Part 20, we're nearing the final stretch now!


Our next tale is Kain's Tale, and for this one we can import Ceodore's data. This means that our level and inventory data from Ceodore's Tale will carry over. Obviously we want to do this so all our hard work in Ceodore's Tale isn't waste. I also advise running through his challenge dungeon to snag Adamantite and a Lustful Lali-ho if you've not already done so. Some challenge dungeons will repeat their rare treasures, i'm not sure if Ceodore's does or not, but it can't hurt to be sure. Don't worry about getting Mythril Equipment though, we're fine for that.

On that note, select Kain's Tale from the menu and import your data to begin.

We begin in a flashback where Kain is on Mt. Ordeals. He'll kill everything here with great ease so turn the Auto-Battle on to speed up your progress. Head down the stairs, left to an Antarctic Wind, then right to the next area. There, just follow the trail to the entrance to the mountain. Open the chest for Mythril Gloves, go to the next chest for a Cottage, then approach the mountain exit. Kain hears someone call out to him so now we're headed to the summit. Go all the way back past where we started, take the Mythril Armor and go to the summit. Cross the bridge and inspect the monument. Kain enters a mirrored chamber that should look familiar, and after the voice speaks more Kain's reflection emerges from the mirror and attacks. We then get the title card and the proper tale begins.


As Kain in the present, head back to the summit for a familiar scene where Kain saves Porom and her crew. Then through the magic of skipping ahead, we're in Mysidia as Kain presents the Mysterious Girl with Mysidia's Crystal. We follow her into the Devil's Road. During a Waning Moon you may fight Grey Coeurls, RUN AWAY, they're the Tail enemy for this chapter and thus are not to be fought alone. Follow the Mysterious Girl through the first teleporter, in the second room check the upper-left wall for a hidden passage to a Mythril Sword. Then follow her, the path is entirely linear. When you find her the second time, you'll teleport to a small room at the bottom of the area, and that teleporter leads to a small room in the middle with a single brown tile. Check the left wall for a passage to a Decoy, then go through the portal. Check the wall under the pillar for a passage to a Mythril Shield, and take the chest in plain view for a Hi-Potion before moving on. We appear in a small room with a Mythril Helm, Bronze Hourglass and Zeus's Wrath. Continue on and eventually you'll be in a long hall along the top, the teleporter below you takes you to the first room but Kain refuses to leave, so head down the hall to the Mysterious Girl and the next area. Save if you like and go on.

In this area, enter the teleporter above you and you'll warp to the right. Go up and enter the teleporter directly above the first to walk left, then go left and up to the next teleporter to go left again. Walk left over the next teleporter, then go down and left to walk over the next one from the right, it'll send you left. Go down and over the next teleporter to go left, then down to the next. You should be in the lower-left corner now. Go far left and up to be sent up, and take the exit teleporter. We're in Baron now, we've been here what, two or three times already? You just gone done with Eddie's Tale so you know your way around I'm sure so let's just list what's where and I'll trust you kiddies to find your own way to the goods, okay? Okay. The grass in the upper-left beyond the trees has a Tent, Phoenix Down and Spider Silk. The pot outside the Inn has a Hi-Potion, in back of the Inn are an Ether, Gold Needle and Unicorn Horn. The pot near the equipment shop has a Potion. The pond has a Hi-Potion and Phoenix Down.

Head to Baron Castle and the Mysterious Girl will escort you inside. Now we're free to go looting! Open the switch on the right wall for an X-Potion, Red Fang and Remedy, then go up the stairs. In the right tower take the Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down and Bronze Hourglass in plain reach, then go down the stairs. Check the right pot for a Remedy, then go upstairs to reach the fourth chest with Hermes Sandals. Go upstairs and check the pots for Echo Herbs and Bacchus's Wine, while the chests have a Hi-Potion and Heavenly Wrath. The third floor has a Cottage, X-Potion and White Fang. Now go to the throne room, the Mysterious Girl wants use to steal the Crystals of Damcyan and Fabul and prepares an airship for us. De-equip Kain, then head outside and board the airship, tell the Red Wing pilot you're ready to depart and we head to Fabul.

The Misty MountainEdit

After being left to camp out in the valley for about 40 or more hours while we played the other tales, we're back with Ceodore and the Hooded Man! If you didn't do Ceodore's challenge dungeon you missed out on Mythril Equipment for him. Not a problem, thanks to Kain and his earlier looting we now have two full sets! Yeah, Kain and Ceodore share an inventory in this tale, the space-time continuum was on holiday I guess. Suit Ceodore and the Hooded Man with your new Mythril Gear, giving the Hooded Man the Mythril Sword and Ceodore the Wind Spear. Also I had two Power Armlets from importing my data that came in quite handy. In the village Mist the dynamic duo need to head to Damcyan through Kaipo. Unfortunately there's the wee problem of a giant cliff in the way. Hooded Man's suggestion - climb it......makes sense to me! Before we go let's pillage Mist - in Rydia's house enter the fireplace for a Potion, Hi-Potion and Phoenix Down, then walk through the right wall to a second secret room with a Blood Sword. It drains HP to heal the user but has low power. On the right side of town are a Bomb Crank, Antarctic Wind and Heavenly Wrath, I'll leave it to you to recall Porom's Tale to find out where these chests are. Namingway is selling sundries in the inn though if you need to restock. The weapon shop has nothing, the armor shop has Plate Mail, it has stronger defense than the Mythril Armor but lower evasion and Magic Defense. The choice is yours which to use. Head to the far right of the village to reach the Mist Cliff. The monsters here give ungodly amounts of Exp.

Climb up the first three ledges to a ledge with two paths up. Climb the right one and then climb down the other side for a Hi-Potion and Bone Wrist. Stick to the Power Armlets/Mythril Gloves. Then climb up the left to the next area. Climb left for a cottage then climb right and up, making a short side-trip to a Gaia Drum, and up more to the next area. Take the path up, making a short stop down a right to a Sleep Blade for the Hooded Man, then up to the top of the cliff. Save and rest if needed then go up to begin the climb back down. Along the way here in the next area Ceodore slips and falls. With only the Hooded Man continue to the next area. You'll come to a ledge with branching paths. Climb down the lower-left for Hermes Sandals, then climb upper left until you can't see for the rock face, go left for an Ether. The lower-right path leads to another split, climb up the right to a Flame Shield, then climb back down to Ceodore and down to the next area. The path to the bottom is linear. Ceodore is amazed he made it down the cliff, and the Hooded Man tells him he did it on his own. Uh, no he didn't, he slipped and fell and is lucky to be alive. Suddenly we see the Red Wings fly overhead, Kain heading to Damcyan. We see a short flashback of the scene at the start of the tale where Kain fights his reflection. Now we head to Kaipo with Ceodore and the Hooded Man.

At Kaipo buy Flame Swords for your characters, the armor shop has nothing worthwhile. The pots above the weapon shop have a Potion. Rest at the Inn for another familiar scene where three Zombie Infantry attack us. With Flame Swords and decent levels they'll die in one hit. In the morning we need to head to Damcyan. It's time to go through the waterway, yet again. Bring a supply of Antidotes, enemies in there like to poison us now.


In the you even need directions? Do I have to tell you where the treasures are and where to go? Really. It's almost as tiring to write directions for this place a third time as it is having to go through it that third time myself, pardon me for not giving as much of a shit as I usually do. Go up the bridge, Ice Shield and Hi-Potion. The Ice Shield should go to either party member, it has slightly worse defense than the Mythril Shield but superior magic defense and nice resistance to fire and demon attacks. Go left, there's a new chest in the lower-left here with a Maiden's kiss. Then go around and into the water, upstream to a X-Potion, then left and into the waterfall, Spider Silk, Silent Bell, Ether. Onward to the next area. Up and into the water, left and surface for a Spider's Silk, back into the water and down to the stairs out of the water. Left to a Hi-Potion, on to the door to the save room. We automatically rest here. Back with Kain now, he orders the Baron troops to stay on the ship as he heads into Damcyan. As a neat note you can visit the Antlion's Den and the Impact Crater, but he'll automatically leave. Enter Damcyan and walk straight up to the throne room where Edward is waiting us.

Octo-Kraken and Octo-Leeches x4
FF4PSP Octo Kraken
HP MP Dangerous Attack
8,000 N/A None
Steal Morph Drops
N/A N/A Nothing
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Nothing Nothing 1/5

Back with Ceodore and the Hooded Man go out the passage and up to a chest with a monster, a Mythril Golem. Two Cross Slashes cut him up, he leaves an Icebrand for us. Give it to either fighter and go to the next area. At the fork go right for Zeus's Wrath and Flame Mail. Give it to whoever doesn't have the Flame Shield. On to the next area, grab the Hi-Potion, then left through the wall to a Remedy. Final area, Tent, Bacchus's Wine, Dry Ether, Phoenix Down, go outside. Back with Kain now he and Edward have words. Kain prepares to attack Edward when Rosa intervenes. Now back to Ceodore and the Hooded Man, enter the next cave and dive down the falls. Back yet again to Kain, he declares Rosa will be his when Cecil is dead and calls in the soldiers. In one of the greatest moments in the game, Edward opens the carnelian signet box and unleashes the bombs on the soldiers, killing them all. Now we fight Edward, we can't hurt Rosa so open the item menu, give Kain a basic Mythril Sword, and strike Eddie until he falls. As Ceodore yet again follow the path, take the Potion and Heavenly Wrath, and enter the final area. Take the Phoenix Down and Hi-Potion and approach the exit.

Because the game seems to have run out of plot points from the original game to rip-off for the moment, now it rips off itself. The tentacles, as with Porom's Tale, cast level-two magic regenerate when killed. There's a ridiculously easy way to win - use a Bronze or Silver Hourglass to cast Stop on all the tentacles. Now attack over and over with Cross Slash, it should only take three or four to put the boss down. This fight is so ridiculously easy it barely warrants a boss template.

Head outside and we'll see the Red Wings take off, and Kain has Rosa on-board. Suddenly Cid arrives from...somewhere and attacks. Kain speeds off and Ceodore and the Hooded Man enter Damcyan. Equip the Hooded Man with a Flame Sword and Mythril gear, removing his Power Armlet and any unique weapon he has before you run up to the throne room to see Cid and Edward,. When the Hooded Man hears Kain took Rosa he springs to the call and calls us to the Enterprise. Now we get a sequence of Kain flying to Baron and our heroes pursuing in the Enterprise. As Kain outside of Baron, save and prepare for the finale to the page!

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