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Tsukinowa's QuestEdit

One to go.



Tsukinowa, like Zangetsu and Izayoi, is given one character trait - he's a kid. Apparently he reminds Porom of Palom, I have no idea why though.

Tsukinowa equips katanas, boomerangs and knives, and has wind Ninjutsu of course. He's the only Ninja besides Edge who dual-wields. His ability is Steal, totally useless because the game has little worth Stealing, and Edge has Mug. Tsukinwoa's standout is that he's the fastest character in the game. When I said Zangetsu is either the best or second best of the four, Tsukinowa is the other due to his Speed. But aside from being quick he has nothing worth mentioning with crap stats across the board. How bad are they? Leonora is just five points behind him in Strength! The Staff Chick is almost as good an attacker as Tsukinowa! He also very few Bands like the other Eblan Four. Aside from his Speed he's completely un-notable, and even then still is.

We're in Mysidia, guess who Tsukinowa is. When the people shut up go to the shop and buy a Boomerang. Talk to the only other boy in town and have him turn you into a toad, then approach the Hall of Prayers. The toad will scare off the guard, head inside. After the people shut up again we find out Porom is headed to Mt. Ordeals. Go get turned back into the human and return to the Hall of Prayers, one of the Black Mages is your professor and gives us a Boomerang. Give Tsukinowa the two Boomerangs and move him into the back row. Now leave town and take the long path to Mt. Ordeals. There's no enemy encounters, and curiously the crashed airship Ceodore was on is gone, extra-odd because the mages in town mention the crash if spoken to. At Mt. Ordeals Tsukinowa whips off the disguise so we can explore.

The path is once again linear, and very chest is a monster in a box. Go up and open the chest, kill the Navy Moths inside for a Hi-Potion, the next chest has fight for a Tent. Next area, fight two Navy Moths and Larva for Hi-Potion. Ahead we see Porom, the chest nearby has two Cliff Eagles and a Gargoyle that yield a Green Beret. Next area go left and kill the undead in the chest for a Metal Boomerang, definitely a good find. Up further along Porom again senses us following her. I can see why Tsukinowa is a ninja apprentice. When she leaves open the chest on a lower ledge, defeat the enemies for an Ether. At least the enemies in the chests give good exp. Go up to the altar and open the chest, another easy fight for a Shinobi Gear. Then inspect the altar, Porom has vanished so head back. A very familiar scene occurs. Before leaving the mountain, as before, try to be level 19-20 or so.

You can walk back to Mysidia, or go south of Mr. Ordeals and hop a Chocobo. Back at the village, stock up on healing items, then leave town, de-equip Tsukinowa and walk to the left edge of the island. Tsukinowa will then depart back to over the water. Uh, bullshit, but whatever.

Edge's QuestEdit

Now we take control of a real ninja!


After Edge

Edge isn't my favorite character in the game, but he's pretty cool. Hotheaded and cocky but with the skill to back up the ego, he's a ninja prince and lives up to the title. He also has great taste in women, while every other character in the game gushes over Rosa, Edge tries to woo Rydia. He doesn't get far but points for trying. A pity that 'Edge's Tale' actually had more to say on his apprentices, Edge deserved more.

Where the Eblan Four suck, Edge is awesome. He equips katanas and boomerangs, has all-around good stats with the second-highest Speed. He learns almost all the Ninjutsu of the Eblan Four, well, all their good Ninjutsu, and has the abilities Mug and Throw. His MP and Intelligence aren't great, but they're respectable, and he has a good variety of Ninjutsu. Edge also has a nice pool of Bands, including with every member of the Eblan Four and several other characters. Overall a very solid party member and worthy of the title of "Ninja".

Edge is bothered by all that's going on, and opens a hidden passage in the wall to escape the castle. Open the menu and suit him up first, if you want then go back into the castle and buy a few Metal Boomerangs, two for Edge and one extra. Then head to the cave to the west. As with his apprentices Edge should have no difficulty killing everything in his path. However, flat do not enter on a New Moon, the tail enemy of the chapter appears during that time and you do not want to fight him with one person.

In the cave head right through the walls for a Hi-Potion and Ether, then go down to find a Cottage. Go left and up the ledges to a Mythril Armlet, go left to see the stairs down. Go up to a chest with a Silver Breastplate first, then head down. Follow the path to a Rune Armlet, and inspect the tombstone for a scene. There's a chest in the lower-left with 500 gil, then go to the next area. This is where the cave gets a bit confusing. In the next area snag a Hi-Potion and go up to a Manji Shuriken. Head down through the obvious hidden passage to a Hi-Potion, then go back and up to the next area. Follow the path to a four-way split, go up and left for an Emergency Exit, up and right for Echo Herbs, then down and right. Check the right wall for a passage to a Dry Ether, then descend down the stairs. Another passage in the right wall, Hi-Potion and Silver Apple on the other side. Then take the three obvious chests for an Ether, Hi-Potion and Phoenix Down. The path back up is linear, with a Cottage, Potion, Remedy and Hi-Potion on the way.

Go up and left for a Kogarasu, then enter the door. Head through the right wall for a Soma Drop, then save and rest. Head up the path for a scene, a vision of Rubicante appears to Edge and vanishes. Head through the left wall for a Cottage, and climb the stairs.

Babil RevisitedEdit

Welcome back to the Tower of Babil. Walk to the end of the steps and, to borrow a verb from my original FF4 walkthrough, Edge will ninja through the wall. In here you may meet Proto Clockworks and Proto Beam Cannons. They have a unique gimmick where hitting them with any lightning spell will scramble their circuits and make them attack each other. Attacking them doesn't snap them out of it, all that does is another lightning spell or their own Beam attack. Take the obvious Hi-Potion and go along the path. You'll find a scripted battle with two Belphegors. Assuming he survived his quest, Tsukinowa will appear and join the party. Every other turn the Belphegors use Tornado, have your ninjas Heal Pill themselves immediately. You can also try out their Band ability, Wild Moon, by combining their Attack commands. It doesn't cost a lot of MP, executes pretty quick and attacks all enemies. Use it against large groups of weaklings. Follow the path to a Great Bow, and beyond this is another scripted battle with Flamehounds. Izayoi comes to the rescue this time. The Flamehounds hit hard, have Tsukinowa use Mirage if needed to extent his longevity. The fight becomes much easier once you take one of them out. With Izayoi we have another new Band, Frozen Moon Dance, combine her Ninjutsu with Edge's to do a single strong attack on an enemy. Give Izayoi the Great Bow, take the Battle Axe from the chest, go right for an Ether, then go upstairs.

Claim the Manji Shuriken and follow the path. Another scripted encounter with three Proto Clockwork. Zangetsu appears to Shock them. With him comes arguably the most useful Band yet, Gale Rush. Combined with Zangetsu's Ninjutsu and Tsukinowa's Ninjutsu, it casts Haste on the party for only 12 MP. Zangetsu can also Band his Human Kite with Edge's Ninjutsu to use Gale Twin Break to attack all enemies. Continue on the path, detouring down for a shiny new Partisan for our new recruit, and keep going. Now we have a scripted encounter with two Frostbeasts, no prizes for guessing who comes to save us now. The party is complete now. Gekkou can band his Shuriken with Edge's Ninjutsu to use Blazing Moon Ring, which smacks a single enemy for heavy damage. Gekkou and Izayoi can also Band their Ninjutsu to use Phantom Lightflies, healing the party's HP for an amount roughly equal to 25%-33% of their combined max HP minus their combined current HP - the weaker they are the better it is. It's not a Cura from a White Mage but it'll do for the Tale. And then, we have two of the ultimate Bands. Combine the Ninjutsu of everyone but Edge to create Wheel of Elements, attacking all enemies for elemental damage. And then, the final Band. Combine their unique skills (Illusions, Shuriken, Steal, Human Kite) with Edge's Mug to create Ultimate Art: Advent of Phoenix. The lower their combined HP the better it gets, and can break the damage limit. I've seen it do just shy of 3000 damage in Edge's Tale, and that was with not a single party member at critical HP. Not bad at all. Give Gekkou the Battle Axe, continue on to a Hi-Potion, and go upstairs. Your party configuration should have Izayoi with a bow and Tsukinowa with Boomerangs in the back, and the other three in the front row.

Go beyond the next door, take the Ether to the right, then go up. Take the left path to a Kogarasu, then follow the long right path counter-clockwise to the stairs up, taking the Tent on the way. On the next floor go right, the first door has a save point and a teleporter back to the overworld. If you plan to do Edge's Challenge Dungeon do your level grinding now, as the tower has the strongest enemies and coming back here is a pain. As always level 30 should be the minimum you aim for. If you stick to the save point floor you can turn the Auto-Battle on and, with absent-minded pressing of the control pad to cycle battle messages and walk around, let the game play itself as you grind. I say stick to the third floor because on the fourth and fifth you'll meet Purple Bavarois, flans that will stop your auto-battle streak, but they don't appear on the third floor. When you're ready to end the tale, climb the stairs twice to the top floor to see a familiar face. Go down the right path first for a Chain Whip, then go down, left past the bridge and up the middle path for a Hi-Potion.

Approach the Mysterious Girl for a scene. Edge sees a vision of his parents and Rubicante, warning he cannot defeat this enemy, and then they vanish. Speak to the girl and after some typical banter we begin the fight. The girl will summon Ifrit, and after a few turns he'll use Hellfire to end the battle. Edge clues in that history is repeating itself and flees into the Crystal chamber, activating a pitfall and falling to the lower tower. Now we flee, every battle will be against Ifrit, just run you can't beat him. Go up for an Ether then down and onward. Go downstairs and up, taking a Phoenix Down, and downstairs. To the right is an Elixir, then enter the door. We see a flashback to the original game when Edge stole the Falcon at the dock, but in the present of course the Falcon is gone. The Mysterious Girl arrives and Edge finds out about Cecil and Baron. This confirms for him that history is repeating, and the group takes a leap of faith off the tower....and fall onto the deck of the Falcon! Once again I call bullshit, but at least Edge lives. He also notices our Man in Black friend from Rydia's tale at the bow of the ship, and on that note we end Edge's tale.

You know what time it is!

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