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Hello my dear Space Monkies, it is I your most excellent guide through the many worlds of Final Fantasy, BlueHighwind. This is my third walkthrough after the massive successes in my Final Fantasy VII Walthrough and my Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough. This was the first game of the series, so its easy to forgive its many faults. Mainly those of: no story, milk toast plain battle system, uninspired battles, and no characters to speak of. Oh, there are like three people with names, but they don't have human emotions. I can only recommend this game to those who really love RPGs and have about 12 hours of their life they want out of their way, those who want to start playing Final Fantasy I but want to start at the easiest in difficulty, and those pathetic idiots who actually like classic RPGs.

Actually, in my opinion it doesn't even count as a Final Fantasy game. Really, what is Final Fantasy? Umm... Huh... Uh... I got it! The series with Chocobos! Its a perfect definition, encompassing basically everything - but this game. And you know what? I can live with that. Final Fantasy I is not a Final Fantasy game. Too bad. Maybe they should have added Chocobos to one of the million remakes they've done.

First off, let me tell you Space Monkeys what to expect from this walkthrough. This walkthrough is about the Dawn of Souls version on the Game Boy Advance. If you're playing the original NES version you may find that my guide deviates in several key places. On this I give my most sincere apologies for I was -4 when the original game came out, and thus never played it.

There will be large quantities of profanity here so if you don't like it shut the fuck up, because I enjoy cursing. I am not concerned with such trivial matters such as spelling or grammar, so if it really bothers you edit to your heart's desire but do not change the fundamental idea of what I have said, for it is sacred text.

How to Play Final Fantasy[]

I copy and paste this for all my walkthroughs, its kind of a signature.

Before you even think of playing Final Fantasy, there are some minor physical limitations. First of all you need at least one working human hand, the ability to take visible Electromagnetic Radiation through organs called 'eyes' in a process called 'seeing', and a central nervous system to take in this information and interpret it in a meaningful way. Hearing is optional, but the game is much better if you can actually listen to the brilliant score. Plus your going to have to know how to read. (If you can't read, then how the hell are you even understanding this?).

Now for the technological limitations. Your going to need a power source, preferably electrical to drive the machinery your going to need in order to play this game. You're going to need either the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, or Nintendo DS and at least twenty batteries. Then you need a copy of the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls cartridge. Which can probably still be procured in your local video game retailer.

Insert the cartridge into the Game Boy. If you cannot perform this simple task then you either lack the physical ability to play this game (if that's the case then I feel for you man, life really dumped a lot of shit on you) or you're just a complete fucking retard, in which case you get no sympathy from me. Seriously if you can't do than even that, then you've shown a greater degree of stupidity, and incompetence than an Italian Tank Division charge. Congratulations!

Basic Controls[]

If you've ever played a Final Fantasy and have even the slightest amount of intelligence you can skip this section and the next. If you're a total idiot who cannot grasp even the slightest concepts (I know at least one is reading this), feel free to read to your heart's content.

Since this game is on the Game Boy, A-button.png is select and B-button.png is cancel. Use the arrow keys to move around the main screen and through the menus. Start will open up the menus. The shoulder buttons allow you to run away. That's all that you really need to know.

Battle system[]

This game uses the original turned-based system that younger players should know from Pokemon. You can just leave the game on at any time you like and make a sandwich and your enemies will patiently wait for you to attack them. The battle system in this game is significantly simpler than the later games. There are no Limit Breaks of any kind and your allies can only perform four tasks: attack, use magic, run away, and defend. That's it. Nothing fancy.

You can pick four characters at the start of the game. That's all you're going to get. Those four. Each one of the four has a Job. These Jobs each have different abilities and strengths in certain areas. Some are good with Magic, some can't use Magic at all, but will bust your skull in with a sword. Getting a balanced class is simple: just get four different characters. One of which most definitely should be able to use White Magic. No exceptions.

Your allies have HP which are Health Points, once they run out you're dead. And MP which are Magic Points, they can be used to fire spells. Once they run out you can no longer use magic. For killing enemies you gain money and experience. The magic system no longer uses levels like back on the NES, instead it's more similar to the modern games.

Okay enough of the boring technical stuff.

Table of Contents[]

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