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Hello and welcome to the FFIV walkthrough for the PSX ports, if you're reading this then it would seem you are in need for some help in finishing FFIV on either the Anthology version (which I have) or the Chronicles version.

Introductions to gameplay[]

Ok I shall make this brief, if your not used to the controls then I shall give you a simple point to point as to how to play the game.

  • The D-Pad allows us to move.
  • L1 and R1 will allow us to escape from battles if we hold them down.
  • L1 also allows us to change party members when we are in towns or on the world map, nothing special really, its only if you want to walk around as someone else.
  • Triangle allows us to open up the menu plus we can multiply items in stores by 10 when shopping
  • Circle allows us to close the menu and also allows us to run when we are NOT in any battles
  • X is the action button

Other Important Things[]

This is not a "Spoiler free" walkthrough, so expect things to go as exact in the game, if you find any spelling errors in this walkthrough then by all means you may correct it, this walkthrough is intended for the PS1 versions only, GBA and DS have different gameplay effects, ect, need to read those walkthroughs then I suggest reading Drake's for GBA, Alarielle and Blue Highwind's for DS. I will be using the same name of the bosses from the Anthology port such as Milon not Scarmigilion or whatever its spelled and finally FFIV is the first FF game to introduce the ATB system so things could get difficult for those who are too used to the turn based style FF like I, II and III so don't give up because that's why this walkthrough is here, now let's begin shall we.

Contents of Walkthrough[]

1. The Journey Begins

2. I'll have the Kaipo Punch

3. Mt Hobs is for Hobbits so ive been told

4. When the past catches up with Cecil...

5. Confronting the King of Baron

6. Caught between a Crystal and a Hard Place

7. Golbez's Lair

8. Underworld, home to the Dwarves

9. Infiltrating the Tower of Babil

10. Side questing

11. Blast off to the moon

12. It goes with EVERYTHING

13. Master of Puppets im pulling your strings

14. Long live the king!