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W/F: Music from Final Fantasy XIII is a vinyl album of select tracks from Final Fantasy XIII released on February 26th, 2010.

It was the idea by one Square Enix employee and I was very convinced of this project. You can't skip a track or start from the middle with a press of a button on an LP. If you scratch its surface, the result is a noise. I suppose it’s relevant to produce such a fragile format, so you can enjoy the very special sound of an LP. In contrast, you can manipulate digital music files without any problems.

Masashi Hamauzu[1]

Track list[]

Side A (17:30)
  1. Kanraku Toshi Nōchirasu (歓楽都市ノーチラス?, lit. The Pleasure City of Nautilus) — 4:58
  2. Fangu no Tēma (ファングのテーマ?) — 3:38
    Fang's Theme
  3. Sanresu Suigō (サンレス水郷?) — 3:46
    The Sunleth Waterscape
  4. Tō-chan Funtō dā! (父ちゃん奮闘だぁ!?, lit. Daddy Has to Fight!) — 5:20
    Can't Catch A Break
Side B (14:36)
  1. Parusu de Chokobo (パルスdeチョコボ?, lit. Pulse de Chocobo) — 4:18
  2. Chocobos of Pulse
  3. Iro no nai Sekai (色のない世界?, lit. Colorless World) — 3:49
  4. Dust to Dust
  5. Senkō (閃光?, lit. Flash) — 2:55
  6. Blinded By Light
  7. Ragunaroku - Sans Pipe Organ - (ラグナロク - Sans Pipe Organ -?) — 3:47
  8. Ragnarok - Sans Pipe Organ -

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