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Sup Mechanites! (It's a new name for all who read my stuff), MechaKaiser here, starting up on the first official Job FAQ for Final Fantasy III.

Now I know what you're thinking (and it's not about food or sleep), 'Why are you doing this walkthrough when we already know the jobs of this game? Could you not think of anything else better?'

Well, sometimes you need to do small things to contribute to what may be helpful in the future to anyone willing to play this classic, which in this case may be a very small list of people interested. And if you don't understand or don't care, then what the hell are you doing here? Get back to your days of drooling at the Jonas and all the other rock stars and such that are nothing compared to Metallica and the other gods and greats.

Any way, a while back, I saw Sensei Drake doing a Job FAQ for Final Fantasy V, and I thought, 'Hey, why can't I do that?' So, instead of FFV, it's gonna be of FFIII. Get over it.

Also, while the title DOES say DS Job walkthrough, the following also matters for the PSP version, so don't worry about whether there's a difference between versions.

Now I also know not many people like the game mainly because unlike in FFV, leveling up jobs is even more of a pain, but don't worry. The chart that you see below tells you how much difficulty you'll have training a Job class, so it might come in handy:

Rating What it means
Very Easy This won't take long to level up, you should have no problem with it. # of turns: 5
Easy A little difficult, but only means more battles. # of turns: 6
Somewhat Easy In between the Very Easy jobs and the Hard jobs. Only one class has this. # of turns: 7
Medium May need some work, but definitely worth it. # of turns: 8
Somewhat Hard A bit harder, but also worth it. # of turns: 9
Hard Close to impossible. Most awesome classes have this difficulty. # of turns: 10
Very Hard The most amount of work you'll ever do next to leveling up your characters. Another one where only one Job has this. # of turns: 13

BTW, if you're wondering what I mean by "turns", look at this clip:

Another thing: I'll also add what you get for maxing the level of each Job from the Legendary Smith sidequest.

Okay, enough chitchat. Let's get it on!!!!

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