Vikings' Cove[edit source]

Hopefully you have now ended up in Vikings' Cove or you have managed to get yourself horribly lost. In the first room you enter you will meet a heap of Viking's who have managed to have every one of their ships destroyed except for The Enterprise which we will soon be sailing upon. There is a secret passage in here on the right wall that leads to a Spark Dagger. The door to the north has an Inn and some shops for you to stock up on and you can now use Mini back on your party to make them big again.

Travel up the stairs and if you turn left you will find a place to revive as well as Viking Axe and 3000 gil. Back in the previous room you will find Mognet and other Vikings while down the stairs to the right is the head honcho Viking who you should talk to. To the left of the stairs, in front of the Moogle, there is a secret passage leading to "Thundara", "Blizzara", and "Fira". Instead of sending his army of Vikings to defeat the Nepto Dragon, The Viking leader sends five random adventurers to defeat him instead.

Viking's Cove.jpg

Once you have finished up here you can head north to find the world map.

Caution: - So you may be thinking that the Nepto Dragon is our next target but you couldn't be more wrong. Don't be boarding that boat unless you want to face yet another impossible boss (and this time, the game won't be so kind in saving you from a Game Over Screen). If you think you are capable of taking him on then be my guest but you may just regret it.

Did you read that? Good! We are heading to the temple instead.

Nepto Temple[edit source]

Did you really think we were going to face off with the Nepto Dragon? No, we are going to do the brave thing and put the dragon back to sleep. When you approach the dragon's head you will need to shrink with Mini to enter. Do you remember me saying something about everyone's jobs needing to be flexible? Well we are going to have to put everyone as some sort of Mage here. You might want to go back outside and grind a bit and get over that Job Transaction phase if you wish cause there is a boss in here.

Nepto Temple.jpg

When you are ready, head right until you see two holes in front of you. Enter the first one and head left to find some treasure chests containing Shell Armour and Shell Helm. Get out and enter the other hole now. Run off to the right, picking up the Serpent Sword as you go and you will find another hole. Once down it go right and you will run into a talking rat with the eye. Looks like we are going to have to fight this now larger than us rodent.

Medium Boss Battle: Giant Rat

Hp: 650

Drop: Potion, Bomb Fragment, Antarctic Wind, Zeus's Wrath

Weakness: None

This fight really depends on how well prepared you are for this fight. If you simply have all your adventurers as Warriors then you are not going to be able to beat this rat with any real ease. However with a team full of reasonably strong Mages and a bit of Desch Magic, this fight can be really easy.

If you have any Antarctic Winds, then save them for another day. Otherwise, dish out the Fire and heal with the Cures as you usually do. He has some tough physical attacks but that is about all this guy can do.

Once this fight is over you have to make your way back out of the cave. This can be reasonably hard if that last battle took a lot out of you. If necessary, then use a few potions to heal yourself and run away from most fights if out of magic. Once you have made your way out you can use Mini again to bring everyone up to size and put the missing eye back into the socket. The Nepto dragon will give you a little speech apologizing for trying to tear your skin off and gives you a Fang of Water which will come in handy (much!) later.

I want my Boat[edit source]

Return to the Vikings in their little cove, who will now be all grateful that you have rescued them from the Dragon. But you have to go and talk to their leader who looks more like a child in a Viking's costume. But everyone in this game looks like a child I guess. He will give you the Enterprise to roll around in as your reward so you will be able to sail around the waters. Say goodbye to these Vikings because just like the Gnomes before, we will most likely never see them ever again. Little do these Vikings know, that we just took their last boat, which means, they are stuck here forever.

Unfortunately our one can't fly, sorry folks!

Bounce out of the cove and now you can safely enter your boat without fearing for your life. There are still however heaps of enemies at sea that are again just slightly tougher than before and a whole new part of the Floating Continent to explore. But these events are for a different time and a different page.

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