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First walkthrough ever! This is Ninja of Wind presenting the walkthrough for Final Fantasy 1. This is the game that started it all. The entire series would not have happened if this one game had not done as well as it did. This might even have been the first hit game of the RPG genre. The gaming universe has a lot to thank Final Fantasy 1 for. This game is not difficult at all, so you may want to play it just because you are completing the series or you just love old fashioned RPGs.

I will be walkthroughing the GBA version of this game. This is because I do not have a NES or a PSP to play the other versions on. If you were expecting something different, go back to the walkthrough central and try again.

Unlike most walkthrough writers on this site, I do not curse as much. Only when I feel strongly about something or I need to make a point. In this walkthrough I will probably curse a little to abstain from its boredom. You have been WARNED.

What You Will Need[]

  • A Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, or Nintendo DS (I used my DS)
  • A Dawn of Souls game cartridge (acquired at your neighborhood GameStop)
  • A functioning brain (I do not like mentally retarded people. Don't blame me, blame the society I grew up in.)
  • Hands to work the controls (though truly skilled people can do it with their toes/elbows/tongue/any moving body part)
  • Eyes (If you are reading this right now, you officially have one less thing to get)
  • Ears (the original Final Fantasy music. Enjoy)


  • A-button.png- select
  • B-button.png- cancel/run
  • Arrow Keys- move
  • Start- menu
  • B-button.png+Select- world map
  • L and R- run away

Battle system[]

Every Final Fantasy game has a slightly different battle system. This game has the original turn-based battle system where you choose your commands for all four characters and wait for the game to have them act in the order according to their speed. The commands possible in this game are: Attack, Magic, Item, Equip, and Flee.

Every character has Hit Points (or HP) that decrease as the character takes damage. When the HP reaches zero, the character is knocked out and needs either a phoenix down or to be healed at a church to be able to act again. Magic users will have Magic Points (or MP) that decrease as they use magic. When their MP reaches zero, they need an ether or to be healed at an inn to get it back. Magic can be learned in this game by buying it at a magic store, but it has to be equipped as soon as you buy it. There are eight levels of spells that you can buy throughout the game and four spells per level with three slots per level on every magic using character. Choose wisely.

Job System[]

The job system is like the battle system in that it is different in every game it appears in. In this game, you have to choose four characters in the beginning with a job class for each. The only way to tell them apart is by the different job classes and the names you give them. They are generic job classes that have no personalization available except for the name.

The characters will keep those job classes for at least half of the game. There you can complete a sidequest that will upgrade the job classes for all characters.

Table of Contents[]

This walkthrough includes, but is limited to:

Optional Content[]