Canaan[edit source]


This town borrows its theme from Ur and I still really enjoy it so turn up the volume if you want to hear what I mean. This is the end of our short journey with Cid in the party so say your farewells, hopefully you got to fight a battle with him but I never looked up how he contributes, sorry! A You may as well go and pay them a visit in the northwest corner of town and give an Elixir to Mrs. Cid if you have one. You can find one in the northern area of the town by entering the little creeks around the town. Otherwise, it's time for some shopping.

The Armour shop here has a few Job specific pieces of Armour. Suit up your warrior and buy the Gloves and Braces for Monks and Mages before heading to the Weapon shop. Buy the Mythril Sword, Knife, and Great Bow, but you won't find anything here for your Monk and White Mage. Move on to the Magic shop where you can pick up Thunder and Poison, Blind, only if you have enough money of course but I'd suggest you at least grab thunder.

Before we leave Canaan, you need to pay a visit to the house next to the inn. A girl called Salina is devastated over the absence of some guy called Desch. Don't worry, you will meet this Desch very soon and he will become a big part of the next few pages (this must be done for Bahamut to appear in the dragon's peak). While here there is a secret passage in the top area of the house that does a U-turn into a narrow corridor. Check the logs and you can grab a Gold Needle. Leave Canaan now and head to the Dragon's Peak which should be a little south of where you leave.

Dragon's Peak - WM.jpg

Dragon's Peak[edit source]

The Dragon's Peak is probably easier than the cave you did previously. It is all one floor and very easy to navigate. However there are a few bits and pieces of treasure to pick up along the way. Wind your way up a bit to the first until you get back to the right side of the cliff and you can go down and pick up a Phoenix Down. Head straight back up from there and you can now choose to go either left or right.

Head right and up and you will find an Aero spell for your White Mage. This will be the best attacking option for your White Mage for some time so be sure to use it on bosses when you aren't healing. Now back down a bit and take the left path this time and there will be another treasure chest containing a Gold Needle. Just go north a bit you will see one of the more horrifying sights you can imagine. Yes, it is the big dragon himself Bahamut and he doesn't look too happy to see you. Next thing you know, you have been taken to his nest for supper.

The good news is that you have finally found Desch who seems a little too complacent for someone who has landed himself in a nest full of dragons. He is even trying to insult us for being caught despite being caught himself. Unfortunately, our little meeting is cut short by Bahamut again and this time, it is a proper fight.

Impossible Boss Battle: Bahamut
FFIII Bahamut PSP.jpg

Hp: 34,000

Drop: Hi Potion, Phoenix Down

Weakness Wind (not like it's important)

Did you honestly think that at level 10 you could take on the King of Dragons himself? This is way beyond you no matter how hard you have trained and even if you do manage to win, I doubt it'll make any difference. Can you win this? I've never bothered to check but it isn't worth trying. If you have a Thief use the 'flee' command but otherwise, run away!!!

Lost![edit source]

Bahamut ff9.jpg

So you now have Desch who assists you with some pretty handy spells and attack. He will be staying with us for some time and does tend to chime in at the right times. I feel like Desch is the most frequent help that you get from additional party members but I can't say for sure, it might just be because he hangs about for so long. Well now, you are definitely lost because you are unable to go back to Canaan let alone see it on the map. Luckily you have Desch to guide you somewhat and I guess I'm here for a reason. Give the White Mage your Mini spell before you head into the path of trees very close to where you appeared.

In here, you can find three wellsprings which will fully heal you. Now head out and head down the Coastline. Once you are down as far as you can go, use "Mini" on your whole party and search around in the trees, you should enter Tozus though it can be a slight pain to find.

Tozus[edit source]

Tozas is a town filled with little Gnomes. There is an Inn here but you should be well rested from the Wellspring earlier. We are probably never going to come here again, so pick up some spells from the Magic shop consisting of Level 1 and 2 Black Magic spells.

Up in the northwest corner of the village, is Doctor Shelco's house. All he wants is an antidote, which you should have a couple to spare. He will jump straight up and touch the candle next to his bed opening up a secret passage. Before you leave, zoom in to check the doctors house. You will find "Cura" in a pot, "Fira" on the book shelf, and Mythril Bracers on the table. On the way down you will pick up two Phoenix Downs and you will arrive in Tozas Tunnel.

To get to the end of Tozus tunnel, you just need to keep running left all the way to the end. However while you are under the "Mini" spell, you should consider changing your jobs so most of your characters are mages. Anyone who isn't can just take the Red Mage job if you wish. Physical attacks won't do anything while you are small. The tunnel doesn't go for very long, so you should be fine. Until the next page...

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