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DoC-WRO Soldiers

WRO soldiers.

The WRO Headquarters is a location in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. As its name suggests, it is the headquarters of the World Regenesis Organization.

Structure Edit

WRO Headquarters 2 dirge of cerberus

Deepground infiltrating the WRO HQ.

The WRO Headquarters is situated on a rather vast expanse of land, presumably on the Eastern Continent. From one side, a small clearing at the top of a cliff serves as a point of defense from both ground and aerial assault, equipped with a mounted turret with a seat. The area surrounded the main building is a virtual maze of courtyards, storage, underground tunnels, and catwalks.

WRO Headquarters dirge of cerberus

Vincent and WRO Soldiers.

The main headquarters itself is a rather large building. Several-floored with a large atrium in the center, it houses all of the WRO's scientific research and facilities, as well as serving as a base of operations for the heads of the military and for the executive minds such as Reeve Tuesti. Here as well can be considered a veritable labyrinth of hallways and closed doors.

Somewhere in this base, the entire WRO military force, including a good number of armed ground vehicles and airships, is housed and maintained.

Story Edit

WRO Headquarters 1 dirge of cerberus

Vincent, Reeve and Shalua.

After the invasion of Kalm at the beginning of the game, Reeve Tuesti and Vincent Valentine take one of the WRO's assault vehicles across the wasteland on their way to Edge, though they eventually split up after receiving an ominous transmission, Reeve making his way back to headquarters on his own.

After Vincent is injured in Edge in Chapter 3, he is taken by Shalua Rui back to Headquarters where he is treated. He begins Chapter 4 in a healing tank. Soon after this, the Headquarters is attacked by Deepground forces, causing great damage to the building and high loss of life on both sides. With the help of Vincent, Deepground is run out of the building, and Shelke the Transparent is tranquilized and handed over to her sister Shalua.

Vincent is once again rescued from near-death in Nibelheim, this time by Yuffie Kisaragi, and is again transported back to headquarters. This time, however, he must fight his way in through retaliating Deepground forces. Led by Azul the Cerulean, Deepground comes to reclaim the "captured" Shelke. The girl is saved, however, by her sister, who consequently is attacked and falls into a coma.

When the forces are finally removed once more from WRO Headquarters, the final assault on Deepground begins.

Enemies Edit

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