Welcome to the Tower of Owen! This is probably the most challenging part of the game so far and there is a little more chance of facing a game over than ever before. Be careful about how much health you have now because the nearest inn is quite a while away. I would recommend a level around 18 but I guess 17-ish will be fine. It'll be a decent trek and definitely the most difficult dungeon to this point in the game.

First Floor

Tower of Owen - WM.jpg
Once you step inside, you will be in the sewers surrounded by frogs. Start by going left then down a little and right into the center of the room. You will then see a cutscene where Refia complains about becoming a toad. Ignore her and turn everyone into toads by casting the spell upon your party momentarily and go up to the next floor before turning yourselves back into humans. If you somehow manage to get into a battle when you are a Toad then run straight away. Every time you attack as a toad, the maximum damage you can do is 1 HP so avoid battling as much as possible. Luckily you can change straight back on the next floor.

Second Floor

On the next floor, head down and across to hear a voice telling you that you are going to die, don't let it discourage you! Once you head left just go up to the stairs.

Third Floor

Tower of Owen.jpg
There is a little walkway heading down and the treasure chest visible contains some Echo Herbs (these cure the silence status effect if you are hit with it). Now just head left and then up to reach the stairs.

Fourth Floor

Here, head right and then down another little bridge thing and up the stairs that you should be able to find pretty easily.

Fifth Floor

I still am yet to encounter any enemies! Hopefully you happen to be just as lucky, but keep on your toes because this next boss isn't going to be a walk in the park. A little to the left and you will hear a voice having a little fit of laughter. I guess you missed whatever the joke was but I'm sure it justified the hearty laugh. Go down across the bridges and right to pick up a Spark Dagger. Head back down and to the left of screen to reach the stairs.

Sixth Floor

Once again, you will hear the voice on this floor telling you that you that you're in quite a bit of bother. But really, do they expect you to turn around and leave now? In a little nook to the top where there is a bit of floor going no where, there is a hidden switch that you can activate with A. Now go down and to the left and don't forget to pick up some Echo Herbs before the next floor.

Seventh Floor

Head left, then down across the bridge and right again to find the stairs.

Eighth Floor

Head on over to the right first and pick up the Bomb Fragment and the Echo Herbs. Now head back past the stairs and keep following the path up then right to find the stairs.

Ninth Floor

All the way up to floor number nine! Head over the bridge left and then up and to the right to find Sonic Knuckles (Not the characters from the beloved, yet decaying Sonic the Hedgehog franchise). Back track left and continue left then down and up the stairs to yet another floor.

Tenth Floor

Start by going left and then down. To the right you will find a Salamander Sword and to the left you can pick up some Flame Mail. Feel free to equip this stuff before you move on. From the Flame Mail, head down and run all the way right to find some stairs. Don't forget to grab the Zeus's Wrath you trip over on the way.

Boss Floor

We have finally made it to the top of the tower. You really don't want to lose from here, fellow readers, so make sure that you heal up before going any further. I really hope you didn't do that entire dungeon as a toad but if you forgot, turn yourself back into a human, my goodness! Medusa is kind enough to give us her name before trying to kill us and mentions something about a Lord Xande. Interesting, but we have no time to ponder this before we are forced into battle.

Medium Boss Battle: Medusa

Hp: 3,000

Drop: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Weakness: None

That's funny, Medusa looked like she had more than just a head before.

Now Medusa is most likely the hardest boss you have faced up to this point in the game (except Bahamut). Her HP far outshines that of the Giant Rat a few pages ago, but we have also become stronger (especially if you picked up some of those handy extra spells). She has a move called Stare, which will have a chance of turning a character into stone. This is going to be a pain in the neck if it actually hits you and it will be slightly difficult to recover from, requiring a Gold Needle. Luckily, it also regularly can miss which wastes a turn. Other than that, all you really need to worry about is Thundara which is quite painful no matter what your level is.

On the offensive side, you should have your White Mage healing constantly throughout this battle while your Black Mage dishes out a couple of level 3 spells, resorting to the level 1 damage dealing spells when you run out. Everyone else can just attack as usual. Once you get into the later stages of the fight you might want to get your Warrior to Advance to finish her off. Any help from Desch is much appreciated throughout this battle.

He died doing what he loved best, jumping into flaming towers.

Once Medusa is finished the Tower is ready to explode which means it will somehow fling the world away from the sun. I wouldn't think too much about the logic of that. Desch will say his goodbyes and jump in the tower, most likely sacrificing himself as part of what he sees as his destiny. Once you recover and find yourself on the boat, head out of the little lake and into the area that was previously blocked off.

Once you are out, head over to the left and you will find an island. Head inside the little cave to find your next great adventure! Coming soon to the next page!

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