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Sir Wade is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. He is a Shield of Rosaria who is steadfast and loyal to his duchy. He is still young, but looks up to his mentor, Sir Tyler.


Wade was born poor, but was inspired to join the Rosarian army where he became a trusted and dependable soldier when a pile of wood fell on him and Joshua Rosfield saved his life.

When Elwin Rosfield ordered his eldest son, Clive, to go to Stillwind Marsh after sightings of northern beastmen within the area, Wade and Tyler were assigned to assist him. When the Rosarian forces at Phoenix Gate were betrayed by the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and slaughtered in the night, Wade found Joshua Rosfield and tried to lead him to safety, finding a gravely injured Tyler and Elwin on the way. When they and Rodney Murdoch were found by the Empire and Elwin was killed while protecting Joshua, Wade attacked the traitors in a rage. When Joshua lost control of his Eikon and primed Phoenix, he unintentionally incinerated Tyler. Wade survived the Night of Flames, but the duchy had fallen apart: first it was invaded by the Iron Kingdom and soon after the Empire annexed Rosaria, making it an imperial province with the traitorous Anabella Rosfield as the new vicereine.

Wade got together with the other Rosarian loyalists and former Shields, and eventually found the Guardians of the Flame, a resistance group seeking to overthrow imperial rule and restore the duchy. Wade acted as the leader and Lazarus District was one of the hideaways they used for their group's operations as a town where many nobles of Rosaria used to reside, but which became abandoned after the turmoil in the duchy.

Eighteen years after the Night of Flames, Wade met Clive Rosfield again, now a leader of the Cursebreakers and going under the moniker "Cid the Outlaw".

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