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Quick note: This walkthrough was once a mess of tasteless jokes and high school idiocy. I Have since gone back and fixed this to reflect a better standard of walkthrough

Hello, and welcome to my walkthrough for Final Fantasy III.

After many years being unavailable in English, Final Fantasy III was finally brought to us in an enhanced form in a Nintendo DS port. While the graphics were given an upgrade to look very chibi and very lovely, the gameplay was taken from an early age of JRPGs. Basic turn based combat is the go here with a very basic version of the job system which would come to be built upon in many subsequent Square Enix games. Although time has been fairly unkind to many elements of this game, I'd still highly recommend giving it a try. I feel like this era of JRPGs (The early DS years) isn't going to be nostalgically revisited anytime soon. If nothing else, it holds a lot of meaning to me.

For this walkthrough, I will be using the Nintendo DS version of the game, so any earlier Japanese versions of the game will most likely be different in many ways and you are better off going somewhere else for help. The IOS version of this game can also be used with this walkthrough, as far as I'm aware it is just a direct port (although there may be the odd minor differences in treasure and items). The PSP version which I have played recently on the PS Vita should also be similar enough that this walkthrough can also help there.

Just a couple of notes, I doubt i've found every chest in the game so if i've missed any then I apologise. Also, I had no friends who played this game at the time of writing using the DS version so there will still be no Mognet sidequest stuff here, sorry!

How to Play[]

Final Fantasy III is still a very basic version of the series so there isn't too much I need to tell you here. The battles are turn based so you'll have time to select commands that range from attacking, guarding, using a job exclusive ability to changing formation and equipment. It all still holds up and works very well though it can mean that some of the random battles can get a bit slow and tedious. I think Bravely Default may make this one slightly painful to go back to.

This is I think the only Final Fantasy where you can't save in dungeons, period. This comes to be so frustrating that its often brought up as the only point people remember about this game. If you die, then you will be back at the last save so don't forget to do so before entering a dungeon. You also have a Quicksave often if you want a break.

Now the Job system is quite easy to get used to. Each of your four characters will start off as a freelancer which is your basic class that you'll probably dispose of after you get some new ones. If you want to come even close to beating this game, then you are going to have to learn to use different job classes. They are basically attributes that you can give to people and train them in that area. So a Warrior will have good attacking power while a White Mage can use a range of healing spells. If the jobs you have aren't working for you, then feel free to swap them at any time to change your strategy.

On with the show...!

General Tips[]

I thought I might just lay down a couple of hints and tips before you begin playing, just to let you know what you are up against here. You may of course simply skip this section.

  • This game is hard: I found myself having to grind a bit every time I come across a new area and I'm sure you will want to too, especially when you get new jobs. The transition between jobs includes a period of downtime that I believe decreases statistics so it'll take a few battles just to get over that every time you switch jobs.
  • This game is punishing: There are no save points before bosses and a loss will mean restarting a dungeon all over again with all that experience lost. This forces you to make sure you are fully prepared before attempting to explore a new area. I'd actually recommend that you do a bit of a dry run through the dungeon so you can adjust accordingly.
  • Yes, the magic system is frustrating: you'll just have to be extra careful in conserving MP for this title.
  • Play around with each of the jobs: I've listed out each of them to my best knowledge of them but that isn't entirely the final say as much as my experience with them. You may find a combination that works a lot better than mine. I've just gone off what I have used to beat the game with.
  • Turn up the music: I really like the soundtrack to this game and I hope you do too! It's a pretty forgotten pocket of FF music.

Table Of Contents[]

Part 1: The Floating Continent[]

Part 2: The World At Large[]

Part 3: There and Back Again[]

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