Tokkul[edit source]


Once your back on the World Map, just head south to Tokkul again. Everyone is back in the town, though not much repair work has been done. Everyone will resort to just standing around outside since it is a nice day and all. When you enter the town, you can visit some of the houses to get little bits and pieces. Head to the house to the north and enter the fireplace. You will find some Sonic Knuckles in the pots and also a Kenpo Gi and a Serpent Sword. There is another house here where you can also go through the fireplace but I never found anything in here. There isn't much else to do other than that so feel free to leave.

On the World map, steer your ship (which is conveniently still outside Tokkul) to the outside river running along the outside of the map. Head over east ways until you find the next town. Watch out for an enemy called the Sea Serpent on the way, it can attack twice in a turn.

Gysahl[edit source]


The music in this town is pretty funky though it gets a tad annoying after a while. Luckily we aren't spending a huge amount of time here. I almost wonder why this town was included in the game but it's nice. Straight in front of you is a little girl tending to sheep and makes a cute little lemmings joke. Moving along across the bridge there is a house with some Chocobo and you can grab some Gysahl Greens from the pots. Head further north over another bridge and enter the shop here. On the right wall you can enter a secret passage which takes you around behind the counter for a Shuriken (Keep these).

You can buy Magic Keys from the guy in here. These are keys that can open any door you come across no matter whether or not it is locked. Since they are very cheap, you can basically just purchase a heap of these and you'll be set for the rest of the game. I'll guide you to any treasure anyway of course or you can just change to a Thief and open everything for free!

There isn't that much else to do here. Rest up in the inn if you need it and grab a couple of spells from the Magic Shop if you want them. Libra can be pretty useful if you don't want to bother with a Scholar though you've passed the battle where it could have helped most. Otherwise, get out of there and get ready to move on in our adventure. Head back around to the north and then in to the previously deserted castle near the Tower of Owen

Castle Argus[edit source]

Castle Argus.jpg

Head straight into the castle then up the stairs until you reach the top and talk to King Argus. He will give you a Wheel of Time needed to power up a new airship. Approaching the small room on the right from the top gets you a Bomb Fragment and Antarctic Wind. Head downstairs and touch the candle on the right for some 3000gil in chests. Upstairs from there you can find a room with six chests all containing more gil. Upstairs again and you are outside with two towers on the left and right at the top of the castle requiring Magic Keys. The one on the left has a man who will give you two Elixers and a cupboard that will open a small passageway. This leads to three chests with Light and Medusa Arrows as well as a Killer Bow. Now the tower on the right will have a room with six chests containing a Fire Arrow, Book of Ice, Scholar Robe, Book of Light, Book of Fire, and Ice Arrows. These will be very useful for your new jobs.

That's about it for this place so feel free to leave.

Canaan[edit source]

Back in Canaan you can go and pay Cid a visit. His wife has managed to get better now but if you did use an Elixer on his wife touch the lamp on the wall. It will open up a secret passageway with a load of treasure inside. Anyway, Cid will be over the moon that you have the Wheel of Time. He will turn the Enterprise into a brand new Airship for you. This one can only land on water though so it isn't too useful beyond getting us out of this world. Speaking of this world, turns out none of your party members aren't actually from here.

Cid will give us a big speech about how we all amazingly survived an air crash to become orphans upon this Floating Continent. Once you have listened to this inspiring story, it's time we found out the truth about how we became Warriors of Light. It's time that we met our destiny instead of aimlessly getting involved in little side matters! It's time we entered the Surface World!

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