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Where it all began! The very first game in the increasingly inaccurately-titled but nonetheless legendary series. This first installment created many iconic proper nouns that still exist today, even in the most deviant of deviations from the series. For what was a very basic game at the time, it featured a very clever plot device that transcends the generic 'good vs. evil' schtick championed by series like Dragon Quest. Let's face it; if it hadn't been a success, would it have spawned such a lengthy series? It all begins here.


Welcome! I'm Apoqliphoth, resident maths nerd and food enthusiast. If you've read any of my other walkthroughs you'll probably know my style already -- obscure cultural references, hilarious observations and sage advice.

This walkthrough is accurate for the GBA, PSP and iOS remakes -- it also features the 20th Anniversary content exclusive to the PSP and iOS. If you're on the GBA version, this walkthrough is perfectly usable; you just won't have the final optional dungeon available.

Spoilers are there because being vague does not a good walkthrough make.


Instead of characters, at the start of the game you choose jobs and names for the Four Warriors of Light.


+ High Strength and Stamina.
+ Highest HP of all jobs.
- Requires expensive equipment.


+ Can equip swords to deal with early enemies more easily.
+ Pretty damn fast so he's a good item-thrower.
- Relatively fragile.


+ Highest Strength in the game.
+ Cheap to equip due to barehanded capabilities.
- Low Defence.

Red Mage[]

+ Can use certain levels of both Black and White Magic.
+ Can equip swords like a Warrior.
- Jack of all trades, master of bugger all.

White Mage[]

+ High HP.
+ Keeps the party alive with White Magic.
- Low Strength and Defence.

Black Mage[]

+ Devastates enemies with Black Magic.
+ Can inflict status effects.
- Low HP, Strength and Defence.

General Tips[]

  • Don't run from battle unless you're about to get killed. The game is relatively difficult and you'll want to keep your levels up when entering a new region or dungeon.
  • With that in mind, don't level grind until a certain part of the game. You'll start gaining more stats at level up later in the game, so any excess levelling before that point will count against you in the end.
  • Create your party with a balance of Strength, Defence and Magic ability (unless you're doing an optional challenge). You obviously want a White Mage for healing, a Black Mage for taking advantage of enemy weaknesses and widespread destrcution, as well as physical fighters for holding down the fort.

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