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Yup, Hello, so I'm going to start a walkthrough for this great game that is FFIV. And when I say "Great Game", I mean it, though it's not my favourite. My name is Alarielle, at your service. Or not. Depends on how kind you are with me.

Why this game ? Well, it's quite simple : there isn't one complete walkthrough in here, and I felt like. Enough for you ? No ? Wrong answer.

Oh, as it seems this game has changed a lot through the versions, I am covering the DS release. None other. Simply because I don't owe them and I don't want to look for them.

If there's anything you don't understand, tell me on my talk page, 'cause I know my English is not perfect and I assume it. And if some names are not correct, it's due to me having the French version. Inform me and I'll fix up ^^

Well, I think it's all about the presentations. Let's go !

Basic things to know[]


First off, the controls in this game, if you can't look in the owner's manual delivered with your game. The D-Pad allows you to move or navigate through menus (in and out battle). A is the basic button to confirm, select, blah, blah, blah. B is cancel. L has the same functions as A, safe in certain moments, in menu or lists, it makes you go up the menu, or previous page. R does the opposite in the menu (go down or next page). X opens the menu on the map and enables Auto-Battle, rather useles but in certain moments. Y makes you change the party leader, this is more based on your opinion than anything else as it changes nothing who the party leader is : that character will only be the one displayed on the screen. Finally, Start allows you to skip some scenes. Select is completely useless. The bottom screen has some functions, but it's rather useless and unpractical compared to the button. I'll be amazed if you use the stylus in this game. Oh, except in mini-games. But that doesn't count. I'm not even sure I'll cover them, since Whyt is useless. Well, I think that's it.

Note from someone else: Whyt? Useless? Honestly honestly honestly...yeah, you are right. (or as you speak french, Oui! vous avez raison!!!!)


The battle system is the ATB - first game in the series to use that. But it has changed since the original release, so well, here's how it goes : over time, a bar fills next to your characters' names on the bottom screens. When the yellow bar is full, you can give orders to the guy. Then, depending on what you told him/her to do, s/he'll start charging a red bar. When the red bar is charged, he'll act. But when some long animations, many character will have their bars full at the same time. They will then simply act in the order they got their bar full. Clear ? If not, go to hell. Anyway, you'll understand about, like, one fight. Two, if you're a retard.

You may have up to five characters in your party, in two rows. First row allows you to hit plainly with physical attacks (even if some weapons work as well in the back row), but back row boosts you defense. You may have 3 in one row and 2 in the other, split as you decide with the "Team" option in the menu.

Your characters have all one single Job Class and can't change of it (only Cecil class-changes as a plot event, and can't revert then, even if he does in Dissidia). This means that every character in the game has one or two specified role. Some of them do that role greatly (like the final team you get, fortunately), some don't. Something you should know is that there's 12 playable character, and 5 spaces in your party, so expect people to leave often. Only Cecil is always there. I'll warn you when to bring all of a character's item, or at least his precious ones.

Still about the characters, they have abilities that, beside Magic, won't give you access to a lot of skills like the most recent FF. Kain has Jump, and not a dozen of Jumps, and so on. But you can't customize with this release's new trick : Augments. You gain them by various ways and they give you several skills -useful or not. Problem is, if you don't know where to look for them, you won't find them. Too bad. But you're here, so I'll tell you where to find them, of course. But there's a little problem : you have only 5 command slots, and there's Attack and Items. Worse, Auto-abilities such as Counter count in the five slots. Well, that doesn't mean they're useless, but you are quite... limited.

In this game (and I think it's not common in the series), every character that has access to Magic learns it through leveling up. So if you want a spell, just go level up a little and it'll be yours. But you won't usually need to level up, I think. Except at one or two moments.

Finally, you have 5 slots of equipment (2 arms, Head, Body and armlet/glove/ring). The two arms have a weapon and something else depending on the character : with Bows you have Arrows, with claws and katana you have another claw or katana, for physical brawlers you have shield, and so on. You should try to get every new piece of armor and weapon you can, as long as it's better as your own, of course. Only once I'll order you to keep some useless equipment, but that's because of one dungeon with magnetic stuff… I'll tell you at the moment.

Last words before the start[]

  • When I mention the Exp given by a boss, don't forget it's divided between party members.
  • Know that there'll probably be spoilers EVERYWHERE. If you don't want to know the story, don't read this.
  • When I say "What does that make me think about…?", answer Star Wars, you have 99% of being right. The plot of this game is greatly inspired by the movies.

I think I said it all, it's time to begin !

oy how do save

Table of Contents[]

Part 1 : Once upon a time… That's the way a story begins, isn't it?

Part 2 : Killing people, losing a Dragoon and getting a badass Mage

Part 3 : Trading a useless Sage for a useless Bard. Whoo-hoo !

Part 4 : Monk, monk, Monkeys !!!

Part 5 : Cecil becomes a Jedi Knight Paladin

Part 6 : Regicide... Or not ?

Part 7 : Plundering the world, and heading for the next Crystal

Part 8 : The tower of evil people

Part 9 : The Return of the Goddess

Part 10 : Ninja. It says it all

Part 11 : Subquests… But useful ones

Part 12 : The last Crystal

Part 13 : Fly me to the Moon

Part 14 : Final Eidolon and Final Dungeon of a Final Fantasy

Part 15 : Final Boss of a Final Fantasy… And what comes later.