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Welcome to Ur. I'm a big fan of the music here like all town themes in this series. I feel i have an attachment to this place like many do to the first town of their favourite games. You can shop for a little bit here but don't worry about it until you have gotten your other party members. There isn't really much more to Ur except go to the north-eastern corner where there is a green field next to a pond.

Some kids here are bullying a kid who is a couple of inches (or several pixels) bigger than the perpetrators. They are talking about ghosts which to you and me may seem like a bit of a fright but in the world of Final Fantasy III there are a lot worse things to worry about. We are asked this new guy which should give you a hint as to who our next party member is going to be.

Playable Character: Arc
Arc FF3.jpg

Arc is yet another character in this game who is going to have his work cut out for him in making any impact on you. I think this is close to his only development for quite some time. He will shine briefly in a bit of a story sequence with Prince Alus in which he feels he has found a kindred spirit, after which he will quickly slide into the back row of the team and the plot. I'm not entirely sure why he is being bullied when he clearly looks quite old in his official art. Also, I would assume that actual ghosts would be something you should be frightened of. But I digress.

As a playable character there isn't much to say about Arc because of course everyone is the same. I often used him as a bit of a filler job character taking the role of Black Mage, Evoker, Viking and Dark Knight throughout the game. You should take the time to gain job levels in different jobs because he will be changing throughout the course of the game to whatever the situation demands of him. Early on though, I went with the Black Mage job for him but we will get to that soon.

Luneth steps in to save Arc in his moment of need. Get used to this, because Arc somehow managed to die the most in my playthrough of this game. Arc runs away from Luneth for some strange reason and out of Ur into the wild, putting on his best determined face that the graphics of the DS can muster. Head back to the house on the left of the Inn and into the main room and talk with the guy with the beard who turns out to be Elder Topapa. It's the standard adventure starting speech, along the lines of "It's dangerous to go alone, take one of these!"

After the scene head out the door and look to the corners of the room to find little pools of water. These generally revive characters but can sometimes heal your characters as seen here and back in the cave we were before. There however won't be too many of these in your adventure but since there are limited Phoenix Downs in this game, use them whenever one of your characters is KO'd.

Up to the north of the town is a house where you can talk to an old man living alone and willing to give away his treasured valuables. He will tell you to examine a candle and open up a secret passage. In here you can grab the 'Cure' spell which will come in very handy for the cave coming up. Give it to Luneth for now as he is the only character in your party.

Now just head out of town and down south to enter Kazus.

Kazus[edit source]

Enter the town to find your friend Arc who we saw before. He decides to join your team now so you finally have the second character to use in battle. We're on our way! In Kazus you will find that everyone has been turned into ghosts. At the northern house you will find Takka who is a smith that will be an important character for this early part of the game. He refuses to make you a Mythril Ring because he is a ghost and his daughter is missing. Don't bother with any of the shops everyone here refuses to help you. Instead enter the inn and move to the second counter to meet the resident Cid of this world.

Old Cid will let you use his airship if you promise to help rescue him and the other folks in this town by removing the curse. Do as he says and exit the town to enter the invisible airship. In here you will meet up with a young girl whose sprite is different to everyone else. Yep, you guessed it! Introducing our third playable character.

Playable Character: Refia

Refia is the only female character in the group and acts like the mother to the group. She will continually scold the group for whatever idea is conjured by the three boys, mostly Luneth. Refia likes to run away from home and hates frogs, other than that there isn't all that much to say about her. I personally love her design though.

As a playable character I used her mostly as a White Mage. Every team needs a White Mage and Refia is as good as anyone to fill in that spot for a majority of the game. If you are against that you may want to put her as a bard for a while to mix things up or swap jobs with Arc and become a Black Mage. I kept her as a white mage for a majority of the game though since healing magic is as important as ever in a role playing game.

Now that we have obtained the airship and gotten most of our party together, it is time to fly to our next destination. Take to the wheel of the airship and you can now fly around the world.

Castle Sasune[edit source]

First before you fly off into the wide open world that is the Floating Continent I should tell you that you cannot fly over mountains. You can't land anywhere except on plain ground and finally you won't have this airship for long. Just don't get too wrapped up in your own delusional freedom. Instead, a short distance to the northwest of Kazus is a big castle. Enter it and talk to the guard on duty and he will let you into the palace.

You can explore this place in a second, but for now, let's just move straight forward to the top floor of the castle. King Sasune has also been affected by this curse and his daughter Princess Sara has gone missing in the cave to the north. However before we go, we can take the Knight at the gate with us and our final Party Member.

Playable Character: Ingus

Ingus is well...... Ingus. Seriously, there is nothing really special about him in any single way. He doesn't really fit in with the other characters and just sits there like the bland and uninteresting person he is. I still think he looks cool though and he does make a great Dragoon towards the end of the game. Another thing he seems to have something going on with Princess Sara, she seems attracted to the over protective nature of the knight. Also, he is very very serious.

Now, Ingus is probably my most flexible character in the game. You have your damage dealer with Luneth the Knight, Elemental weakness exploiter with Arc the Black Mage, and Refia the White Mage Healer, so what to do with a fourth character? Simple really, you just have to adjust him to whatever the situation demands of him. Say you are mini then you could change him to Red Mage or if you are having trouble with some nearby enemies being too powerful then change him to a Knight or Dragoon. Once you get the Water Crystal Jobs, I highly recommend using him as a Dragoon. Again, this is all what I like to do with my team and it managed to get me to the end. As with all characters, use them however you see fit.

Now that we finally have Ingus I suggest you step outside and save before we head back into the castle for some treasure hunting. First head around inside the castle area but not inside the building itself, instead moving to the west tower. Be careful though! some of the enemies in here are quite tough. One suggestion is heading back to Ur and buying all your characters two Longswords. On the third floor there are two chests containing Wooden and Holy arrows. The chest at the top floor contains a Wightslayer. However, you have to battle a Griffin who can be quite challenging at this stage of the game. Don't get me wrong he is indeed beatable and with a little leveling up and some luck you should get past him, just make sure you are healed up enough to make it back down the tower. Still, the weapon itself is definitely worth the journey for the cave coming up. Next, just head over the the east tower on the other side of the castle.

At the East tower, head to the third floor and pick up some more Wooden and Holy arrows for your collection and continue heading up to Sara's bedroom. Strangely, you can sleep in her bed while she is gone to restore you health for free (and when she returns. Grab the Potion, Wooden Arrow and Bow from the chests and rest up if you need it, the princess won't mind. Now head into the castle itself.

You are here ^^

Head up to the second floor where there is a hidden passage to the right and left of you where there is a mark on the top of the walls. To the left you will find a Phoenix Down and right there are some stairs going up and some down. Head up and around to find Blizzard and a Leather Shield. Blizzard is a great piece of magic that will be very useful soon. You may want to go back and take on the Griffin now for that sword I spoke of before. Otherwise, there is another hidden passage on the left side of the room near the treasure chests that leads up and right to some Bronze Knuckles. Now go right back down again until we are back on the second floor to the right side of the room. This time head down the stairs for 1000gil and 1000gil more. Now downstairs leads to a water reserve which won't offer anything so instead exit the castle and back to the world map.

That's all for this page so tune in next time for some more exiting FFIII action!

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