Welcome to part 13! Time to begin Edge's Tale! I am not looking forward to it one bit, for it is the weakest tale. Why? Read on.

The Eblan Four[edit source]

Much like Yang, Edge's tale puts us right into battle with four enemies. Hit select to activate Auto-Battle and take them out. Turns out these four are the Eblan Four, Edge's apprentices. After the battle we get some pretty generic dialogue, then we see a familiar scene of the twin moons. Edge decides to go check on some things. Ignore the shops and go out to the castle. Enter the left tower, then inside take two steps down and head right into a passage to an Ether. Go upstairs and check the left notch in the wall to go back down and find a Phoenix Down. Leave the tower now and enter the right tower. Here check behind the upper-left pillar for a passage to some Eye Drops. Upstairs take the Ether and Potion on the left and the Antidote to the right. Go downstairs for a Maiden's Kiss then back up to get the last chest, a Phoenix Down. Now de-equip Edge of everything and go to leave the castle. Now, this is why Edge's chapter is the weakest of the tales, because it has little to do with Edge, instead we spend most of our time with the Eblan Four, who are profoundly dull and boring characters. Long scene short, Edge sends them off to gather information on the regions of the world. Thus you choose which of the four to follow first, it doesn't matter although items found in each of their mini-tales carries over to the others. I'll do them in the order they appear on the menu.

Gekkou's Quest[edit source]

Well, you know what's coming I'm sure.



Gekkou of Fire...I have nothing to say about him. He's supposed to be warm, kind and honorable. I don't see any evidence that he's any nicer or nobler than any other party member. It's likely because once Edge's tale finishes the developers and the plot forgot about him and Gekkou has no significance on the rest of the game, like every member of the Eblan Four.

Gekkou learns fire Ninjutsu, can equip boomeranges, katanas, axes and hammers. He has the highest HP and Strength of the four and has pathetic Speed. His ability is Shuriken, which is basically Throw but with more restrictions on what can be used with it. For Bands he can combine with Edge or Yang to attack, or combine with Izayoi to heal the party. Considering in Edge's Tale we have no White Mage the latter ability is pretty good. A pity his MP sucks.

We're back at the Impact Crater from Yang's Tale. He spies on the Mysterious Girl killing some monks from Fabul and taking off. Open the menu and suit up Gekkou with Edge's armor, then go after the monks. Gekkou's brute power will be enough for normal enemies, but against Red Mousses use his Flame Ninjutsu. He has limited MP so don't use it on anything other than the Mousses. Don't waste a valuable Ether on him though, just flee if you meet Mousses with no MP. Go down and grab the Potion, then hop to the right. Speak to the monks then hop up the dirt. Take the Crescent Axe and equip it, then go right to the next area. Hop up the first dirt mound, then jump up the next mound to a chest with a Maiden's Kiss. Continue along the path, grab the Kenpo Gi and hop up the hill to find a Steel Headplate. Hop down the hill and go up to see the girl and the monks again. Go along the path, grab the Shuriken and move on to the next area. Take the Power Armlet ahead, then go down and jump down, then left to a Hi-Potion. Jump back around and go jump up the dirt near the Power Armlet. You'll see your targets again. Jump up the right mound and take the Tent, then jump to the left and go left to an Ether.

Jump down and take the lower-left mound to a save, use that Tent now if you like. If you want level up Gekkou to 20 or so here, he's alone so no better time. Move on to the next area when you're ready. Take the Shuriken, jump up and take the Hi-Potion. Now before you continue on up, equip Gekkou with the weaker Steel Headplate, Shinobi Gear and Silver Armlet. Go along the path to see the Mysterious Girl wipe out the monks. Gekkou will be given a chance to intervene, decline. See, if any of the Eblan Four die in their quests, they don't join the permanent party in the final tale, and if Gekkou faces the girl she'll take him out with great ease. So, as they say, discretion is the better part of valor - stay out of the fight and survive. With the monks dead the girl takes off, Gekkou builds an altar to them in the crater floor, and Gekkou's quest ends.

Zangetsu's Quest[edit source]

Let's get to it.



Zangetsu tried to combine the attributes of a Ninja and a Dragoon. Apparently it took decades since he's an old man now, but he came close. A pity that his interpretation of this combination is so wimpy. Anyway, that's Zangetsu's character trait for the game, he's old. Thus expect the occasional joke about his old age and not-all-there mind. That explains why the Eblan Four are so dull, they're not actual characters, they're stereotypical character gimmicks given physical form.

Zangetsu equips katanas, boomerangs and spears. He knows lightning Ninjutsu and has the Human Kite ability, which is basically Jump but with a lame name and a lamer graphic. Zangetsu's standout is his high Intelligence with decent HP and Strength, so he's an attacker and a mage at once. Use him as either as you see fit, a pity his high Intelligence is wasted with such a limited pool of Ninjutsu. Having not used the Eblan Four past Edge's Tale originally I have no basis for comparison of them at higher levels, but I'm inclined to say Zangetsu is the best or second best of them due to his balanced stats.

So Zangetsu is with the dwarves, guess which one he is. The other dwarves suspect something is up with him though since he gets the "lali-ho" wrong and can't jump as high as the rest. When we get control suit him up with the Green Beret, Kenpo Gi and Power Armlet we got with Gekkou. Then its time to loot. Go to the right to see the armory, buy a Javelin. You may also want a Silver Armlet, it has higher defenses than the Power Armlet but doesn't give a power boost. Enter the door between the counters to find the pub and talk to the dwarves, one will ask you to go get some more guards to party with. Go back out and climb the stairs to get to the right tower, take the Potion and go out the door - stupid dwarfs won't let us loot the rest of the place. Grab a Shuriken in the west tower and go down the stairs. The item shop is here, buy anything if you need it, maybe a Tent or two. Go into the basement and snag an Emergency Exit from one of the pots. Now go back to the roof between towers and ascend the middle stairs for a scene. Zangetsu leaps off the castle to an old mine path. Much as in Gekkou's tale save Zangetsu's MP to blast groups of Yellow Jellies.

Go left over the bridge and take the Potion, then down for a Zeus's Wrath. Take the nearby Maiden's Kiss and the Remedy above it, then descend the left stairs. Follow this path for a Cottage and a Javelin, then go back near the Zeus's Wrath chest and take the path between the stairs to some Shinobi Gear, then up and left to Heavenly Wrath. Go back to the two stairs and go right, take the Potion and go up the stairs. Go right and down the long stairs for an Ether, then back and down the stairs further right for a Hi-Potion, then up and right to another Ether. Go down and around the loop of stairs below, and go right and up for a Trident, superior to your current Javelin. Head up the right stairs and over the bridge for a Headband. Go up from here to locate the exit and a pot of healing. As with Gekkou I advise training up to Level 20 now, with the pot here it'll be a piece of cake, just spam Shock to kill everything. When you're ready un-equip the Green Beret, Power Armlet and Kenpo Gi again, then approach the exit to fight a "boss', Belphegor. Provided you leveled up as instructed, a single Human Kite will take him out, and just like that Zangetsu is done.

Izayoi's Quest[edit source]

Izayoi is in Troia disguised as an Epopt trainee.



As with the rest, Izayoi of Water has one character trait. She's a woman, and being a Final Fantasy human female is attractive. Apparently Izayoi prefers to be treated as a ninja first and a woman second. But both she and the developers forgot this though because most of her Bands rely on her combining with other females. Really, Izayoi's only purpose is to be the token female among the Eblan Four.

Izayoi equips katanas, boomerangs whips, and bows. Naturally she learns water Ninjutsu, as well as a variety of pretty effective healing Ninjutsu. For this reason, and her Band with Gekkou, Izayoi is the closest we get to a White Mage in Edge's Tale. Appropriately her MP is pretty good. Her ability is Illusions, useless. She has mediocre stats otherwise, I prefer to give her a bow and arrow and stick her in the back due to her low HP and Stamina. At least she has high Speed.

Once the teacher leaves the rest turn into gossip hens. When we finally get control suit up Izayoi. You can find Palom in front of the item shop, by the way, feel free to chat. Visit the weapon shop, buy her a bow and some Holy Arrows, and move her into the back row. Head in the Chococo house in the upper-right of town, head into the basement and follow the secret passage from Palom's tale, as he did talk to all the Chocobos to get an Ether from the woman. Head down into the pond for a scene, just read the dialogue and hold still until the trainees leave. Then go along the river, surface and check the familiar grass in the forest for an Ether, Potion, Hi-Potion and 300 gil. Go into the pub and check the pots for some Eye Drops. Now leave town and go north to the Chocobo forest, catch a ride to the Tower of Trials.

At the tower check the door and Izayoi will leap up the outside of the tower. This path is entirely linear, and most of the enemies are flying and vulnerable to arrows, so Izayoi should be able to kill everything in one hit. As before, aim to get her to level 20 or a few levels short of 20 before you end this part. In the door is a Bronze Chestplate, an Ether and a Potion, as well as a healing pot. Go outside and climb up to the next door. Inside are chests with an Ether, Crossbow, Bronze Hourglass, Potion, Ice Arrows and a Tent. Upstairs take the Eye Drops and continue on. A door with a save point is around here with a Thorn Whip, stick to your bow. At the top of the tower we fight a Zu, just attack until it dies and use Heal Pill if you get weak. Then we get a totally original scene of Izayoi looking at the Tower of Babil and deciding to return to Edge. Go around the back of the tower up here, behind the wall where you can't see are a hidden Hi-Potion and White Fang. If you plan to grind to Level 20 do so on this second area, as the enemies are stronger. The Gargoyle and Cliff Eagle encounter is the best for exp, and the Cliff Eagles alone are nice too. When you leave head to the nearby ship to end Izayoi's quest, as before unequipping the Kenpo Go, Power Armlet and Green Beret first.

Yay, isn't this exciting? That the characters we just met go off to the areas we've already visited to spy on them for reasons we aren't told, then leave when we accomplish next to nothing in terms of plot? Well luckily there's only one more to go.

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