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Hello everyone! This is NonameInfinite's first walkthrough of Final Fantasy I for the Playstation Portable. This game is the first of a long line of Final Fantasy games. Not the best Final Fantasy title, but it has an easy-going story and gameplay. Not the toughest or longest of the Final Fantasy series either. This is a good choice if you like classic RPG's, got a few hours to spare, or if you just want to see how Final Fantasy was like a long time ago... or at least an improved version of how it was a long time ago.

As stated earlier, this is for the PSP remake of the game. So if you're not playing Final Fantasy I from a PSP you're in the wrong place. If you do not find this walkthrough interesting, helpful, cool, etc., you can still look at the GBA versions, they're are some differences but the two versions are similar. As for NES versions... sorry, you're out of luck and I advise to update your gaming.

There are spoilers in this walkthrough. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. As well, my spelling sucks, my apologies. If a spelling error passes my radar, feel free to edit it if it irritates you too much.

This walkthrough has been officially open for business since Jan 21, 2012. Do expect Labyrinth of Time to appear in the coming weeks (hopefully).

Items Required[]

  • A PlayStation Portable
  • A UMD or download of this game
  • Functioning body parts to play: things such as a brain, eyes, hands with thumbs, etc. (all the other walkthroughs say you need this so I'm guessing that I should put that on here as well)


If you have played any other Final Fantasy, you will notice that the controls are the same. Note: If you don't like certain controls, you prefer the Japanese PSP/Nintendo console layout, or you just hate touching the X button for some reason (hey I don't judge), you can change these controls in "Configuration" of the menu.

But here is the default controls:

  • X - Select
  • Circle - Cancel/Run (You can just set auto-run in "Configuration")
  • Triangle- Menu
  • Square - Beastary
  • D-Pad - Move/Cursor Controller
  • Circle+Select - World Map

Battle system[]

Battles run in a turn-based order. Four characters are controlled. You get basic commands.

  • Attack: Hit the enemy.
  • Magic: Cast spells.
  • Defend: Go into defensive position where you cannot attack but enemies attacks will be weakened.
  • Items: Use a item.
  • Flee: Escape battle.

Characters get HP and MP. HP decreases when you get hit. Once you HP reaches zero, it's lights out. But you can come back to life with the help of a Church, Phoenix Down or Life Spell. MP represents how much magic you can cast. When you cast spells your MP goes down and if your MP gets too low you can't cast spells. Camping equipment, inns or potions/ethers/elixers can bring up your HP and MP.

Now that we have covered the basics, lets get started.

Table of Contents[]

Main Scenario[]

Optional Content[]