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Welcome to my walkthrough of Final Fantasy II, the second easiest game of the series, the first being Final Fantasy X-2, which surprisingly shares an integer with this game. But as this is a walkthrough about Final Fantasy II, none of us should care about that game.

Needless to say, this walkthrough contains an uncountable amount of spoilers, but I pretty much don't care if you get spoiled or not in whichever game it might be, so let's continue.

Getting Started[]

The walkthrough of the game itself won't start right now, I will only say some important stuff about the walkthrough/game.

So, now, I'll begin:

  • This is a walkthrough of Final Fantasy II, Anniversary Edition, for PSP. THIS IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH OF THE AMERICAN FINAL FANTASY II! *Laughs*
  • Like every other walkthrough I write, this walkthrough is about finishing the game effectively. I won't be much of a perfectionist, but be ready to train.
  • This game can be really hard or very easy. It depends on how you face it and how you use the leveling system. With this system, you can max out your status right in the beginning of the game! (Without as much work as it would take because there is no experience here.)
  • You have absolute control on how you specify your characters' duties. You can turn everyone into White Mages, as you can make an all-offense team, or even a no-equipment challenge, while still dealing a nice amount of damage.
  • Magic, as well as weapon skills, level up in function of their use. I believe you must cast a spell 10000 times (o.O) to max it out to level 16. It is useless to max out every single spell, but there are some that you should level, such as: Toad, Cure, Life, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Haste, Aura, Berserk, Curse, Holy and Flare. Ultima's spell power raises as your spell levels grow.
  • Beware of doors. I mean it. If you go in the wrong room, you'll probably enter a battle every step you take. Open the doors I tell you to. You can get killed for that.
  • You can check the world map whenever you're at the overworld by pressing Select+Circle. Be aware that you need the Ring key item to do this. Luckily, you obtain it in the first 15 minutes of the game.

Part 1 is only for character strategies and introductions. If you know how to play this game, and already have a strategy, but you're stuck somewhere in the game, jump to Part 2.

I am only going to show the Intro CG to make this page look nicer ^^

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