World Map[edit source]

You should now be cruising around the continent on The Enterprise. If you aren't up to this stage then you may need to go back and defeat the Giant Rat. Or maybe back even further to actually purchasing Final Fantasy III. If you are up to date then you might have already taken the time to explore around a bit, or you might waiting for me to guide you to it.

Now that we have a boat, we can go back and visit our some old friends. Back in Canaan, you can talk to Salina who is glad that Desch is back but won't say anything particularly important. You may also pay a visit to Mrs Cid if you have an Elixir and missed the one earlier. Otherwise, there isn't much else to do on this side of the continent so jump onto your ship and sail away.

Ignore the upper half of the lake, we will head there soon but we have a couple of things to do first. There is a town around the south bank of the lake called Tokkul. This place is inconsequential at the moment so instead head west across the desert where you will notice a tornado. This will soon become an important part of the game but for now it is just a flashy little effect on the map. Further to the west is another town to enter.

Village of the Ancients[edit source]

This village is situated on the top of a hill and about 70% of the population are old men who talk about prophesies and destruction. You should try to stock up on as much Armour and Weapons as you can at this point in the game. I have a feeling though that this town is meant to be visited a bit later in the game, we are just coming early to get some of these spells a bit early. If you can't manage the money, then go grinding for a bit outdoors and get some good job levels into you. You can also sell some old equipment if you want in the meantime.

Village of the Ancients.jpg

The Magic store here has a huge variety of spells to purchase now, buy all the elementary spells (especially Blizzara) then pick up Cura (if you need it), Teleport and Sight. You might need to do some job level training before you even think about using half these spells (and even then, it'll be awkward when you can only use these spells once with this weird MP system). There isn't much else for this town, unless you find the little red head kid and take his challenge of racing around the Floating Continent on a Chocobo. As a reward you get some Gnomish Bread which is useless if you have Sight. Now we can leave this village for another day. I won't direct you back here but feel free to return when you have the money.

Off to the Gulgans[edit source]

Gulgan Gulch - WM.jpg

Once you have left the town, our next stop is a bit to the north. A little to the right is a noticeable patch of trees where you will find a Chocobo Woods and you can catch one back towards your ship. Now, head up north on your ship until you spot the castle and jump off. A bit to the northwest of this castle you will find a cave called Gulgan Gulch.

When in Gulgan Gulch, simply head over the bridge and down the stairs and talk to the middle Gulgan. He will give you a key for a tower to the north. Unfortunately that key is the spell Toad (ability) which is pretty much useless in battle though you will have to suffer using it at key points throughout the plot. Anyway talk to the guys around and they will talk "how the earthquake was just the beginning, etc." Before we head off to uncover Desch's destiny, there is a secret passage that looks like a bridge going nowhere. In here you will find a Fire Staff, Ice Staff and a Mage's Robe. Now you may leave.

Gulgan Gulch.jpg

Once you are at the world map you can head off east a little and follow the land up north-east and you will soon spot a tower. Now is a good time to save and make sure you are fully healed. You need to be a little bit more prepared then you're used to before going in here. This tower won't be hard, but it's the first of an increasingly lengthy dungeon process that you'll have to suffer without save points in them. If you are well prepared then you will blitz this. When you think you are ready, head on over to the next page!

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