Surface World[edit source]

Wrecked Ship - WM.jpg

Quick Note: I think I intended Part 13 to be used for some sidequests but never actually wrote it, so you're jumping to 14 instead. I fixed the table of contents so they flow but you may get lost if you're looking at the page title.

If you have been following the walkthrough up to this point, then you should be on the surface world. If not, fly your ship literally off the map to get there. There will be a scene on the ship where the Light Warriors are struggling with the some kind of purple haze. We just can't seem to stay away from trouble can we? The good news is that because of Cid's encouraging words, we are going to be just fine.

The surface world is probably not what any of you were expecting. It is just a massive swamp of swirling blue cloud that covers just about the entire world map. I think it might be water of some sort because you can actually sail on it. What is even more surprising is that there are only a couple of places we can go to at the moment. Firstly, fly to the island nearest to the top of the map. It might take you quite some time to get there though you can fly out of the map and appear on the other side. When you have finally made it, land in the water and dock at the side. Enter the damaged ship.

Wrecked Ship and the Temple of Water[edit source]

Don't worry, there are no random encounters on this ship like the Massive Piles of Broken ships in FFV. Enter the Cabin of the ship and head down the stairs. The two treasure chests that you spot up when you enter contain a Zeus's Wrath and a Blood Sword. Talk to the Old Man to enable a bit of Dialogue. Darkness has swallowed the surface world and Aria is the only one who can help us. Too bad Aria is in no state to move at the moment, but that doesn't mean we can randomly pull out one of our items to give to her.

The Temple of Water in better days

Just give Aria a potion and she will instantly be better. After some brief introductions she will join your party as another guest character. Aria is a decent assistant to your party and will often cast Cura or Protect on your party, but not as often as you will need it. It's still better than nothing and you'll need it in this next dungeon. Once you have control again you can leave the ship. Say goodbye to the old man as you will likely never see him again. Jump back in your airship and you'll be off to the next stop.

Our next Destination is that island down to the bottom of the map. Its the biggest island around so it shouldn't be too hard to miss. When you park here, enter the Temple and walk all the way up into the next room. Aria will take the Crystal Shard and explain that we need it to get the proper Water Crystal. And you know what getting the Water Crystal means? New Jobs! Exit the Temple of Water and on the same island is the Cave of Tides

Cave of Tides[edit source]

The Cave of Tides is the hardest challenge you have faced so far. But that isn't really saying much because it only seems to keep getting harder. If you found the last few caves a bit difficult then you will definitely struggle here. It might be my imagination, but the random encounter rate in here also seems to jump up to some real frustrating levels. If you need an inn then fly back to the Floating Continent otherwise we are going in!

Cave of Tides.jpg

First Floor

Start by walking down the bridge and follow the path all the way around to the door. Aria will kneel before the door and open it for you with her undefined powers. When through the door, cross the massive bridge west (enjoy some of the battles you'll fight along here) and then down into the next room. Now just cross the bridge right and head down to the next floor.

Second Floor

Cross the two bridges around back to the top of the map. Take the bridge closest to the west wall and walk all the way down to the stairs.

Third Floor

On this floor, you will notice a flight of stairs leading towards the top right near the first bridge. Follow this path and after a fair bit of a walk you will get the Blizzaga spell as a reward. This will come in handy for the upcoming boss fight. Head all the way back to the entrance again and set off across the bridge and follow the linear path down until you find the stairs to the next floor, getting tired yet?

Fourth Floor

You seemed to be making some kind of progress because the floor is starting to flood with water a little. There isn't much further to go from here. Run east and keep going around in a semi-spiral and you will find the stairs easy enough. We are just about at the end of our journey here. May I suggest you consider just how healthy your party is for this battle and if you think you're capable of fighting it. There's no shame in retreating if you really want to keep that experience without losing it to a game over.

Boss Floor

Cave of Tides - Water Crystal.jpg

Walk up to the crystal and a short scene will occur. Aria will try and mend the Water Crystal through prayer and is successful, leaving our work here done. If only it were that easy. Unfortunately, Aria sacrifices herself in saving the party from an unseen assailant. Thus ends the tale of Aria who is no longer going to see the fruits of her labour. I think it is time to take a little revenge for her sake.

Hard Boss Battle: Kraken
Kraken DS.png

Hp: 8,000

Drop: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Weakness: Lightning

Speaking of revenge, it won't be quite so easy to follow through with it. This is definitely the hardest boss to this point in the game and it could be for quite some time actually. Hope you are prepared!

Kraken can pull off some really nasty attacks. Blizzara is the worst of these and he can pull it off twice in a turn which could potentially wipe you out. Hope that this never happens. Even if he gets in a Blizzara and a physical attack, it's going to take a bit of healing to fix yourself up. Kraken may also try and Blind your party members so fix that up with any Eye Drops. If he misses with Blind then you have yourself a bit of breathing room to heal up and maybe even dish out an Aero.

Straight off the bat, fire out those Blizzaga's to get as much damage on him quickly before reverting back to whatever lightning based magic you have. Your Knight should be stealing back some health with the Blood Sword to keep him going and hopefully he/she absorbs most of the physical punishment being dished out on your party. You need the White Mage for healing at all times I would assume and your Knight might even be able to supplement this with some Cure's if things get a bit dicey.

One other possible option is to use a Geomancer for this battle. You might just be able to pull of a Shadowflare and make this into a very easy battle. The only problem is that you can also get Whirlpool which won't make any impact. It's a bit of a risky tactic but one you should know. If looking for other offensive option then you should have a couple of leftover Zeus's Wraths to spare. Best of luck with this one.

Aria is gone and Luneth isn't going to be able to bring her back (or sadly, mention her again). In a strange turn of events there is a massive earthquake and the land that has been sunken for so long has now re-appeared. Our only real clue now is that we need to find someone called Doga as was said in Luneth's dream though this is vague at best. There's still many stepping stones on the way there yet though I'm afraid. You will now wake up in an inn and with a whole new world to explore. But you will discover more, as well as job descriptions, on the next page!

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