from here is another island with a forst clearing, save before entering. The chest contains an Armor Construct, it looks imposing but can be chopped up in a few turns. It leaves a Ribbon, a rare and awesome hat that grants immunity to all status ailments and has nice defenses too. Give it to anyone you like.

Fly west of Mt. Ordeals to Mysidia, then west to Agart, you'll know it by the giant void pit in the mountains. Check the lone tree on the east side of the island for a chest with two Mini Satana and a Fell Knight. Blast them with a Quake from Golbez to weaken the Satanas and kill the Knight, then mop them up with normal attacks. You'll win Diamond Armor. Fly further west to find Eblan and the Tower of Babil, search the island for two more lone tree locations, each with a Small Tail. One is to the north of the Tower of Babil, the other to the east of it. Far to the north is the largest forested region of Troia. There's a clearing just north of the Tower of Trials, the chest there contains three Dark Sages, they have a nasty Fira and like using Osmose. Quake the bitches and kill them off with attacks. They yield a Mage Masher, which shockingly is better than Edge's Ashura so replace it. Heal with a Cottage outside, they probably did a number on you. North-east of Troia an impact crater yields a spot for us to land the airship and walk south-east to a forest clearing. Check the bushes for a Small Tail. North of Troia near the Chocobo Forest is another clearing, take the Small Tail from a bush and check the right trees for a path to a chest with an Ice Whip. Rydia is a spellcaster so stick to the Faerie Rod.

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