World Map[edit source]

Now that we can use our ship again, we can finally explore the whole of the Surface World. There are many new towns to visit which I will be walking us through on this page. That being said, this whole page is going to be mostly optional so feel free to skip it if you don't want to do much exploring. However, there are plenty of nice items and equipment to grab while here. Once in your ship, sail to the islands in the middle of the map. First stop is the town of Duster.

Duster[edit source]


Duster is a settlement on an island of Geomancers and Bards. I don't quite know how this unlikely kinship was struck up but it has resulted in a very strange job specific town. Come to think of it, I wonder why these towns all just feature people under the one or two job classes, it is slightly bizarre. You can talk to the people here who will play you various songs.

Of course as you would expect, the Weapon and Armour shops here sell various bits of equipment for your Bard or Geomancer. This will finally let you employ a Bard in your team if you so wish though I myself have stopped using a Geomancer a while ago. The one item in the Armour shop called Feathered Hat will give you a defense boost of 10. Any of your party can equip it so some classes with poor defense such as a White Mage are in luck.

Make sure you talk to everyone here by the way. Especially the guy that talks about Bahamut. I have a gut feeling that you can only battle Bahamut if you have spoken to him. Otherwis,e there is nothing else here so leave and fly to the northern tip of the western continent to reach a village called Replito.

Replito[edit source]


Duster was a town filled with Geomancers and Bards and so is Replito filled with Evokers. Much like with the bards playing their tunes, the Evokers will be summoning small creatures to their aid. I feel a lot of these towns are here just to give you a bit of an introduction to these new jobs. There is a lot of talk about a legendary figure by the name of Noah who you be hearing a lot about sooner than later.

Of course, what we are really interested here is the Magic Shop tucked away in the lower right corner. Instead of selling your standard Black and White Magic spells, this place sells your standard summons to stock up your Evoker. If you are planning on using an Evoker then you may as well pick them all up, but we will get around to nabbing the good ones later. Definitely come back here if you end up getting a Summoner.

Now with that is out of the way we can leave this town.

Towards our next destination[edit source]

Saronia - WM.jpg

Alright, a few little tips first for traveling around the Surface World. The little continent to the south-west of Amur is protected by some pretty fierce winds. It is impossible for you to enter in The Enterprise so you will have to wait until you manage to get a better airship. Next, if you head north along the eastern continent you will eventually cross some statues that block your advance. You can pass through two of these before you end up being killed in some death scene. This is because we have yet to acquire the Four Fangs needed to pass through here, you've only managed to pick up the two. We will come back to this later so don't worry.

As for what to do next, head to Saronia which is a massive kingdom on your map located on the eastern side of the western continent. It is probably the landmark that stands out the most so you aren't going to miss it. You can't land here because there is no water so instead fly by the castle and you will be under attack. Everyone has a massive freakout and runs around in circles before the party plummets to a fiery death...

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