Doga's Village[edit source]

Our first stop on our new ship is to a little town called Doga's Village. To get there, fly to Doga's continent and fly around the south of it. If you notice a little town next to a lake in here, that is where we are headed though you'll need to find a way in and around those mountains. Submerge yourself underwater to find a World Map like area similar to when your above land only underwater. On the east side of this Doga Continent you will find an opening into the continent itself. Follow it all the way until the end and rise up to the surface where you can enter the town itself.

Doga's Village.jpg

Doga must really be one popular guy to get a whole village named after him. Anyway this little place isn't so much a village but rather a collection of Black Mages who want to sell you all kinds of neat spells both Black and White all the way up to Level 7. One dude will even sells some summons for your Evoker if you wanted to stock up on these.

Once you have filled up on any missed spells you can leave this village. Of course you have to head out the same way you came in so that means diving underwater and rising back to the surface outside of the continent. This entire town is completely optional by the way and there is no need to visit it.

Sunken Cave (Final Fantasy III)[edit source]

Sunken Cave - WM.jpg

The Sunken Cave is located underwater (big surprise there). It can be found in the south-eastern corner of the map in a lone island. This whole dungeon is entirely optional but you can find some pretty neat equipment in here that will help you out later on. This cave is very short but there are a few difficult-ish battle at the end to beat so make sure you are prepared.

First Floor

Everything in here is weak to the Thunder element, so if you have a Dragoon then make sure he has Thunder Spears. Start by traveling down and left across the bridge all the way until you reach the stairs. There is no treasure on this floor unfortunately.

Second Floor

Up in the top left corner there is a chest with a Chakram which is a cool Boomarang for a Thief if you have one. The bottom left corner has a Dual Tomahawk which I think a Viking can equip and Warrior can as well . Head back up and take the path heading south-east all the way down the stairs.

Third Floor

We begin this floor by heading straight down across one bridge then down another. Before you head down yet another bridge be sure to pick up the Ancient Sword which you can give to your Knight. Head down across the next bridge to find four chests containing a Diamond Shield, Metal Knuckles, a Diamond Helm and a Cognitome (A Scholar weapon though I doubt you would still be using one). Head back up until you can cross the bridge going left and you will find a further four chests with Diamond Mail, a Loki Harp, Diamond Bracers and an Air Knife.

Finally, head down the last bridge and pick up the Diamond Gloves, Elixir and a Phoenix Down. Now, head into the secret Passage on the western wall to come into a room with four treasure chests. Each of these are guarded by a treasure chest trap enemy which probably counts as a mini boss at this stage. I'll get the templates up for you...

Easy Optional Boss Battle: Peryton

Hp: 9,650

Drop: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Weakness: Wind, "Jump" from a Dragoon

This guy is a flyer so basically easy picking for a Dragoon which you will most likely still have. He is also weak to Wind if that helps in any way but I don't think Aero is doing much for you at this stage. I think the one Jump might even knock him out in one hit. Otherwise, his HP is only a little higher than the Kraken back in the day and we've come so ways since then. For winning you can get a Trident for your Dragoon.

Easy Optional Boss Battle: Zombie Dragon

Hp: 11,000

Drop: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Weakness: Light , Phoenix Down , rise spell

The Zombie Dragon has quite a bit of HP going for him but he has the quite the array of weaknesses. That Ancient Sword will do a lot of damage, Cure magic will do a lot of damage and Fire magic will do a lot of damage. All these are sort of irrelevant since hitting him with any form of Raise magic or even feeding him a Phoenix Down will knock him off instantly.

For winning, you can get an Aegis Shield which protects from nasty status effects though you'll still want to be dual wielding sorry.

Easy Optional Boss Battle: Death Claw
Death Claw.png

Hp: 3,800

Drop: Hi-Potion, Black hole, Lillith's Kiss, Raven's Yawn

Weakness: Katanas

When you open the Chest with Reflect Mail, the Death Claw will strike. You may remember him from Final Fantasy V where he tried to prevent us from exiting a burning castle. Today we battle in a different situation.

The Death Claw actually has a gimmick, you will likely need to use a Dark Knight for this battle.The Death Claw is an enemy that splits when hit by any weapon that isn't a Kantana which is the weapon Dark Knights can equip. If you don't have one then don't start panicking, he has very little HP so you can probably finish it off just through sheer persistence anyway.

For winning, claim the Reflect Mail which I think may possibly reflect healing spells so don't bother with it.

Easy Optional Boss Battle: Eater

Hp: 2,700

Drop: Hi-potion, Phoenix Down

Weakness: Katanas

The chest with a Triton Hammer triggers a battle with an Eater. The Eater looks remarkably like slightly similar to Pinsir from Pokemon but without the big vice on it's head.

Anyway, the Eater is basically an easier version of the Death Claw and you can probably apply the same strategy. It even has less HP than the Death Claw did so it will only take quicker to kill. Eventually all of these foes will become random encounters later in the game so they probably didn't need to be all counted as bosses.

That Triton Hammer will be a nice acquisition for your Viking.

Once that is done we can teleport out of this place and make some preparations for the Temple of Time. First you want to make sure you have jobs that you see fit. It is a good idea to have all your characters Level 35+ and deck them out with the equipment that you found in the Sunken Cave. I will meet you over on the next page once you're ready.

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