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After our brief adventure through the sewers, you should now have the Levigrass Shoes. Why did we need the Levigrass Shoes? Well we need them to cross the Bottomless Bog and enter Goldor's Castle. We need to defeat Goldor so that we can gain access to our ship again. It's a good idea to stock up on any Armour or Weapons that you didn't have the money to purchase before.

Before you decide to head on over to Goldor's lovely home, it's a good idea (it always is) to level up some of the new jobs that you have gotten. I think I mentioned this in the last page but I shall be using a Viking for this next excursion for the purposes of this walkthrough. My part here consisted of a Dragoon, White Mage, Viking, and Black Knight but if you have some favourites then feel free to experiment. Just make sure you've gotten over that little transition stage.

Back on track, if you want to find Goldor's manor then head south from Amur down a strip of land between some mountains and the sea. Once you hit the bottom of the continent, turn right and then north. You'll pass over a very small brown swamp land that is the Bottomless Bog and into Goldor Manor.

Goldor Manor[edit source]

FFIIIDS Goldor Manor.png

I really dislike this place. I feel like I'm missing a heap of treasure here for some reason. The actual path you want to take through here is really difficult to find and frankly, a bit unfair. All the enemies here are gold in theme by the way but I didn't find them particularly difficult.

There are four rooms in here that contain treasure. Each of them are locked so your either going to have to use your Thief (if you are still using one then you're in luck!) or just use some of those Magic Keys we bought earlier. I don't know how you get those Magic Keys now if you didn't pick up a heap of them earlier. The south-west one has nothing as does the south-east and north-west one. The north-east room has a passage on the west wall that leads to another room, it's fairly hidden.

In this room follow the path until you hit the stairs. Now just keep winding your way to the west until you reach the long golden steps leading up to Goldor's room. As it turns out, Goldor has the Earth Crystal! This is getting a little more serious than I expected. Well by locking down our ship, he kind of led us right to it. This was easier than expected but we need to brace ourselves for a "sound thrashing" first.

Easy Boss Battle: Goldor
Goldor DS.png

Hp: 9,000

Drop: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Weakness: None (Immune to magic)

You can't really classify many battles in this game as 'easy' but Goldor is pretty much the easiest your going to get for a while. I think if you have a well leveled Viking then you might be able to breeze right through this.

So the reason we have a Viking is so that we can make use of Provoke. If you don't know what Provoke is, it will draw all attacks back onto that character, making them essentially a 'tank'. Since all of Goldor's attacks will be focused upon them, you'll want to be focusing a lot of your healing on your Viking. There is the annoying possibility that Provoke won't work. If this is the case then you will have to endure a few physical attacks but it isn't anything you can't handle.

This leaves your Dragoon and Knight to attack as much as they want. Your Knight can use a weak Cure if things get somewhat difficult and your Dragoon can Jump to deal some heavy damage. If you have a Dark Knight then use Souleater but make sure that it doesn't kill your Dark Knight, that would be unfortunate.

He has nice shiny gold armour that gives him resistance to magic, so avoid that.


Once you have finished off Goldor. He will use the last of his strength to break the crystal. Luneth points out the obvious saying "He... He broke it!". No one knows what will happen to the world now that the crystal is broken, but make sure that you pick up the key before we head outside to find out. Teleport your way out of there so you won't have to walk.

Before anything else we should rob Goldor of all his possessions. Head back inside and head straight up the stairs at the top of the room. In the next room, head up, left, all the way down and right to find a whole row of chests. They contain Wyvern Claws and exactly 11 Golden Swords. Obviously we don't need this many Golden Swords so we may as well sell them when we get back. Now we can head outside!

World Map[edit source]

Is this what the world will look like?

Well the breaking crystal doesn't seem to have been as consequential as we thought. I imagined the world would have been flung into chaos. Luckily for us, we can continue on as if nothing happened. Head back to Amur and heal up. Bring back in a Black Mage if you wish but the Viking is still a handy physical job for you to use.

Once you are done, hop into your ship as we set sail to the next page!

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