North-Western Saronia[edit source]

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Now that we are free to explore the whole of Saronia, I may as well walk you through it. We will start of at the north-west town and mover in an anti-clockwise direction around the kingdom. When you enter here in here there is an inn where you can stop to rest your injuries that you may have experienced from the few random battles between towns. This also means that there is an item shop here for supplies.

Next stop is the Magic Shop which contains some Level 3 spells. If you for some reason missed Teleport or Cura, then go and pick them up now but we will be going to a village that contains all of these spells and more soon. The main attraction here however is the Grand Library. If you check the shelves in here you will learn a whole heap of lore and story to this game that is completely optional. Nice to fill in some blanks though of course. If you want to learn a bit of background history about the story then give it a look but otherwise, leave the library and this part of town.

South-Western Saronia[edit source]

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This is where we previously met Prince Alus as he was being attacked by bullies not too long ago so you've already been through this place somewhat. Not much here has changed except that a few more places are opened by our friend Prince Alus. First of all there is a wellspring that will revive your characters in here. There is also an Armour shop where you can stock up on some new stuff. There are a couple of pieces of Job specific gear here but other than that, there isn't much ground-breakingly new. Buy the Rune Bracers for your White Mage though!

Before you leave, down in the south-eastern corner there is a man who will summon up a Fat Chocobo. Store and receive whatever goods you need before you head over to South-Eastern Saronia

South-Eastern Saronia[edit source]

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Firstly, there is a moogle in here who will deal with all your mail needs. You can receive mail from any of your (alive) friends you've made but they aren't of much interest until some sidequests late. There are also a bunch of Chocobo here that you can catch and ride around though that isn't too valuable at the moment.

Head to the center of the town known as Dragon Spire and prepare to climb. You will have to fight a whole heap of monsters as you ascend your way to the top but they are exactly the same as the ones outside of the town. You can revert back to your original party members by the way. Once you reach the top you can grab a Dragon Mail, Phoenix Down, Dragon Helm, a pair of Thunder Spears and another Dragon Helm. These are quite helpful for the boss on the previous page if you were guided here from there.

North-Eastern Saronia[edit source]

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There is another Inn here for you to use. There is also another Magic shop where you can buy some Level 4 spells that you will mostly have already. You should pick up Blizzaga and Libra if you missed them earlier or have given someone else these Magic using Jobs. Next head up to the Weapon shop and see what they have in stock though it will only be spears for your Dragoon that you may have grabbed already. Finally there is the last Magic shop which sells some sweet looking Level 5 spells for you to sink your teeth into before you head back out of here once again.

Castle Saronia[edit source]

Castle Saronia is a lot more peaceful than it was before. You can walk up to the first floor where you'll be in a room with a couple of beds. There is a secret passage to the east here that leads to the treasury of this castle and oh boy is there a lot of it. I'm not going to list everything you find here so just search through them and when you're done, head downstairs and through another secret passage to the east for more chests. That should just about do us for our stop in Saronia so head outside the castle interior and to the building on the bottom right.

Inside here are a bunch of engineers who have apologised to us for the damage done to our ship by building the Nautilus. This ship runs at a much faster clip to our old one and can also withstand strong winds. Well we have had an issue with approaching one of the continents here because of said winds so you will know where we are going next.

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