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Going Backwards[edit source]

Back at Damcyan head to the throne room and the Baron messenger will speak to us. He's overly formal and reluctant for idle chatter, and tells us simply that Cecil doesn't want Edward poking his spoony nose around the crater, it's to be Baron's business. Edward is naturally suspicious, especially since Cecil decided not to reply himself. Thus we're off to Baron to see Cecil personally. Before heading off buy Harley new equipment, restock your item supply and rest if needed. As we go to leave the castle Edward tells Harley to stay behind. Of course, she refuses. "I am certain I will prove useful." I somehow doubt that. Edward also grabs some flowers.

We're going to go through the underground waterway to the south of Damcyan, the same one Palom and Porom went through. However, we go through it the other way, beginning at the place they fought Cooler Mammoth. Surface and take the Arctic Wind and Antarctic Wind, then go left over the bridge. In the next area go down, descend the stairs for a Cottage and Hi-Potion, then follow the path to see a new feature, a door in the waterfall we fell down as the twins. It leads to two short caverns that take us up behind the falls. Nothing like the hero wimping out on something a pair of seven-year olds did to make him look manly. In the first cave behind the falls check the lower-left wall for a short hidden passage and inspect the wall you can't see for a Bronze Tail. Go outside atop the falls, save your game and head to the next cave. Go down for a Hi-Potion and an Iron Sword, give it to Guard B as he has the best Speed and Strength. Continue to the left and go down the stairs for a Bomb Crank and Hi-Potion. Then go back up the stairs and down the right path to the next area. Take the Phoenix Down and go through the hidden passage in the left wall to 1000 gil. Then head to the next area.

Cross the bridge and go right at the fork to find Heavenly Wrath and Zeus's Wrath, then go back and up to the next area. Follow the path in and out of the water, grabbing the Hi-Potion on the way. In the save point room here something is up with Harley but she assures us she's fine. We rest automatically here. In the morning continue on the path, at the stairs into the water divert left for a Zeus's Wrath before diving in. Go up for a Hi-Potion, then surface to the right and go down to the final area. Go right and dive into the water, swim upstream to the Ether. Go left to the large waterfall, the rock to the left has a Bronze Tail, then head under the falls for a Chain Whip, Coeurl Whisker and Remedy, give the whip to Harley. Outside the falls walk under the bridge below, on one time you won't be able to walk through seemingly empty water, check that square for another Bronze Tail. Go back up the stairs out of the water and go left, following the path to the exit/entrance on the right. Go up for a Hi-Potion and a Silver Breastplate that should go to Edward. The kid here will trade you five Bronze Tails for a Silver Tail, and five Silver Tails for a Gold Tail. I had 9 Bronze Tails due to a couple random drops (enemies throughout Eddie's tail drop Silver and Bronze tails, forgot to mention), and one Silver, so not enough for a Gold yet. We'll be back. Leave the cave now to arrive in the desert and go left and down to Kaipo.

Desert Fever[edit source]

As soon as we enter town Harley collapses with fever. We need a Sand Pearl to cure her, those only appear in the Antlion's Den during the Full Moon when the Antlion lays its eggs. We rest before we go and Edward angsts over Anna more in the night as he plays his harp by the lake. Notice he's standing right behind the Inn, do you think anyone leaned out the window and yelled at him? Anna's spirit appears to him and Edward angsts even more. Then Tellah appears to shout the line - You spoony bard! I really don't get the point of this scene, they want Edward to live? Why, is he angsting over Anna more than we're seeing? In the morning we set off alone with Edward. Check the pots above the weapon shop for a Potion and the shelf in the pub above the Inn for a Bronze Tail. Buy items if needed while you're here. The armor shop has Rune Armlets, ignore it and leave Eddie with the Eco. Ring. The weapon shop has a Dark Harp.

Now the fun part - we need to go to the Antlion's Den. Go ALL the way back through the underground waterway to the Antlion's Den, and on the Full Moon inspect one of the Antlions in the bottom floor for the Sand Pearl. It's a long trip, I'll wait. This'll give us a chance to level up Edward, enemies give good exp with a one-person party. Also it doesn't take as long as you may think, since we got all the treasure. I'm not gonna guide you, you just came though, you can figure your own way back I hope. Too damn bad Edward seemed to have lost the keys to the hovercraft, that handy pseudo-airship that let us glide over the water to Kaipo and back. Perhaps, as my associate Jimcloud suggested, Cecil left it laying out in the open at Mythril or Eblan like an inconsiderate dick. Remember to rest until the Full Moon, the Sand Pearl won't appear otherwise. Once you have the pearl head back through the waterway. To save us a third trip some bandits come out to spook Edward into leaping down the falls, and we come out in the last/first room of the second cave. Head to Kaipo and use the Sand Pearl on Harley. She recovers and an exhausted Edward collapses for the moment. We now see a boring scene that seems to imply Harley is intended as a love interest for Edward, or not, I don't care.

In the morning buy Iron Swords for your two remaining Guards, and a Silver Breastplate and Beret for Harley. You can upgrade all your guards to Silver Breastplates and Berets as well, as they have superior Magic Defense and evasion stats over their Iron equipment, but this can get pricey. Remember to sell your old stuff for more cash. Eventually, if you plan to do the Challenge Dungeon, everyone should have a Beret and Silver Breastplate. Head east to the Kaipo dock and board your ship to Baron. A familiar scene with Yang occurs on the way. Awfully nice of Edward to not turn back and help the stranded Fabulian King and his daughter. Eventually we dock at Baron.

He's Spoony, Not Stupid[edit source]

Here we're gonna visit the town of Baron. The barrel near the equipment shop has a Potion, then head down the river in town for a Bronze Hourglass and Remedy in the pond at the end. There's also a Bronze Tail at the bottom of the waterfalls, check around, its invisible. In the back of town slip through the trees to the large patch of grass, it has a Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down and Tent. Enter the equipment shop, the merchants have nothing but there's a secret passage in the lower-right. The armorer kicks you out if you approach him, but the chest behind the weapon merchant has a Silver Tail. The pot outside the Inn has a Potion. In the back of the Inn are a Gold Needle, Echo Herbs and Cross.

Now if you're planning to do Edward's challenge dungeon, level up outside of town, this is where the tale's strongest monsters lurk. Kill off the guards once they hit Level 20 so Edward and Harley get more Exp. You know by now I'm sure, I expect a minimum level of 30. I seem to find larger enemy groups (and thus more exp) in the desert. If you want to head back to Kaipo for whatever reason the ship will take you.

Head into Baron Castle and we'll talk our way past the guards. All the side passages are blocked so head right up to the throne room. Cecil acts a bit shifty but he seems ok. Eddie also mentions he doesn't like the moon and the bad omen it poses. As we go to leave Cecil presents us with a gift, a small box. Edward responds by placing a bouquet of flowers in the corner. Cecil compliments they fit him and Edward is suddenly disturbed. Harley doesn't get what's going on but we're leaving. Leave the castle and return to the ship. Edward explains on the ship that he knows something is wrong with Cecil because Cecil should have realized his gift was Whisperweed, since last game Edward used it to save his life. Taking out a flower now we use the Whisperweed's power to transmit sound to eavesdrop on Cecil speaking to a female voice (the music that kicks in should be a clue who) about his plan to invade Damcyan and steal the Crystal. Cecil says the plan is already under way and Edward tells Harley the box contains a carnelian signet, which is the same item Cecil was told to deliver to Mist in the original game that unleashed a horde of bombs to set fire to the village when it was opened. The tale ends with Edward witnessing Yang's ship being attacked by Leviathan. Damn, if only some other passing ship had rescued him before...

Challenge[edit source]

Namingway is located in the north-west area of Kaipo. Edward's Challenge Dungeon is unique. The idea of the dungeon is that there are several chests at the end but they cost money to be opened. Thus we must make money by killing monsters, making trades and giving loans to people hanging out in the area. Here's a list of the people you can encounter.

  • Merchants will each buy a specific item from you. They want Whisperweed Seed, Poet's Notebook, Girl Bird Egg, Bard's Lyre, or Adamantine Pig. They pay well enough. The Seed and Notebook are found randomly in chests, while the egg, lyre and pig are located in specific places.
  • Bandits drop a lot of gil but will flee if you can't kill them quickly.
  • Girls ask for a loan of 5000 gil, pay them and later in the dungeon another girl will pay you 10000 gil or more.
  • Men ask for a loan of 10000 gil, and like the girls this grants you 15000 or more later. But beware, sometimes they don't pay you and the money is wasted.
  • Chocobos, located in a single room, may give you gil or take it. They give up to 10000 at a time and may take as much or more.
  • Gil Birds will yield the Gil Bird Egg for merchants but only appear in certain rooms depending on the Moon Phase. On the New moon there's in the West Passage 2F, Waxing Moon, Tower 2F, the east side. The Full Moon they appear in the 4F Boss Room, and Waning Moon they appear in Tower 4F.
  • Bosses are fights with a Steel Golem, Flamehound or Belphegor, and give decent gil when they die. The Flamehound also drops the Bard's Lyre that a merchant wants.

Here's a map of the area. I'll guide you, noting the locations of each feature but leaving it to you how you use them, for example lending people money or not. I'll also note the location of each room. Also note you can bring your own gil in with you, but you can't leave with more gil than you had when you entered. Thus when you go to leave, blow any excess cash on items. Many chests are here, as well as items hidden in pots, open all of them because they may contain the items those merchants want to buy from you. The enemies aren't very strong, but bring a supply of Spider's Silk, for sale in Baron, they help with bosses and Bandits. As with Porom's Tale, some NPCs may not appear. Also note it isn't just pots that hold items here, check every background feature for stuff, and you may find those merchant items in one. This includes the already opened chests you'll find.

We begin in Passage 1F where a loan man may appear once we lend him money, until then just go up. Now in Lobby 1F, go down the upper-left stairs to find Boss room B1, kill the boss here and check the obvious hidden passage in the left wall for a hidden room. Back in the Lobby take the lower stairs to Great Chamber B1. There's a man down here, lend him money if you like, then go to the right and up, speak to the cloaked figure cross the table to possibly fight a Bandit, slow him down with Spider's Silk so you can kill him before he flees. This room may also contain the Adamantine Pig, remember so if it's here. Go up the stairs above him to come out in the Lobby. The doors in the lobby lead to three Merchant's Squares, we don't have anything to sell them yet so ascend the stairs to Lobby 2F. Note though, that in the hallways between the doors and the merchants, loan people may appear to pay you back. Up in Lobby 2F there's a girl to lend money to. Go up the stairs and take the left door, in this hall cloaked figures charge a toll to pass, pay them if you can. As you go down here you may meet a girl and a man if you lent them money, speak to them to collect on your investment. At the end of the passage the Adamantine Pig may be here. Go back to the Lobby 2F and now take the right door, in the small room here called Alcove 2F there may be a Bandit. Back in Lobby 2F walk under the balcony on the left side. Here in West Passage 2F, the Gil Bird will appear during the New Moon. The passage leads to another Merchant Square, including a merchant who sells us items and one who wants a Bard's Lyre. The door behind them leads to Passage 2F. The Adamantine Pig may be here as well. The door in the middle here may contain a girl who will pay us back if you loaned her money. The door below leads to Tower 3F, the left door down leads to a boss chamber, speak to one of the monsters and pay the toll, then fight the boss. The right door is full of Chocobos which, as mentioned, randomly give or take money.

Go back to Passage 2F and continue to the right and down to another Alcove. Chest the fronts and backs of the shelves for items, then go down to East Passage 2F, the repaying loaned man may be here. At the end we're back in Lobby 2F. Go up the stairs, make a left and go down to a door to Tower 2F. The Gil Bird will appear on the right side of this passage on the Waning Moon. The elevator could take you to the third floor but we've been there for free, so take the elevator to Tower 4F, the Gil Bird nests on the right side of the passage during the Waning Moon. Enter the lower door in the middle to find the Restaurant, the woman at the counter will buy an Adamantine Pig. If you followed my directions you've seen it because it only spawns in one of three places, go grab it and bring it too her for a nice bounty. The upper door leads to Boss Room 4F, and the Full Moon we can find the Gil Bird here. The door past him is the treasure room. The chests cost gil in multiples of 10000 to open, the 50k chest has the best odds of containing the rare treasure. The 40k chest, worse odds, but still a decent chance.

The treasures of this dungeon include the typical Adamantite, Soma Drop, Silver Apple and Elixir. As for unique stuff, there's the Level Band, a very helpful item that raises the Exp gained by 25% for the party. The Circular Hat gives a nice boost +3 to Strength and Stamina along with +1 Attack. The Exorcist Gown gives +2 Intelligent and Spirit, while the Professor's Robe gives +5 but has slightly lower defenses than the gown. Give Edward one of them and leave Harley with the other. The Muse Harp does bonus damage against undead, ghouls and demons, and is the strongest Harp in the game until we get to the very last dungeon and defeat a late-game boss. It's damage bonuses will let Eddie kill a lot of enemies in his challenge dungeon with one note. Harley can find the Ice Whip, which is a whip that is ice-elemental, obviously.

Ultimately, I think Edward's Challenge Dungeon has the least-rewarding haul, the only things of note besides the Adamantite are the Level Band and the Professor's Robe. Once you get them you can call it a day. Fortunately this shouldn't take long, because Edward's challenge dungeon is quite easy. In fact, I'd say so far it's the easiest of them all. It's pretty simple to get 50k gil to open the best chest in the end, and there's comparatively few ways to lose money. Furthermore you can still fight enemies in the dungeon and with the Gil Band equipped you'll probably make another 10k gil or more by the end just fighting enemies. Said enemies aren't very strong and even the bosses aren't impressive, so you should have no trouble being able to get through this dungeon and snag the 50k chest pretty much every time. If you're lucky with some of the more random aspects like the Chocobos and the Bandits, you may be able to get enough for the 30k or even 40k chest too. Just use the map so you know where stuff is and remember to check every background item for items and the occasional spot of gil, and you're good to go. After your second run or so you'll probably be broke when you leave the dungeon. From then on, first thing in the dungeon head to Lobby 2F and go around the Passage 2F so you can get to the third floor. The random factors in how much the toll monsters charge you, and how much the Chocobos give or take, makes it safer to come to this floor with little money so you won't lose as much as you may coming here with lots of money. If you're open to snagging gil from enemies, I recommend fighting in the basement, Croakers appear there with an Ettin Snake and a Hydra, and, with a Gil Band, they'll award 2000 gil a fight.

Before we end Edward's Tale, remember the tail trader in the waterway, we need five Silver Tails to trade for a Gold Tail. If memory serves you should find enough Bronze Tails and Silver Tails that you have three Silvers. Numerous enemies throughout the Tale drop Bronze and Silver Tails at random, so if you don't have enough then fight around outside Damcyan, the Hundlegs and Sand Worm drop them. A few enemies in the Challenge Dungeon do too, so you may get a couple there. I got lucky with a few Bronze drops and a Silver drop, giving me my five Silvers. I had a Bronze leftover too, I didn't get enough tails to try it but I'd imagine this means you can trade for multiple Gold Tails, do so if you want to.

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