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W/F: Music from Final Fantasy XIII -Gentle Reveries- is a Long Play, with a selection of pieces from the Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack.

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  1. "Prelude to FINAL FANTASY XIII" (FINAL FANTASY XIII プレリュード, Pureryūdo?) - 2:55
  2. "Saber's Edge" (ブレイズエッジ, Bureizu Ejji?) - 3:14
  3. "Serah's Theme"/Overseas Versions (セラのテーマ / 海外 Version(初収録), Sera no Tēma/Kaigai Version (Shoshūroku)?)
  4. "Fighting Fate" (宿命への抗い, Unmei e no Arai?) - 2:28

Side-B Edit

  1. "March of the Dreadnoughts" (ドレッドノート大爆進!, Doreddonōto Daibakushin!?) - 2:31
  2. "Sulyya Springs" (スーリヤ湖, Sūriya Mizūmi?) - 3:25
  3. "The Yaschas Massif" (ヤシャス山, Yashasu San?) - 2:11
  4. "Will to Fight" (戦意, Sen'i?, lit. Choose to Fight) - 4:20

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