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I put the logo with Kain on it, because I think he's awesome. The other logo's not that bad, but I prefer this one. This is the fourth FF I have ever played in my life (wait scratch that, two aren't from the main series but anyway) and this is one of the best. It's not my game of preference, and though it's pure art, I don't want to play this game again and again like how I did in Crisis Core or FFT. I'm motivated to write a walkthrough because 1.) there are none for ios as of now... (though it's not that much different from the DS version) 2.) I would actually like to release all the fury I felt when I saw everyone's costumes. With the exception of Cecil, Kain, Rosa, and Edge. The rest are simply UGLY. This is very biased, but I can actually say that FFIV is one of the best FFs out's not the absolute best, but it's one of the best, so...if you haven't played it yet, you just don't know what you're missing out on.

My StatisticsEdit

This walkthrough is based on my first playthrough:

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Battle Speed: 80%
  • Obtained Phoenix?: No
  • Time: Around 3 weeks. (about 5-9 hours per 24 hours)

So yea, I got really huge eyebugs,

earliest sleep is 3 a.m.,

earliest wake up is 12 p.m.

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  • Overall Game Rating: 7.5/10
    • Characters: 10/10
    • Plotline: 6/10
    • Concept: 7/10
    • Battle system: 4/10
    • Feels: 8/10
    • The Experience: 10/10


It's up to you to make your judgments, but apparently a biologically female homo sapien wrote this walkthrough. She is also a Cassie, a Nasty, an EXOtic, and has a heavy Kpop background and is a hardcore yaoi fangirl. All of these mean...

  • Expect gay pairings
  • Writing voice is going to be moody and unstable
  • Mood is very moody
  • There will be inside-Kpop jokes and Kpop references which only a countable number of people in this wiki can understand. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am, by no means, a Kpop fan. (What the hell...)
  • I rate this walkthrough Fiction T. Because of the yaoi outbursts this is definitely not going to be kid-friendly. I have tried my best to control myself~

A Note On ContentEdit

Of course, I'll be posting helpful content. But I have to say that this is more of a commentary....and what you can call fanboying. And I'm going to warn you, my boss strategies are very different from the usual measures you would take. Most of the strategies I will use are self-cultivated...though once in a while it will not be like that.

A Note On HumourEdit

This walkthrough is infested with sickening humor. But you know what? I'll be the only one who gets them. Absolutely no one gets my sense of humor.


This version, compared to the other versions, is horrible. Just horrible. Well, the graphics are great, coming from the DS version, and you don't have the save point dilemma that made your life hell in the PSP version. They improved the fonts and text boxes and everything, you can customize the party menu.... But the script is immensely abridged. There are no character descriptions (though you can read their thoughts), and as long as storyline and plot is involved, I had to read here in the wiki when the details were left out and vague. And the most infuriating thing of all?There are absolutely NO FMVs in this version.


Controls aren't a problem - unless your brain has been dissected you will be able to figure things out without that much trouble. You move a character by dragging your chosen finger across the screen. You can obtain hidden treasure by clicking on its location, such as the bush or whatever. You can change the character that appears as you run by clicking on it. No, obviously no complicated controls here, you just touch everything with your finger. Ugh.



They excluded Tellah and Cid in this FMV because their costumes were too ugly..

Before we go further, I'm gonna give you one honest warning. Do not expect a stable and sound party. More than 89 times in the game, your party is going to be crushed, the characters will be cruelly torn from each other. All because it's part of the "story". Also more than 89 times your party will be weakened and you have to start from scratch. I am dead serious. Especially the part in Mysidia and Mount Ordeals. Don't be surprised if you find that you can't play properly just because you're depressed. No, I'm not even trying to sound like an emotional, menopausing woman. It's the truth.

Oh, and to clear my conscience...everyone who joined your party is alive at the end, with the exception of Tellah . Fake deaths are annoying, but when you get attached to the characters, well...

Story and PlotEdit

The story was really great, I'll give it a 4/6. It's not perfect. There are flaws and there are a couple dull parts. But it's amazing. This game is first-rate.

Battle systemEdit

I'm not gonna sugar-coat. The battle system is UGLY. It's the only reason I would never replay this game again (but I actually did...). It's not live action/real time, it's not like in FFT, it's active time. And in my opinion, this is one of the worst. Ever. Why? It's unrealistic, and downright unreasonable. I know this is fantasy and just a game, but if I was ever asked to explain the Active-Time Battle system, I would be the dumbest creature on the universe....well, not really.

All right. Basically you just give your party members certain commands, but remember that the battle still goes on. Enemies will still attack and all that. The normal "Attack" command doesn't take any time to load, but the rest will take time (I'm referring to magic and summons and other abilities). It's not that hard, but if you're not careful you will definitely screw up.

In the ATB system, you definitely cannot take your sweet time. Unlike in War of the Lions/FFT where you could LITERALLY take forever to give out the commands and analyze everything, FFIV is a race. Take your sweet ass time, the enemy's gonna steal your turn. So just keep hitting as fast as you can, You don't do anything, you're the loser. Well duh. As for the mages, this doesn't apply to that extreme, but still, don't take your sweet ass time.

You will be encountering a decent number of counter enemies (most of them bosses with counters that will make you tear your hair off). You can actually avoid this nastiness if you know how to time your turns. It's all a matter of who does what and when and whether your opponent's bar has fully loaded or not (no way to know this). Well, some counters are really unavoidable, and I know that we're not dealing with a sweet-ass time battle system, but still. This will save your ass. It just takes practice...and patience.


On the party section of the menu, you can switch the members' positions. Put the weak characters on the back row and the powerful ones with a lot of HP, on the front. You can have three on front or three on back, or two on front or two on back. You won't have any problems with this, just hit "Invert" to do the trick.

Now, this is how I deployed.

  • Front Row: Cecil, Kain, Yang, Edge (after some level-grinding)
  • Back Row: Rydia (young or grown-up), Edward, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Tellah, Fusoya


They're abilities you can learn. They're abilities exclusive to a particular character, and when they die or leave the party, you can get them. Note that the party isn't very constant in this game, so only give Augments to the permanent party members: Cecil, Edge, Kain, Rosa, Rydia. Some augments aren't as powerful as they were with their original characters, so they're practically useless....except for a select few. By the way, you won't get every single augment out there in your first playthrough. When you're in the New Game Plus, you'll have access to even more cooler augments. Why? Because in the augment system, sharing is receiving. If you don't give characters augments, they won't give you ones when they leave. And you need as much augments to give out as possible to get the awesome ones.

  • The MP +50% or something is really great. Give this one to Rydia, she will need insane MP. On your second playthrough, the double goes to Rosa.
  • Give Cecil the Counter augment. Why? Cecil is the most powerful physical attacker in the game, he has a powerful defense, and to add he has the highest HP like it or not. Second playthrough (you will retain this specific augment in the next playthroughts), the double goes to Edge. Not Kain. Edge.
  • Draw Attacks. You can give this to a person who has insane HP, the closest would be Cecil. It attracts all attacks to the person. Now, with Counter, your party will be unbeatable. Or a little close. If you have the Avenger equipped on Cecil, take this augment off!
  • Level Lust. Give this to Edge or Rydia, your choice. To anyone who needs Level-Ups a lot, and fast.
  • The Omnicast Augment MUST go to Rosa. During the final dungeon, you will need fast buffs that can be cast on the entire party in one turn.
  • The Dualcast/Fast talker can go to either Rosa or Rydia, your choice.
  • The Phoenix Augment is the most awesome augment ever. Yes, surrender that augment to Kain. His MP will never be used and he will be one of the last to die in your party during battles, so there.

More of this will be explained when we encounter them.

Casting Offensive Spells on Your Allies and Healing Spells on EnemiesEdit

For those who have never touched any console before.

A handful of times in the game you will want to turn the tables - cast healing spells on enemies and damage your allies. This is optional, you don't have to learn this - but it will be very useful if you know. Countable numbers of bosses will cast the Reflect spell on him then you/Reverse the black magic you cast....etc, etc. All right. If you want to damage an ally, just hit Attack as usual then click on the character you want to damage. If you are casting magic and want to omnicast (if the spell allows you), hit the spell, click on any character in the party, scroll down the options (the previous will show the enemy list, but now, it's changed to the names of the party members), then hit "Target All".

If you want to throw a Healing item to an enemy, just select said item on your Inventory list and hit the enemy.

I take back my word - you definitely have to learn this if you're still clueless.


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