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Part of the FMV at the beginning

Final Fantasy III comes with its own lovely FMV that you can watch at the beginning. I'd suggest sitting through this at least once just so you can see a lot of the fuller renders of the characters you'll be seeing. Unfortunately, this is the only one that you'll see in this game so enjoy!

At the title screen you'll be able to start a new game. I believe the PSP version is exclusive with it's new features such as a gallery and soundtrack on the menu that you slowly unlock. You can come back and view this as you unlock these during the game. For now though, click 'New Game' and we will begin our journey.

Altar Cave[edit source]

We begin by seeing a young man fall down a hole into a dangerous looking cave. It's a long way from the surface but he seems to be alright. No concussion or broken bones and we are ready to go. The little guy is apparently destined for greatness as we are able to name him.

Playable Character: Luneth

Sporting a glorious head of hair, Luneth is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy III and is the first of the four players we get to control. I'll try and list all that we know about young Luneth. He is an orphan raised by Nina and Elder Topapa in the village of Ur. He is a very curious man and likes to travel and fight monsters, at least he seems the most keen to. He is best friends with Arc who he was raised with, or is at least an older brother figure to him. I think he may be shipped with Refia or Aria but you'll have to wait for another remake of this game if you want to know more about that. Other than those traits, there isn't much more to say. He seems to be a brave kid which means that he will have no character development to speak of. The complete typical hero character.

I found that Luneth works best being a 'Warrior' and a 'Knight.' He seems better suited to the physical jobs than to be sitting in the back row using Magic. Again, none of this really matters in this game since every character can fit any role. Either way, I liked to use Luneth as a Knight throughout most of the game.

Have I filled this box with enough unnecessary filler?

Luneth will walk along for a bit and will find some goblins to battle. Already you are thrust into the action! So much credit is given to FFVII when years earlier we have this little game reinventing the wheel! Anyway, your first battle is fairly simple, just attack should kill them each in one hit. After the battle Luneth will be tired. After you fell down a massive hole I'm surprised you can walk!

As soon as you take control, walk ahead to find a Leather Shield and a Potion in some treasure chests. Equip the shield in your start menu and move up a little to find a rock. There's a few of these objects throughout the game that will open up a secret passage by checking them and this is the first. Simply press A on the rock to view part of the wall disappear and a slow reaction from Luneth. Oh and yes, this delayed reaction of shock is a recurring, strange little animation that persists throughout this title. Head through the new passage to find a Longsword you can equip and some stairs.

In the new room to the west there is an item called Antarctic Wind. This is very important for the next boss battle so keep it in your inventory. Now back to the east there is another Potion. Grab that and back at the stairs head north to another Potion in a chest and east again is a wellspring and another Antarctic Wind. You can heal up at the wellspring before you head back to the west and into the Crystal Chamber. It is time for your first boss battle before you even had the chance to save, hopefully for your sake it goes well.

Easy Boss Battle: Land Turtle

HP: 111

Drop: Potion, Antarctic Wind

Weakness: None

Here is the first boss battle of many hard and painful boss battles this game has to offer. At least it's easier than IV DS. If you're just going to attack him head on then good luck! I hope you have done some leveling because this won't be an easy time for you. However, if you have followed my advice up to this point then you should be prepared with some helpful items. Those two Antarctic Winds you have should deal heavy damage if you use them on the Land Turtle so feel free to dish them out. If you are feeling brave, just use the one and deal out the physical attacks to hopefully finish him.

If you are still struggling after a couple of attempts then change your formation in the main menu so that you are in the rear and just through the two Antarctic Winds. This should stifle your physical attacks but you'll be better protected from the Land Turtle's physical attacks.

After the battle the crystal will talk to you about the whole Warriors of Light and how you must banish darkness. Just your usual JRPG patter here so feel free to listen or zone out. I'll tell you that we are going to have to go grab some more warriors of light to come along for the ride so that's what we'll be doing next. After he stops talking Luneth will appear outside totally clueless about what just happened. On the world map just head to the south and you have entered the town of Ur and onto the next page.

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