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Good day fellow Final Fantasy fans! Before your very eyes lies the wiki’s first FF Dimensions walkthrough! Please, please, save your adulation for some other time! I only live to serve the loyal fans of such a sensational video game franchise! Final Fantasy Dimensions (Henceforth known as FFD so that it won’t get repetitive) is undeniably the hipster of the Final Fantasy universe. It’s not cool enough to play with the main series games or have its own roman numeral, yet is too similar to some of those games to be really considered a spin-off. A Black Sheep is what FFD can be described as, but it is no less one of the most underrated and underappreciated games that Square-Enix has ever made money off. What many people disregard, I revel in. This lovely adventure has enough charisma and charm to be considered one of the greatest throwbacks of video game history, and will certainly knock the proverbial socks off all of those nay-saying arseholes who dislike the recent direction FF has taken. Dimensions is a return to good old fashioned JRPGs, and if you don’t like this game, then you can piss off elsewhere. I don’t have time for you or your ilk in this walkthrough; your place is certainly not here. Now without further ado, may I proudly present the very first walkthrough (unless II or XIII-2 gets published first) of CylindrusAltum!!!

The Game I am playing is found on my iPad. It is also applicable to the iPhone and all IOS devices. This means that all you Samsung Galaxy owners can either upgrade or get the hell outta my walkthrough. There Ain’t no place in this space for people who don’t join the Fellowship of Apple Patrons.[1] The beauty of walkthrouging a game released only recently is that there have been no other versions developed in the past that I have to concern myself over. For example, FFII has had like a dozen remakes made over 20 years. FFD has had none. So this walkthrough can’t possibly conflict with any other version that any person owns. Because they don’t exist. Unless the Japanese version is different, but really, who reads an English walkthrough for a Japanese game? Nobody. So shut up if anything I right is at odds with your game. I just don’t care.

A warning. I am rather handicapped when it comes to the technological functions of this wiki. I haven’t the first clue how to make templates, or graphs… or links. But I s’pose I’ll figure out how that shit works later on right? Also, this is only the first draft, so expect some grammatical/syntax errors, inaccuracies and off topic ramblings. I can’t apologise enough. Because I don’t want to. But maybe I can guilt trip some innocent wiki-goers to do my dirty work? No? Well up yours. I didn’t want your help anyway.


Final Fantasy Dimensions was first introduced in Japan in 2010 as the grandiloquent, “Final Fantasy Rejenzu Hikari to Yami no Senshi” translated as Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness. Two years later, the western world got a taste of the newly styled ‘Dimensions’. As I said, it’s very similar to early FF games, namely V and III. The overstayed cliché of elemental crystals and warriors of light are reintroduced to my nonchalance, but the excellence of FFV’s job system makes a grand return.

But enough of the introductory stuff, I should really go into how you may come by this game. To purchase the aforementioned game, you have to have an IOS product, as I have said. I know! It’s unfair, they’re so overpriced, and they’re unnecessary luxury items! But I doubt this would be a problem for people who read this walkthrough. Sometimes I just like to type nonsense. Something has to fill the pages! Secondly, this game is episodic in nature, unusual for square-soft games before FFXIII. This is to say, the game is in chapters. Chapters you have to buy before you play. There is no problem with this, of course, but it will force you to stop playing at certain points unless you have purchased ALL four chapters. What’s more, the chapters will cost more if you buy them individually. It’s like a bargain situation. Buying the whole game in one go will cost about $20. Buying it in segments will cost about $5 more. Small dif, but I’m still pissed that they’d try to grift me like that. Square has no decency these days. So yeah, go onto iTunes, purchase the game from the store (you need to purchase funds from iTunes cards first) and then download it onto your IOS device. It’s a lot of running around, I know, but this game really is a treasure for lovers of Squaresoft and retro Final fantasy, and I can’t recommend enough that you give it a go. The prologue is free after all![2]


For this game, you are given a four-pointed compass to use for overworld and dungeon exploration. Touching the screen will make the compass appear. Press the top point to go UP, the bottom one to go DOWN, and the left and right points to go LEFT and RIGHT. Pressing the centre of the compass will make you interact with people, chests, and objects of interest. You can only walk in four directions, and gameplay mostly revolves around the journey from point A to point B, and all the battles in between.

The Menu button opens the menu, if you can believe it. It allows you to assemble your team, determine their row placement, and switch them around. It also allows you to change their Job, examine their abilities, check your inventory, view your Magic/Skills, organize team equipment, observe your party’s status, and allow you to save and quicksave (but only in appropriate areas). You can also use the “config” button to switch certain arrangements around. I wouldn’t recommend ever pressing that button. It just makes you feel better, knowing that help, sound, and minimap dispositions can be altered as you please.

In battle, you have the choice of using several commands in order to reach a certain goal. What goal? To WIN, dummy! Why are you even reading this? You’re probably as bored reading this as I am typing the shit, anyway. You can attack your foe. You can defend against your foe. You can use magic (offensively or defensively) and you can use special abilities exclusive to the character or job. Simple enough? Well tough shit, I’m feeling vague.

Battle is turn based, so you have a turn, then your foe does. Comprende? You can trigger a battle simply by walking around in dungeons and on the world map. They’re called Random encounters, and they get old REAL FAST. But I suggest you NEVER run away from battles. Not only do you need to stay up to speed with your character’s leveling, but I will officially declare you PUSSY FOR LIFE if you run from battles you can win. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this game has a leveling system. Kill, and your team members will gain the experience needed to kill again. And so it goes, a veritable genocide of monsters and humans alike. This game is like Mortal Kombat but without the gratuitous violence and gore. Just another reason to run around killing misunderstood creatures in horribly inhumane ways. I guess that’s why these games sell so well.

Weapons, Spells, sundries and other items can be obtained through purchase, through winning them in battle, stealing, looting (Chests) and receiving them from well-wishing NPCs. Spells are needed to cast magic. Weapons are needed to murder things. Armor protects against the things that attack you. Et cetera. You really should know this.

Last Words of Advice[]

  • If I haven’t mentioned anything of importance yet, I certainly will by the time the walkthrough gets into full motion.
  • These games are fairly long-winded, so it’s almost impossible to get every fact written down correctly in this guide. If I miss something or mislead you in anyway, feel free to TELL ME. Do not edit this guide.
  • Seriously, DO NOT edit this guide. This isn’t Wikipedia and I don’t want your grubby little hands poking and probing my artistry. Correcting grammar is fine. Correcting Vernacular is NOT fine, you racist. And don’t change any point of this text without my permission. Hate to sound dogmatic, but my word is law around here. I’m not wrong, the GAME is wrong.
  • Carry a multitude of sundries. Potions, ethers and elixirs can always serve to get you out of a tough situation should you run out of MP.
  • Speaking of which, it would serve you well to use up all the MP you have while dungeon crawling. I will always alert you to the presence of boss battles and tough encounters, so no need to be frugal here. Oh! And don’t piss your gil away. You don’t need to buy EVERYTHING. I did, and I regretted it. I had to grind for hours just to build up some more money.
  • Don’t worry about saving too much. If you lose a battle, the quicksave feature will kick in, allowing to repeat from either the last battle you survived, or the last time you entered/exited a room. Just touch 'Resume' at the loading screen.
  • Walk from town to town, talking to people and fighting monsters. That about covers it. Just remember to be thorough in your search for items and creatures. You never know when you might miss something. The journey begins!


Act 1 - Opening[]

Scene 1 - Prologue

Scene 2 - Reckoning

Act 2 - The Generals Approach[]

Scene 1 - A Dragon's Love

Scene 2 - Second Sight

Scene 3 - An Enchanting Reverie

Scene 4 - A Blessing in Disguise

Act 3 - Warriors of Light and Darkness[]

Scene 1 - Forgotten Memories

Scene 2 - A Dance With Death

Scene 3 - Pride Regained

Scene 4 - Honour among Thieves

Act 4 - Twilight[]

Scene 1 - The Ultimate Magic

Scene 2 - Reunited

Scene 3 - The Void



  1. The game is also available for Android devices, and this walkthrough is applicable to that game version.
  2. As of 2021, the complete set of chapters costs $13.99 on iTunes, or $16.96 if bought singly. The game costs $13.99 on Google Play, and is available only as a complete game; the prologue is not offered for free.