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Salutations everyone, this is Chocolancer and welcome to my first walkthrough! This'll be part 1 of the three part full NES walkthroughs I'll be doing. Hope you find it as comprehensive as possible. Final Fantasy III is obviously not a very popular game, compared to all the others...

Important Note[]

This walkthrough will cover the NES version of Final Fantasy III, this would be either playing the real cartridge on a Famicom or playing the ROM on an emulator. If you happen to come here thinking that this is about the new and hot DS version of the game, then unfortunately, this isn't the place. I highly suggest checking out Hexedmagica's walkthrough as it's the only completed one in the whole database so far...Have fun!


If you still would like to stay here and read more, I won't stop you. Curious? I'll tell you the differences of both versions:


  • Four snot-nosed kids = Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus
  • Two-Dimensional = Three-Dimensional
  • Worthless extra party members = Extra party members who help you in battle
  • No Bonus Dungeons = Has chock full of extra dungeons and superbosses + Mognet
  • 22 different jobs = 21 original jobs + Dark Knight replaces M.Knight, Freelancer replaces Onion Knight. The Onion Knight becomes a secret job class
  • Simple stats and low enemy HP (e.g: Goldor HP 2250) = Boosted stats and enemy HP + increased difficulty (e.g.: Goldor HP 9000)
  • Fan translation = Official translation, thus revised city and character names

That's about all I can think of...

How to Play[]

The controls are simple as NES controllers only have 2 buttons and a start & select button:


  • Directional Buttons= move around (you must be retarded not to know how to move in a game...)
  • A Button= confirm
  • B Button= cancel
  • START Button= opens menu
  • SELECT Button= changes the lead character's appearance (depends on your 4 characters' job class)


  • Directional Buttons= move cursor up and down the menu, move cursor in 4 directions in item list
  • A Button= Confirm action, open spell/item list
  • B Button= Cancel previous action, close spell/item list
  • START Button= Pause
  • SELECT Button= ----


Reddish numbers mean damage numbers, greenish numbers mean healing numbers. Certain enemies have elemental strengths and weaknesses and a clue to their weakness is their name, appearance, and terrain encountered (example: fishlike monster encountered on a sea terrain has a weakness for Bolt).

Other than that, if you're using a spell, pressing up or down allows you to target two or four monsters at once, pressing at the far left targets all monsters. Depending on the number of monsters you target, the spell power weakens, but if you're using a particular weakness against all monsters, the spell power becomes a bit stronger.

When a character is dead (yes, this version does not use KO or anything like that, they just say 'Dead'.), use a FenixDown, though I suggest that you don't die often as this game doesn't sell them like in future games. Keep that in mind because as you go through the game...

Whenever you encounter a back attack situation, you can change rows by pressing left or right twice (depending on the character's row), the party member will then move forward or back and use up one turn. Unfortunately, after the battle your party members will stay in that row, so take care of it by going to the menu to switch back your party's rows...


To access the item menu, pressing left allows you to access the current member's hand equipment, pressing to the far right alllows to to access the next page of items. Speaking of which, you can only carry a set amount of items. If you open a chest and your item space is full, the chest stays closed and you'll be notified. You can trash items by clicking on them and then clicking on a trash can on the bottom, or giving them to the Fat Chocobo which happens later in the game.


  • Pois= poison, gradually decreases HP. Use an Antidote, a Pure or Heal spell to cure.
  • Blnd= blind, cuts attack accuracy. Use an Eyedrop, a Wash or Heal spell to cure.
  • Aslp=sleep, party member cannot do anything. Hit the party member with a physical attack, just wait, or end the battle for it to wear off.
  • Conf=confuse, randomly attacks targets. Hit the party member with a physical attack, use a Wash or Heal spell to cure.
  • Petr=petrify, gradually turns the character to stone. Use a Soft, Soft or Heal, or end the battle.
  • Petr(2)=the after-effect of petrify. Cure with the same means.
  • Mute=self-explanatory, cannot cast magic. Use an EchoHerb or a Heal spell.
  • Toad=you're a toad, attack and defense drops to 1. Use a MaidKiss, a Toad or Heal spell.
  • Mini=same effect as toad. Use a LuckMallet or a Mini spell.
  • Para=paralyze, character cannot move. Just wait until it wears off.
  • Crit=HP critical, one or more of your party members are low on HP. Heal with any item or spell that heals HP.
  • Dead=self-explanatory. Use a FenixDown, any Life spell or a revive spring.


Check your emulator's input settings to check which buttons are which, different emulators have different input styles. Also, if you don't like the slowness of this game, use the "Fast Forward/Alternative Speed" button (find it!) to speed up your progress, it really works for me.


I'm quite a busy person, so I might update once or twice in a while every week. I'm a student so I have to study a lot...

  • 5/16/09: Re-wording is finished
  • 5/15/09: Re-wording begins
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  • 3/16/08: Part 2 complete! So far so good...
  • 3/14/08: Part 1 complete! Whew!
  • 3/14/08: YAY SPRING BREAK! Lots of time to make this walkthrough worthwhile...


Note: Most of the sidequests in this game have been added into the main walkthrough for 100% completion.