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Welcome to a trip through hell and heaven alike, my pathetic children. Get ready for an experience beyond your imagination, and the best entertainment to ever fit inside a UMD: Dissidia Final Fantasy. In case you were stupid, Dissidia combines the genre of RPG and Fighter, to create a masterpeice beyond all creation. Not even a god could create something this otherworldly: It took a god beyond gods: Square Enix.


Welcome to my first and only walkthrough. Dissidia Final Fantasy!

This is for the original Japanese version; if you have any other version, get out, because others made many changes.

Just so you know, Dissidia is a very unique fighting game, and the name of the game is Latin for conflict or dissagreement. as we all know, square is obsessed with two things; lots of Latin and magic crystals! but, I'll get on to explaining the instructions first.

Speaking of dissagreement, if you don't like this game just because it's not turn based, then stop playing final fantasy, go home, and cry. Because there will be many harmless changes in the later games in the series. In fact, i like these changes. I liked FFXII. But that doesn't mean i didn't like the previous games. I loved all of them because they were unique in their own little way. If you hate a game for being too unique, then you my friend, need some serious help.

And since this is a walkthrough written by me, be prepared for excessive cursing, off topic rants, and delusional hyperboles.


These are IMPORTANT. Make sure to note them

If you are playing the English version:

  • There is no Exdeath Powerleveling Exploit.
  • You unlock Shade Impulse after only doing ONE destiny odyssey, which, you should NOT play until you could beat all 10 DOs with ease, like myself.
  • You have the crappy Arcade Mode, where you can't even customize your fucking characters. (The rewards are nice in Hard

mode and Time Attack, but overall, it isn't worth the extreme frustration.)

  • Chaos is even MORE of a prick because of AI improvements. I didn't think it possible!
  • Shantotto sucks as a playable character now
  • Zidane's moves were fucked up, so he's less fun to play as now
  • Your game just overall sucks.
  • Jecht's Combos are somewhat easier to pull off (The ONE plus on this entire list)
  • Bartz is even more of an ass to fight against than he was previously.

If you're playing the ORIGINAL Japanese version (NOT Universal Tuning):

  • None of the above applies to you.
  • Your game ROCKS. Why would I walkthrough the English Version?!


Figure them out, or...

O = Confirm/Brave Attack X = Cancel/Jump Triangle = change character costume (customize menu)/wall run/rail grind. Square = HP Attack. R+Square = Activate EX mode. R = Guard. R+X = Dodge L = Lock on Start = Pause Select = switch to default camera position. D-Pad (Default) = Change camera angle. Analog pad = Movement.

If you're playing the english version, the x and o controls are reversed.

If you, like me, are extremely unsatisfied with using an analog stick for movement, you can change it to D-pad in options. it's the 5th option i think.

at level 12, you unlock the dash ability, used with R+Triangle, which you will ABSOLUTELY NEED!

Now i'll explain what the story is about.

If you guessed crystals, you guessed right! 10 pieces of rock are somehow part of deciding the fate of wherever the hell they are. and to obtain each of those pieces of rock takes; you guessed it! no effort!

Apparently, this is a fight between heroes and villians, goddess and evil god. So, it's pretty normal for an FF game.

You have 22 characters in all to play as. Ten of them are unlocked at the beginning of the game they are:

  1. Warrior of Light
  2. Firion
  3. Onion Knight
  4. Cecil
  5. Bartz
  6. Terra
  7. Cloud
  8. Squall
  9. Zidane
  10. Tidus

And if you've been doing your homework, you will know that it won't take much effort at all to unlock the other 12. i'll tell you now, there are two characters in particular you want to unlock, and are the entire point of playing the game; after you unlock them, there is little point in playing the game at all. i'll keep their names secret because it should be fairly easy to guess who they are.

Before you load up your game, you should have the option to set a special day and play plan. for play plan, always select the top option, ALWAYS. it gets you the most EXP bonuses, which you will desperately need! for special day, set the current day on your PSP, obviously. special day gives you several bonuses if you play at the time.

As i was saying, EXP is one of you're primary focuses in the game! PP as well, so you can buy more EXP bonuses and characters quickly.

before you do actually play the game, you have to go through a boring prologue; but it isn't without merit, you get some PP to start yourself off during the prologue. it's a board game sort of thing you'll need to get used to, so once you're done with the super-easy prologue, head to the PP shop the second you finish! Heres a translation of the PP shop.

go to calendar and buy the 2 PP bonuses ASAP! then do a few quick battles with either cloud or cecil. they will be the first characters i'm forcing you to use in story mode. deal with it. i recommend cecil mostly, because the bosses are easiest in his campaign.

once you have enough PP, go back to the shop and buy all the EXP bonuses available. and if you have time, AP as well. they will help you get some powerful moves. once you think you're ready, go back to the story mode select (first option on main menu)

Ok, WOW. 10 new options have shown up. choose the 4th if you used cecil like i told you to.

I'll give you some tips for the game.

Things in this font mean things that you will want to pay attention to at ALL times!


  • Story Mode is extremely easy and extremely rewarding. up to shade impulse, play it whenever you want PP, EXP, or anything for that matter, afterward, use the duel colliseum. Lets get onto some key things you should do for max story mode efficiency.
  • if you successfully pull off a DP Chance task, it isn't gaining 1 DP, it's losing 0 DP. you give up one point when you move to the enemy any way. keep this in mind at all times.
  • NEVER grab unnecessary treasure chests on your first run through a story board. they most likely contain items that you already have, or you have better items, and simply won't need the stuff in the chests.
  • DO NOT try to break the yellow squares, they only disappear on your second run through a certain story board.
  • Try to remember what levels get you what equipment available at all times! level 8 lets you equip level 8 equipment, which you should buy and equip ASAP. level 12 gets you dash toward target, level 2 gets you EX Core lock on, etc.
  • Although you shouldn't grab treasure chests, still grab summons. those will be extremely useful to you now and later on.
  • whenever you can, try to get out of the area with 4 DP, it always gets you a new summon. visit my little page on summons if you're unsure of what summon does what or which summon is which. for the latter, you can always use the museum, the second option on the bottom, and go to the summon page. you unlock the museum after you clear one destiny odyssey. the second option in the museum contains a list of summons you have.
  • Don't die in story mode. I got through every single destiny odyssey to after shade impulse without the use of guard. death can screw you over!
  • In the case that you do die, you get two options, to reset the fight at the cost of 10 story points (the stuff you get when you beat a story board level) (1st option) or to exit back to the story board and recover all your HP, and keep all the EXP and PP you earned.... at the cost of 2 DP. only use the second option if you simply can't win the fight for whatever reason, but if you lost out of bad luck, chose the first one.
  • Lots health remaining is the foundation of gaining lots of story points at the end of a level. ALWAYS try to end a level with as much health as possible if you actually care about that worthless score.
  • The difficulty stars mean NOTHING. the overall difficulty doesn't change at all if you have my guidance! levels are the only thing different most of the time.
  • Do a bit of leveling with a character before beginning a story mode with a character, you'll get through it a lot easier. depending on the character, I'll tell you how much leveling.

  • Whatever you do, NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, quit the game at just any point. press X until you get back to the main menu, then press it again to get back to the Load game/New game menu, wait a few seconds, then quit. I once directly exited the game, and the next thing i knew, my save file was corrupted. There was a lot of crying that night...
  • Don't play with a corrupt memory stick! If it goes bad, (which it does in usually a week) then you'll lose EVERYTHING. You don't want that to happen! Play with the one that came with your PSP. If you don't know if it's corrupted or not, see my guide on PSP memory sticks at the bottom of this page.
  • Don't forget this stuff.

The Story Mode System[]

There are many story modes, and you will be forced to go through all of them to get a full experience from the game. If you have the US/EU version, get out of here; that version has been dubbed down to be infinitely easier than the original JP version. In this version, you'll be doing each and every Destiny Odyssey before you even touch Shade Impulse.

For more info on how the Story Mode works, see Story Mode How-to

Story Mode Links[]

Destiny Odyssey I

Destiny Odyssey II

Destiny Odyssey III

Destiny Odyssey IV

Destiny Odyssey V

Destiny Odyssey VI

Destiny Odyssey VII

Destiny Odyssey VIII

Destiny Odyssey IX

Destiny Odyssey X

Welcome to Hell.

Distant Glory: Bonus characters!

Welcome to Reality: A suffering beyond hell.

When you beat Inward Chaos and ONLY when you've beaten Inward Chaos, read this.

All that Pre-Inward Chaos stuff![]

Unfortunately, Inward Chaos is extremely difficult unless you're skilled beyond imagination, so, we have a couple months worth of time to kill before we even touch it!

Remember Kids: Accessories Matter![]

The Dragon's Neck Duel Coliseum and Magical Rings!

Equipment Gathering[]

The 7 Ghost... Cards

Sticks on a tree

Summon Collecting[]

Some Familiar Faces...

Technical Crap[]

How to tell: is your memory stick corrupted? Lets find out!

Combat Tips[]

Some tips for those who suck.