• If you're not on LVL high 70s at least, do NOT proceed. This is going to be a suicide mission if you're lower than that. Stats are your best bet for this dungeon because there is no easy way.
  • If your mages haven't completed their entire magic list yet, do NOT proceed. This means that Rosa should have Holy and Rydia Meteor.
  • Get your augments right for deployment.
  • Get your inventory filled as well. I cannot stress the importance of having the maximum number of Phoenix Downs and Potions and Ethers, and as much Elixirs as possible. Just get this one right if you haven't yet. This dungeon will get three units down per battle even if you're not being careful (this is only for the first floors when you're still getting used to things, thankfully, but doesn't excuse you).

If we're happy, then head to the Crystal Palace and get on the portal. Woosh. There we go.

Lunar Subterrane

Welcome to the Lunar Subterrane. Okay, that was too lame for your final dungeon. Ehem, (Golbez voice) #NotThatItMakesADifference Welcome to the Lunar Subterrane – good news about this dungeon – there will be no KaiCilRos catfights (in FFIV fanfics, this is where they happen, though), and no Kain betrayals. Bad news about this dungeon – you’re screwed. And in a veeeeeeeeeeeery bad way.

Quite creeps-inducing..

For further demoralization, the FFIV crew has decided to put together what? the tricky, back-and-forth-between-floors-map-fillings architecture, BOSS-LEVEL ENEMIES FOR RANDOM ENCOUNTERS, only two save points over a total of 11 floors you’ll have to get through, a total 6 bosses which are seriously no joke. For those who are seeking the all-powerful Rainbow Pudding, this is the only place you can waste your life on finding them. Using a Siren in this dungeon) calls for either a Red Dragon (which can yield Onion Equipment btw but the chances are impossibly low), or the like. Using a Siren on a special room in B5 though, calls our new besties, the Princess Flans! Yes, I have been lucky enough to have been dropped a Rainbow Pudding. Just stick along with these wenches, and you’ll get a drop soon enough. I’ll tell you exactly when and where, don’t worry. For now, let’s focus on getting things straight. The first thing I’ll have to orient you on are the enemies. (clears throat) This is going to be quite looooooooooong. Again, if your inventory isn’t prepared with Phoenix Downs and the healing basics (Ethers counted), get the hell out. You’ll use a minimum of 10 Phoenix Downs in every floor even if you’re fighting quite carefully.


  • The enemies you’ve faced from our previous dungeon are present, however these are the easiest enemies. Pretty much every single enemy here is susceptible to Odin’s Zantetsuken which is honestly, a huuuuuuuge relief. I didn’t discover this until it was too late. So drawing the line from here, we’re splitting enemies into two: Odin-Susceptible and Odin-Immune. Yes, the enemies here are devastating, be it you’re facing an Armored Fiend or Dark Mages. Make sure to hang on until Zantetsuken happens. HOWEVER- this is only strategy one (and a very impractical one at that), so listen -

    • I know you’re not willing to deplete so much of Rydia’s MP with Odin. Me neither. It’s impractical, so I advise doing this only if you’re near to a save point (I will tell you when). For every battle, have Rydia Dualcast Stop on your enemies so you can get the edge. You can heal, plus you can deal damage without worrying about your ass. ALL OF THE ENEMIES HERE CAN BE STOPPED, EXCEPT FOR A SELECT FEW - Bosses, Behemoth, Armored Fiend, Red Dragon. Oh well, that makes this dungeon a loooooooooooot less easier. So yep, the main mission would be hanging on until Rydia casts Stop. Normal physicals should work then, given that Rosa is pitching in with her bow as well. Save Rydia’s MP as much as you can for the Stop plan.

For the Armored Fiend though, since he can't be Stopped, pull a Ramuh on him ASAP.

  • Stop won’t last forever, and even if you’re hacking away as hard as possible, I know your enemy will wake up soon and start hacking at you as well. Just do your best. Aha, I know you’ll be panicking soon about the craaaaaaazy amount of healing you need to do after Every.Single.Battle. Bear with it. Our levels aren’t high yet, and I suggest risking Pray only when you’ve Stopped your enemies, again. This is why I told you to fill your inventory. For now, just bear with the damage and heal up using your items. Do not ever jump in a battle without having FULL HP. It doesn’t matter how long the battle is, just don’t risk it.

  • If you’re really desperate and find that your supplies are being consumed in a rate that’s illogical, you’re welcome to fill out as much of the map until your stocks are depleted. So, you know, going out and back in will be reasonable. Thankfully, Teleport works for the first 7 floors of this dungeon, so you can Teleport anytime. However I advise doing this only if you’re really desperate. And don’t run from enemies. Stop make your life 1 million times easier, so you should be able to do this.

    • I don’t advise running from enemies because simply put, the more of these guys you take down, and the more levels you gain, the easier things are gonna be for you in the next battles, the battles after that, the next floor, and the next half of the dungeon. Don’t be scared about going past 90.

  • Ah, I forgot to tell you about the chests. 99.9% of them are Monsters-in-a-Box, so always be ready. You’ll also be dealing with Behemoths here (but not too often, thankfully).

The real headache here are the dragons. Gold/Silver Dragons are fine (they’re very susceptible to Paralyze, by the way – a hit of Rydia’s whip and they’ll be afflicted – perfect chance to refresh your team with Pray. They’re also susceptible to Stop). The nightmares here are the Blue and Red Dragon. Their elemental attacks are yes, going to critical you all, but as in every other battle, the rule is to 'KEEP HP UP. No matter what. Defeats aren’t worth it, just win battles no matter what. The more you win, the easier things will be.

  • Maybe your party will be crippled trying to get back on their feet (and heal) at first turn, because these assholes start the battle with that debilitating opening. Again, keep HP up, that’s the priority. For Blue Dragon, since it CAN be Stopped, Then that’s when you try Stop. Then, enjoy. For the Red Dragon, do your best with Slow.

On to harmless enemies. Lil’ Murderer won’t do as much as attack every now and then, so this is the perfect time to Pray and refresh your team. About five-seven hits from everyone will do to take it down.

    • The most dangerous enemy here in my opinion, is the Ahriman. Don’t even get me started about this guy. Dealing with him the first few times (since your levels aren't at the highest yet) results in dead units. There's nothing you can do about it. Cast Stop on him, ASAP. I know you don’t have enough remedies for Doom, so hack away as hard as you can. Have Rosa pull Holy and Rydia Dualcast Meteor. But if the Doom Count is getting too low, just let the unit die – magick can be easily restored, anyway.

What else? That’s about it for enemies and battle-to-battle survival. You’ll be coming across a lot of amazing equipment upgrades in this dungeon, which is good. Also, the good news is that the 6 bosses we have to take down here guard the ultimate weapons for the party (they’re optional, but shame on you if you don’t take these bosses down. Just, shame on you and your cow).

Filling out ‘em maps

Let me be honest here. If it weren’t for the levels that you need, I wouldn’t be advising you to take the 1 million detours needed to fill out the maps completely. The thing is, the ultima weapons happen to be found in said detours, so we have no choice. Here we go!

B1. After you’ve filled out the main area, climb up the stairs and to your right is a secret passage. Loop around, and you’ll get Edge’s Black Garb. Now, take a deep breath, go back to the B1’s entrance and do the same thing: walk west and go through the sister secret passage, then finally to the Teleporter.

Murasame encounter ffiv ios lunar sub.PNG

This leads to B2. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be this easy. Head North (you’ll get a Sage’s Staff, which we don’t really want), then go to your left and take the Teleporter ahead. Move along and you’ll reach B3. Our first boss for this dungeon awaits us in the furthest-left corner of this room.

These weapons are just so good and almighty that Zemus is being this scanty on us, eh? The more reason to take them. Before you challenge the pedestal’s threat: I hope you haven’t Thrown Defender or Avenger yet. Equip Defender on Cecil, but if it’s no longer with you, I guess you’ll have to settle for Avenger. We’ll be playing Cold War With Elements in this boss battle. And also, cast Float on your entire party.

Boss Battle: White Dragon

White Dragon. Ah. This will be your easiest boss so far, but there’s a complication. This smart dragon absorbs every single element, so magick is pretty much useless. Physicals are countered with Blind, and magick with Maelstrom (we won’t be using magick so it’s fine), summons Earthquake (not an issue since we’re Floated).

Stop this guy first. Then hack away. Rydia should obviously summon Bahamut. Throw about 7 Shurikens (quota your Shurikens for every boss, btw, don’t be too prodigal) and have Rosa help with her bow. This shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Now, congratulations on getting Murasame. This will be upgraded with Masamune (tries resisting singing OWA) in the next half of the dungeon, but of course, use this one for now until we get there.

To complete B1, go back to the nearest entrance and head south to complete the missing path you can see in the next floor. Now comes a cumbersome part: you’re on the secret path, right? Keep going straight until you’re collinear with the chest to your left.

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