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Waekbyrt is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV.


Waekbyrt is first seen when the adventurer visits the Astalicia in search of information about a sea serpent. Waekbyrt laughs and says this is just a fairy tale and says the only monster pirates know is the sea itself.[1]

When the adventurer lists the Bloody Executioners, Waekbyrt says he wants his captain, Hyllfyr Faezmoensyn, becomes the Limsa Lominsa Admiral and with that he would become an official Knight of the Barracuda. The only way to do this is to compete in a race called the Trident, a barracuda tradition. Waekbyrt directs the adventurer to Nunuba to test if he would have some utility in the Trident.[2] Eventually Waekbyrt reveals that the Bloody Executioners are not accepting new recruits and Waekbyrt says the adventurer can join any other crew.[3]

After the adventurer joins the Rostnsthal's crew, under Hyllfyr's orders, Waekbyrt orders the adventurer to pay a visit to his captain who is in search of the Rostnsthal. After the adventurer resolves the situation between Rostnsthal and the Bloody Executioners, Waekbyrt says that Hyllfyr gave to adventurer permission to continue in the Astalicia.[4]




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