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Welcome comrades to hopefully the very first FFVII:Crisis Core on this wiki. For personal problems and copy right reasons I can't give you my true name, but most of ya'll might know me as Uzuki! I shall be your cyber guide to a pretty decent game that is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. I know your wondering why would someone make a walkthrough of a game that is pretty much walking you in a straight line? Well, because I'm bored and slightly feeling the after effects of the mushroom I just ate so I'm pretty buzzed right now and probably won't even remember that I'm writing this. Plus some people would like to have the complete the game 100% and thats what I'm here for! This is the prequel to FFVII so I have to put this out... !!! WARNING SPOILER ALERT !!! I WILL BE MAKING REFERENCE TO THE ORIGINAL VII SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THEN SCREW YOU BECAUSE I'M DOING IT ANYWAY! I WILL ALSO MAYBE EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE USE PROFANITY AND/OR RIP ON CHARACTERS SO SUCK IT UP FANGIRLS/BOYS(that also includes me)! Great! Now that we got that out the way let us continue comrades. This walkthrough is for the American version so if your your using another country's game your shit out of luck. And just to note any remarks I make on this walkthrough is just for kicks and giggles so please lets not take this to heart.


OK first thing we are going to need is a playstation portable (aka psp) with the game,a memory stick with at lest 1GB, and a power source, namely electricity. Next we will need at least two eyes that can take in basic receptive data that can be sent to the central nervous system that then interpret it into "sight". Color is not needed although it will make the experience better. Now we need at lest two hands that can function the moment you need it. Hearing is optional.

Basic controls[]

You must use the D-pad (the up,down,left,and right arrows on the left side of the system) or the analog stick (on the bottom left side under D-pad) to move our character around the field. Use the L and R buttons at the top of the system to shift between commands,the X-button.png button to confirm actions, the Square-button.png button to dodge, the Circle-button.png button to cancel, and the Triangle-button.png button to block minor attacks.Outside of Battle the shoulder buttons function to move the camera around, the Square-button.png button is used to bring up the map, and the X-button.png button to examine stuff and talk to people.

Battle system[]

The fights are pretty straight forward, all you have to do is aim and swing your sword or shoot your magic. Now the system is live action so you have to pay attention at all times. Unfortunately you only have one person to control in this so get use to looking at the same spiky hair for a looooooooooooong time. Materia is back to those have played VII, but instead of it increaseing magic or defense it will just add a abillity to the command list. Speaking of witch on the buttom right hand of the screen is some commands that we can use in battle. The first command is "Attack" witch obviously will be the cornerstone to playing the game. After that you can have any type of materia you want, be it magic, abillity, or support. Magic will be the green materia that add long range dameage and some healing and protective spells. Abillities are the yellow materia that add different attacks like jump or goblin punch. And the last of the list is the purple support materia that don't show up on the list, but helps by adding 100% more energy to healing items or haveing a higher percentage to getting a specific Limit Break on the DMW. The DMW is basicly like playing russian rulet but without the whole gaping hole in your throat and is probably worser then the card system in Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memory. The damn thing will active randomly when ever it feels likes it and even then the slots might not match up and you won't get what you want so don't rely on it. Sometimes Zack will get "memories" that are pictures and will give a higher chance of getting a limit break. When the reels are spinning and the background will go dark DON'T PRESS ANYTHING! This means that a small clip will play giving a higher chance of getting a limit break. When the emotion bar at the top of the screen turns a different color this mean that you will get a higher chance of entering the DMW. The only good thing that comes out of this that when the reels land on a number you get various status effects like "No MP drainage" which let's you use magic without using MP, but it only last during the battle. When the screen shows up with the character portraits you will get a different limit break with different characters. If the reels land on a number, a materia in that place at the time will level up for example: if you get two 3's out the reel and let's say that you have a "fire" materia in the third slot that materia will level up.This will work all the way up to 6. You have to get three 7's to level Zack up. Just to note this is the only way to level up your character and materia so we won't be reaching the really high levels intill close to the end of the game.

EDIT: I just found this page from gamefaqs to a level up chart and a enemy chart. I don't now if it right or not but it won't hurt to try.

Awesome! now that we're done with the technical stuff lets get down with the hacking and slashing.

Table of contents[]

Main Page


My life as a teenage SOLDIER

Ship me to Wutai!

Chapter 1

I miss my whining teacher

It's mission tiiiiimmmeee!!!

Enter the juice factory

Working for the check

Clone Wars

Chapter 2

Super Hot Guardian Angel

Clone Wars:Revenge of the Whining Emo

Sidequesting in the big city

The final mandatory missions

Death of a guy who doesn't appreciate the possibilities of what he has.

Chapter 3

Clone Wars:The Final Battle

One Winged Angel


End Game