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Welcome my dear Space Monkies. I am the keymaster BlueHighwind and I hold to key to knowledge. Without me, you poor little Space Monkies would be lost in the darkness. Thank whatever superstition you believe in that I am here to guide you.

Character Classes[]

Before you can even start your game you must choose four characters out of this list. You can choose one class as many times you want, for example you can have a party of four Red Mages. Pick and choose whichever class meets your fancy. But I strongly advise that you make a party that contains at least one strong physical attacker, one character who can use Black Magic, and one healer. If you don't this walkthrough will probably be of little help to you.

Playable Character: Warrior
Upgrade: Knight
Weapons: Swords, Axes
Magic: Some White Magic

The Fighter is an excellent physical attacker. He is capable of equipping more weapons and armor than any other class, but yet is oddly weaker than the Monk. Thanks to his heavy armor, his defense is unparalleled. In his upgrade he learns White Magic, but that really is superfluous, you'll mainly be using this guy for his attacks.

At the very least, he has the coolest sprite, so I strongely advise you keep one around if just so that your team looks cool outside of battle.

Playable Character: Monk
Upgrade: Master
Weapons: Few and Far Between
Magic: None

The Monk is the strongest physical attacker in the game, which always confused me a little. Why would a character using bare fists work better than somebody swinging a sword around? I honestly don't know. But for some reason this guy is broken to be ridiculously powerful, especially once you upgrade to Master. That upgrade doesn't grant any new abilities but it greatly increases their attacking power to well into the thousands. Unless you're going for some kind of quixotic challenge run, this is the character you will be using. In fact, have a Monk. That's an order.

Playable Character: Thief
Upgrade: Ninja
Weapons: Knives, Some Swords
Magic: Some Black Magic

No that's not Link from Zelda. If it was, this Class wouldn't be totally pointless. What's the good of a Thief that can't Steal? Nothing! Instead of strong attack power, defense, magic, or any other useful ability, you have high Speed. But not high enough that this guy will attack three times in a row, so I hardly see the point. He can't even equip any good weapons until the Job Upgrade. And even then he'll always be weaker than Warriors or Monks. What Black Magic the upgrade gets is pretty worthless since you have Mages that can perform magic with far more skill than this amateur.

Worst Class in the game. Don't bother.

Playable Character: White Mage
Upgrade: White Wizard
Weapons: Staves, Hammers
Magic: White Magic

There is some debate over whether this character is male or female. I'm not one who follows sexist gender codes and believes that only women should be healers, but still this class is far too pretty to be male. Plus it would really complicate some of my sexual fantasies between Black and White Mages.

This chick can use White Magic. She's a healer, pure and simple. Keep her out of trouble and your party will never fall into disarray. In many ways she is the heart and soul of your party, if she falls, there is a good chance your whole team will soon join her pretty ass in a fresh grave. In her upgrade, she remains virtually the same, except for the addition of more powerful White Magic. She'll only be an attacker once you learn "Holy", easily the most powerful offensive spell in the game.

Playable Character: Black Mage
Upgrade: Black Wizard
Weapons: Staves, Daggers
Magic: Black Magic

Oh, here is my favorite class. He isn't the best Job in the game, but this is my favorite Class. I don't know why but the thought of blasting away enemies with nuclear powered spells speaks to me somehow. Or it might be his resemblance to Vivi. All he does is blast at the monster's elemental weakness for some extra damage. His physical attack and defense suck balls, so keep that in mind. Plus he's evil, every party needs an evil character. In his upgrade he just learns some extra spicy Black Magic.

Playable Character: Red Mage
Upgrade: Red Wizard
Weapons: Swords, Knives
Magic: Most Black and White Magic

Last and in my opinion least on our character countdown. Red Mage is a jack-of-all-trades character but doesn't really excel in any of the areas that the other classes do better. He's a physical attacker, and a White and Black Magic specialist rolled up into one. But he doesn't even know any original spells, they're all rip-offs. And he can't learn the best White and Black Magic spells (like no "Holy"). So what's the use?

For some odd reason I really hate this guy. Even though Thief is worse in every respect, I still don't like him. Maybe its the feather in the cap.

What? No Dragoons? I feel slighted.

My recommended party would be Warrior, Monk, Black Mage, and White Mage. And my walkthrough will follow those lines. After you pick your classes you get to name them. Either hit Select to pick a name out of ten obscure Final Fantasy references, or select the "??????" to give them real names! Who should I name "Blue"? Hmmm...

So now that is out of the way let's DO THIS THANG!! The walkthrough proper begins on the next page.

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