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Welcome kiddies, to Drake Clawfang's walkthrough of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-! It's general agreement that Crisis Core is the "best" part of the Compilation of FF7 aside from the original game itself - considering its competition includes a movie, a FPS and a Japanese-exclusive mobile game, that doesn't say a lot when you think about it. Still, for it's faults (inability to skip cutscenes and 300 boring filler missions) Crisis Core is still a solid game. So come along, and be sure to strap yourself in - it's gonna be a bumpy ride! *evil laugh*


First off, forget almost everything you know about traditional Final Fantasy battles - the ATB system, parties, rows, and limit meters are gone. Crisis Core still uses Materia, experience points and random encounters, but that's about it. In terms of gameplay, Crisis Core has just as much in common with Kingdom Hearts as it does with Final Fantasy.

Both the analog stick and the D-pad move you around. O-button is cancel, X is confirm. Square is either Dodge Roll, call up the map, or Unequip an item, depending on the circumstances. Triangle is guard in battle, which you'll never use because I find dodging much easier. Start is pause, and the L and R buttons scroll through your commands in battle. It's a simple but basic set-up. Already I'll bet you KH vets are starting to feel at home eh?

General Tips[]

Learn to dodge. It will save your ass.

Get used to Materia Fusion later in the game, it helps you get the best commands and highest stat boosts.

Very important - Crisis Core uses a chapter system, so there is no backtracking. With the exception of the missions, if you pass up optional stuff you don't get the chance to come back for it later.

I find the missions to be distractions from the main game. Now, if you take the time out to do them along the way you'll be much better prepared for the main game as you'll have more items, better Materia and be at a higher level. That said, the strongest missions are best saved for the end of the game, and it's perfectly possible to play through to the end without doing any missions at all. I will not cover Missions in detail in this guide - I'll let you know what's available when, what the benefits of doing that mission sooner than later are, and what you should watch out for, but I'm not going into specific details on the missions themselves.

The reason for this is simple - all the missions are completely identical. A Crisis Core Mission Guide would just be the sentence "walk around the arena, opening whatever chests you see until you find the boss enemy", copy and pasted 250 times (approximately 50 missions are actually more unique, though that may be a generous estimate). So really, there's no walkthrough to do - all the missions set you down in some sort of generic mine or factory, usually a very small area, you wander around until you find a boss enemy, you kill it, Mission Complete. I'm pretty sure you kiddies can handle that on your own, right? Right.

Boss Template[]

I use a Boss Template for my walkthroughs. The template gives the boss' HP, MP, and which of its attacks are dangerous. Steal is the item the boss has to steal, Morph is meaningless in this game so that field is always empty, and drop is what the boss drops at the end of the fight. Weakness is what the boss is weak to, and resistance is what is a bad idea to attack it with. I also rate bosses on a scale of 1 to 5;

Rating What it means
1/5 If you lose, you're a disgrace to the RPG genre
2/5 You shouldn't have too much trouble if you're careful
3/5 This boss poses a bit of a threat, but you should win
4/5 You'll probably die at least once fighting this boss
5/5 Kick your heels behind your head and kiss your ass goodbye

Alright, enough talk. Let's get this show on the road.


  1. Introductory Sequence and Fort Tamblin
  2. Fort Tamblin cont. and Chapter 3 Subquests
  3. Banora Village
  4. Midgar and Sector 5 Reactor
  5. Slums and Return to Midgar
  6. Subquests and Modeoheim
  7. Modeoheim continued, and Junon
  8. Subquests, Flower Carts and Nibelheim
  9. Escaping Nibelheim and Gongaga
  10. Banora Underground and End Game
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Walkthrough by Drake Clawfang
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