Before we take on the final dungeon, head to Mount Duergar.

Mount Duergar Edit

Items Edit

FFI Chaos Shrine WM GBA

The first dungeon, also the final dungeon. Well how about that.

Head west and north from the entrance to find the smithy, appropriately named Smyth. Hand over the Adamantite that you very definitely picked up in the Flying Fortress and he'll turn it into the Excalibur.

Not bad at all. With sword in hand, it's time to finish this. Head to the Chaos Shrine.

If you're on the PSP Version, you'll see a hooded figure head through a hidden door at the back of the room. More on that in the postgame section.

For now, just go to the centre of the room where you fought Garland. Examine the Dark Crystal. Step on the panel where it was to travel 2,000 years through time to the Chaos Shrine of the past, our final dungeon.

Chaos Shrine Edit

Items and Enemies Edit

Number Name Number Name
#041 Earth Elemental #097 Sea Scorpion
#046 Vampire #098 Sea Troll
#062 Lava Worm #099 Ghost
#064 Fire Lizard #101 Water Naga
#065 Fire Gigas #104 Black Knight
#068 White Dragon #105 Chimera
#069 Winter Wolf #108 Green Dragon
#070 Mindflayer #109 Stone Golem
#071 Ice Gigas #110 Air Elemental
#074 Dark Wizard #112 Death Knight
#082 Basilisk #113 Earth Medusa
#090 Clay Golem #116 Vampire Lord
#091 Nightmare #117 Dark Fighter
#092 Dragon Zombie #120 Rhyos
#093 Sahagin Prince #121 Death Eye
#094 White Shark #122 Purple Worm
#096 Sea Snake #123 Iron Golem

Head to the south-east corner of the first area to find some stairs. Go east to another set of stairs.

On 3F, head south and take the second east (after you start going south; the first east on the corner doesn't count here). Go north when you can and enter the room. The Death Eye gives a whole 1 EXP and 1 Gil :|

Raid the Dry Ether and Elixir, then examine the tablet to finally make some use of that Lute to open the basement.

Leave the room and go northwest to another set of stairs. On 1F, head west to the next staircase. This is some final dungeon, right?

You'll end up on the southwest side of B1. Go clockwise around the room to the southeast side of the room. Guarding the stairs is...Lich?

Boss Battle: Lich
Lich psp

Fire Icon: -
Lightning Icon: -
Ice Icon: Resist
Light Icon: Weak

HP: 2,800
EXP: 2,000
Gil: 1
Drops: Nothing

Difficulty: Medium

Recommended Level: 45
Strategy: It casts spells in this order:


It's no longer weak against Fire, but you can still use Dia spells or Holy, as well as Flare to dish out damage quickly.

Have your main fighter (*cough* Knight) use the Giant's Gloves to Saber himself.

Warp will probably kill at most one character, but Full-Life will sort that right out. Same deal for Kill, but that can only target one character anyway.

FF NES - Chaos Shrine of the Past B2

In case my directions are too vague :P

Take the stairs down to B2. The next staircase is so close, but you have to take the long way around. Go west (through the pillar 'path') and north to a large room.

Head north then east when you can. Take the third south along and out of the room. Further south are more pillars -- go west through the pillars, then south.

Take the left door and grab the Protect Ring to your left. Now go south and follow the path to a treasure room in which you'll find another Sasuke's Blade. So he had two?

Anyway, return to the northwest and leave the treasure room. Enter the door on the right and grab the Protect Cloak. To the southeast is another treasure room, which contains a Megalixir.

Now that you'd finished treasure grabbing, leave the treasure room to the northwest and approach the staircase to the north.

I'm sorry if my directions are dodgy. Anyway, Marilith Take 2!

Boss Battle: Marilith
Marilith psp

Fire Icon: Resist
Lightning Icon: Resist
Ice Icon: Resist
Light Icon: Miss

HP: 3,200
EXP: 2,000
Gil: 1
Drops: Nothing

Difficulty: Medium

Recommended Level: 46
Strategy: She's now resistant to every element, and has upgraded stats and attacks. To whit:


Her physical attack is powerful, so cast Protera to keep your Mages alive. The usual buffing strategies apply; her high HP warrants being at maximum attack power.

Use Healaga to avoid being killed. Fire protection is useful but not essential -- her inability to inflict Instant Death means that you can kind of wall her without too much trouble.

Downstairs! Guess who's floor this is.

Go through the small room and head south. You have a choice of rooms, on the left and right sides. Take either side and go south.

Go north to the next room and proceed to the centre where the tablets are. They don't do anything, though =(

Head south and go right. It's Fiend time again.

Boss Battle: Kraken
Kraken psp

Fire Icon: Resist
Lightning Icon: -
Ice Icon: -
Light Icon: Miss

HP: 3,600
EXP: 2,000
Gil: 1
Drops: Eye Drops

Difficulty: Simple

Recommended Level: 47
Strategy: So he's lost his weakness to Lightning, but it's not a resistance like Marilith got. His only new attack is Thundara, which he uses 3/8 of the time.

UseNulShock to soften the blow, not that it's do that much damage anyway. My levels were fairly high, but even at lower levels it's not a hard fight.

He uses Ink 5/32 times, and the remaining 15/32 is spent on a physical attack. So Protera is again a thing.

Due to its low damage output, you don't even need to buff your fighters. Just whale on him (get it? on?) and cast Thundaga while your White Mage heals the party just in case things go south.

He's the easiest of the Fiend rematches.

On B4, go south and east through the connected rooms and along the thin, diagonal path to find a treasure room containing a surprisingly unguarded Masamune.

Back at the start of the area, go east through the rooms. You'll be accosted by guess bloody who.

Boss Battle: Tiamat

Fire Icon: Resist
Lightning Icon: Resist
Ice Icon: Resist
Light Icon: Miss

HP: 5,500
EXP: 2,000
Gil: 1
Drops: Rune Staff

Difficulty: Medium

Recommended Level: 48
Strategy: Unlike before, she only has a 25% chance of using a skill, instead of 50%. Her attacks:


With an attack pattern that predictable, you can use your NulElement spells accordingly.

She's quite powerful though, and her HP is pretty huge. Protera and Healaga is your go-to tactic to survive the physical attacks while the Black Mage uses Flare.

Take the time to buff yourself because the high HP count. You should win the HP restoring race against her damage output because of the low chance of her using a party-wide attack instead of a physical.

FF NES - Chaos Shrine of the Past B5

Well this doesn't look ominous in any way.

And the Four Fiends are finally down. Come to think of it, we didn't even know they'd be here...why are we here again? What are we doing here exactly?

Ah well. Head down the stairs to B5. From here, head go south. Save outside the room! Make sure you heal yourself fully.

Head inside to find...Garland? Guess we didn't kill him hard enough last time. Well, it turns out that Four Fiends sent him back into the past, where he will send them into the future to do just that, thus completing a never-ending cycle where Garland and the Four Fiends rule over all.

And people thought Final Fantasy I was basic. They have a predestination paradox as their main villain's goal. Not just a 'mwahahaha I will rule the world' routine, a 'mwahahaha I will use timey-wimey shenanigans to make sure I can never be dead'.

Damn, Square.

Well enough banter -- time to break this loop.

Final Battle: Chaos
Chaos FF-PSP

HP: 20,000
EXP: 0
Gil: 0
Drops: Nothing

Fire Icon: Resist
Lightning Icon: Resist
Ice Icon: Resist
Light Icon: Miss

Difficulty: Very Hard

Recommended Level: 50
Strategy: Oh snap, here we go. The final boss. That music, though.

Okay, so his physical attack is pretty huge and inflicts Paralysis if it can get away with it. You definitely want to stack Protera to soften that blow. Like the Four Fiends, his attacks follow a definite pattern, but he has one for magic and one for skills:


Because of your priority with stacking Protera, save using NulElement spells (specifically NulAll) until your defence is sufficient. Have your party equipped with Ribbons, which reduce the damage of most of Chaos' spells and Skills -- though unless you've managed to complete Hellfire Chasm at least once you'll only have at most three. Three is fine; you'll just have to leave your Knight with something more defensive.

As for attacking, buff all of your fighters with Saber, Temper and Haste. It'll take a few turns but it's worth it. Since Chaos' Magic Defence is so high your best bet is to use physical attacks anyway. I was hitting for around 1,600 damage per attack with my Knight and 1,100 with my Ninja (at Level 59), to give an idea of where you should be damage-wise.

Heal cautiously -- any HP under 500 should be treated as critical, especially with his physical attack. Under Protera it hit my Knight for around 450 damage.

And Garland is defeated! Though I'm still not sure what the upshot of all this is -- we restored the four crystals a while back. For all we knew everything was fine and dandy.

Well, not to worry. There's the satisfaction of completing the first game in the series, of course. Not that we've really 'completed' it at all...

The credits roll, and you've given the option to save. DO NOT save over your file; you'll need it intact to take on the optional content.

Still, congratulations! We've made it this far, so have an ending screen! Hopefully I'll see you at the Soul of Chaos and Labyrinth of Time sections. If not then, well, see you next time.

~ Apoqliphoth

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