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Come on Space Monkies, admit it. You're glad that it's my name on this walkthrough not somebody else's. I am BlueHighwind, eternal Moderator, walkthrough writer, vandal fighter, and I play a mean game of Monopoly. Yet no matter how many of these things I write, I can't ever seem to get a pair of Wings. The Angels don't give out Wings to people like me, I guess. Selfish.

As you may have gathered from the logo (and if you haven't I do pity you), this Walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV. Not the Super Nintendo version, not the PlayStation version, and not the Game Boy Advance. If you're using those versions, get out of here. This Walkthrough will not be much use to those versions, and you won't be of much use to me either. Get with the frickin' program already. This is the 21st century. We have 3D graphics and voice acting and awesome Whyt-related minigames.

But being that this is a FFIV Walkthrough, you can easily pass this one by as with the game, which isn't so amazing that you "have" to play it. The Battle system is a dinosaur, the graphics are terrible, and despite what the commercials might say, this is the only FMV in the entire game, enjoy:

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Since this is a Walkthrough with my name all over it, expect long pointless rants about nonsense, a distorted view of the universe, and lots of adult situations. Some Walkthrough writers just present the facts in monotone and that's that. No opinion, no humor, no love... no soul. I say we have enough of that boring shit on our pages! Let the madness begin!

How to Play Final Fantasy IV DS[]

But first, the boring background stuff that I hate:

First off, buy the game, dummy. Then buy a DS, make sure it comes with a power cord for recharging. You'll also need a human body functional in at least the visual, auditory, and motor regions. If you were not born with one, possess one. If you cannot possess one, build a robot body. If you lack the technical know-how to build a complex robot body, pay somebody to do the work for you.

Basic Controls[]

Ahh, yes. I love this part. Who even needs to read these things? Who, I ask you, who? Heck, the game manual even comes with this stuff.

A-button.png is select, B-button.png is cancel. X-button Nintendo.png is strangely the menu button when it naturally should be START, which is instead just a scene skipper. X-button Nintendo.png can also turn on the "Auto-Battle" Feature, but you'll never use that, so forget it. Y-button.png let's you change the lead character. Now for shoulder buttons: R allows you to flee from battle, while L is used rarely. I think you use it for maybe a single Airship. You use the D-Pad to move around outside of battle and to navigate menus.

The top screen shows your characters in the real world, while the bottom shows them on maps that you can fill out for extra items. During battle, the top shows the characters fighting, while the bottom shows menus and the enemy names. When you use "Libra", enemy stats will appear on the bottom screen when you select them for an attack.

And that leaves the stylus, everybody's favorite gimmick. This little pen is probably the most pointless part of the DS, and its shoe-horned into every game. You can use it in exchange for the D-Pad, but that's clumsy and a waste of time, which is very valuable in battle. You'll only need the stylus for the mini games. If you can't find one, thermometers work as an excellent substitute. Especially the Walgreens brand plastic ones that can't read your temperature for nothing. Terrible thermometers, but they're much bigger and easier to use than the tiny-ass stylus that keeps slipping out of my hand.

Battle system[]

For those Space Monkies who desperately can't stand change or innovation of any kind, boy is this the game for you! This is about as basic a battle system as this Series ever made, next to FFI. We're back to the Active Time System, only this time the developers really seem to have sped things up. You've got to move quickly or the enemy will steal your turn. Unlike other games, certain abilities take longer to load than others. Reaction abilities happen instantly, attacks will only take a second, everything else takes forever. You get a little bar that fills up to show when the action will take place. I guess that's handy, but it does make waiting for the really powerful spells a chore. Everything you've learned from playing Final Fantasy games in the past will serve you well, since this battle system is basically the same as all of those - just far less freedom.

You have an unusual number of five characters in battle. They're aligned in two rows, one of three and one of two. You can switch if you want the row of three in the front or back. You can't put everybody in the front, and can't put everybody in the back. I don't know why, this is never a problem in any other game.

Each of the characters you find along your journey has set skills in frozen Job Classes. For all intents and purposes, if the character is designed to be a heavy physical attacker, they're going to be heavy physical attackers. Unlike FFIX, the characters are not balanced with multiple abilities and skills. They have a few special abilities, that's about it. What equipment they can use is also totally static. You can add or remove battle commands from the list, which can be great if you have a mage that you just want to use "Holy" over and over again. I never did this because I like to be flexible for whatever will come up. And you'll need to be flexible in this game, which is very hard.

Magic, strangely, cannot be bought in stores or be found through any other conscious effort of the player. Instead characters you find learn spells automatically at certain levels. So you really have no control over what spell they will know. This is never that bad of a problem, but it severely limits your opportunities to customize your team.

Oh, and what characters the team will be made up of is decided by the game and the plot. You meet about twelve characters along the way, but only five of those will be around for the ending. There is no way to pick which people those five will be. What's annoying about this is that the GBA version actually allowed you to choose your party. I guess the game devolved during its transformation into 3D.

Now, you don't have any control at all. There is at least one place outside of equipment where you can decide skills. Welcome to the world of Augment Abilities. These are special items you find throughout the game, which you can equip onto a character. Once a character learns an Augment, it's on them forever. You can't use these skills more than once. The game also gives no hint as to what Augments there are and how you gain them. Some can only be acquired if you gave Augments to characters who will leave the party forever. Of course you can't know when characters are going to leave and which will leave without a Walkthrough. Hey, I'm glad to be needed and all, but when a game requires that you use a guide, there is some serious problems going on here. You also cannot find every Augment in the game without playing through it several times. That is total bullshit.

By the way, there are the five characters who are permanent: Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Kain, Edge. Never give good Augments to anybody but these five.

I mentioned, "playing through the game several times" a moment ago. Let me explain. In this game, once you beat the Final Boss, you can return to the start with your characters keeping the same Augments. This way you can give every Augment to every character, I suppose. There are also Superbosses that cannot be fought in the first playthrough. To this I say, "go fuck yourself, Square". I'm not playing through this game twice. I mean, I will, for the Walkthrough, but not for the purposes of this bullshit. You should be able to do every damn thing in the game in a single playthrough. Anything else is simply an arbitrary elongation of the game. That's all. Discussion over. Nothing involving more than one playthrough will appear in this Walkthrough.

Well, now that's out of the way. Let the madness begin! This time for real!

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