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Hey Guys, Welcome to my Walkthrough for the first Final Fantasy game released as a port on the Game Boy Advance. While some of the spelling and grammar are pretty poor and there might be some foul language in parts that I haven't been able to find and remove, this walkthrough should assist you in making your way through this classic game in this well-beloved series.

Final Fantasy is about as basic as video games get these days and probably wouldnt be released in this day and age if it weren't for the history behind it and this series. Even then, I highly recommend you give it a play if you are a fan of classic RPG's. The game is rather short compared to more modern examples of this genre and is actually fairly easy for most of the game. If you need a break from story-heavy modern games with beautiful yet endless cutscenes, this is definitely a neat little game to make your way through.

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This version of the game is based upon the Game Boy Advance version of the game packaged with Final Fantasy II in the Dawn of Souls collection. While this walkthrough may not be completely reliable for the older versions prior to this, I have since played both the PSP and IOS versions and other than additional content and the minor treasure, this walkthrough should be more than suitable for those versions as well.

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Basic Tips[]

I figured I would throw in a basic few hints here to help those who don't particularly want to spoil the game (there isn't much to spoil) and want to see a few tips before playing this game. You can of course just ignore this if you feel this is insulting to your 'gamer' honour or such.

  • I find a good combination to go with when selecting jobs to be Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage. I used a theif instead of a monk when playing for this walkthrough but unless you want a challenge, I find that to be the ideal party.
  • Spells that induce status effects such as confusion or paralysis seem to always hit you but never work on the enemy. I'd avoid wasting money on them to be honest.
  • Instant death spells found throughout the game really don't seem to work on random enemies and definitely don't work on bosses. I'd avoid them also. Just stick to basic elemental black magic.
  • While money is rarely an issue in this game, a lot of it can be found in treasure chests throughout the game. This guide will point you in the direction of them.
  • There are some areas of this game that remain weirdly broken. By this i mean that there are areas that lead nowhere and seemingly 100% encounter rates each tile. I'll tell you where to avoid them.
  • Lastly, just relax with this game. There's no tense plot or any long dialogue conversations. It's a really good game to just sit back and unwind with

Thats all for the introduction, I hope you have a really good time playing this game :)

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Soul of Chaos[]

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